Friday, 31 January 2014

"I Rock Mics" by Termanology, Lil Fame & Sean Price [Video]

Fuck a format, I've had a few and can't be bothered. Check out this little cypher music video. Term, Fame, Kimbo Price. All 3 kill it. Huzzah. This shit makes me want to throw fuckin' chairs in this bitch. Enjoy!

Thursday, 23 January 2014

"Don't Text & Drive" by Mac Lethal [Video]

"Driving and cruising while typing and snoozing/
They better check the stats of all the lives that we're losing/
This might stop the heart from beating in your chest/
But texting and driving is the leading causing death for teens/"

Here's another dope video from the "In Other News" series, presented by Mac Lethal and iamOTHER. If this and the pope video are any sign of what's yet to come, I can't wait to hear what they wanna inform us about next. These videos are awesome. Check it.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

"No Competition" by Talib Kweli, Elzhi & Phonte [prod. Khrysis]

"I point it right where her thong at/
And knocked it loose, and like Dr. Seuss, I gave the cat the long hat/
And shift the bed with this gift instead/
Illest, pointin' the infa red at an infant head/"

Originally check this song specifically for the Elzhi verse. And it's definitely the highlight of the song for me, but these guys all killed it. From the verses to the production, everyone involved in this was at the top of their game. Dope shit. Check it.

"House of Games Freestyle" by Locksmith [Music Video]

Damn. This shit is intense. Lock released this in anticipation of his upcoming album, A Thousand Cuts, which doesn't have a date yet. Sick track tho. Check it!

Sunday, 19 January 2014

"We Them Muthafuckas" by Horse Shoe Gang

"I'm on my grind, y'all ain't stoppin that/
Let these bullets holla at ya spine, call it holla back/
I be that pistol wavin/
Bout major business, no business major/"

It's Horse Shoe Gang. It's what you'd expect. They're better than those dudes you listen to. Sorry.

"Mercenaries Creed/Shit Israel" by Royal Illness [Music Video]

"A war's goin' on, on inside, you better figure out/
Which way will get you out, before you pick your route/
A man with no stance is equal to a man with no hands/
One can't build so there's no chance to advance/"

I received a message today from Royal Illness. Dude's an artist/producer outta Lexington, Kentucky, and he asked me to check out his music. Sometimes I find it a little awkward to receive messages like this because I'm real picky about what I post. But I thought this double track video was alright. There's a message behind the lyrics of both songs, and the artists in the video all have a good sense of how to rhyme well. Check it!

Beatmaking Session with Grim Reaperz (Crown, Cystic & Supervillain)

Some more European shit! Grim Reaperz hit the booth with the camera and get to making a sick instrumental. I thought this was entertaining and the beat's pretty dope. Check it.

"Guillotine Rap" by Snowgoons ft. Dope D.O.D. [Music Video]

"Dope, Goons, Germany, Ghost Town/
Coke, shrooms, bourbon and smoke clouds/
I get loud and go out with a bang/
Guillotine rap slang, kid, no one can hang/"

Snowgoons recently released their Black Snow 2 album, which features a plethora of dope artists. Here's a video for one of the songs which features European trio, Dope D.O.D. I liked the feel of this song, and they always have some dope visual effects incorporated into their videos. Check it.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

"Mums In The Garage" by Step Brothers ft. Action Bronson

"Mad man, I rip up stages/
Specialize in removing lips from faces/
Type of animal, only exists in cages/
Why travel over seven seas to distant places?/"

Evidence x Alchemist x Action Bronson. This song is what you'd expect from a session including these three. That's all I gotta say. Check it!

"Showtime" by Ngajuana (prod. by PnT WorldWyde)

"So forever I endeavor, go hard/
Trying to teach those who taught, who said I'd never go far/
You can weather those odds and you're never wrote off/
Once you truly go hard, you can never go soft/"

A while back we shared music from London, Ontario emcee, Ngajuana. It's been a while since I personally checked up on his music, so this may be a little late from the release date. But that doesn't change the fact that this is a good song. This one's really powerful, and sorta switches the mood of the song between the verses and choruses. Check it!

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

TeamBackPack presents The Beat Show ft. Billion Coast

I'm becoming a huge fan of this TeamBackPack movement. They're always displaying some of the craziest underground hip hop shit from people I've never heard of before. This one's from a series they have called The Beat Show, which features producers letting their beats play live in front of the camera. Billion Coast is the producer shown in this episode. Check it.

"Pope Francis" by Mac Lethal [Video]

"He walks through the ghetto with the homeless/
Takes the public bus with the elderly and po' kids/
He don't believe in excess, dudes listen/
He might turn your 40 million dollar mansion to a soup kitchen/"

This video is fucking awesome. If you're like me, and you know nothing about Pope Francis... well you gon' learn today! Mac Lethal makes his usual move by making an intentionally goofy, yet entertaining video, spittin' facts using well written lyrics. Y'all wish you could seem this cool wearing a pope outfit. Check it.

"God Mode" by Wolves [Music Video]

"Easy on the eyes, on the ears it's a bomb attack/
Flames to the bridge, let em burn, see em holla back/
???? take a toll on your team shit/
Fuck ya little beats, reach at Bix for the remix/"

Also heard this track on The Consignment Show last night. Wolves is a combination of Muneshine, Ghettosocks, Timbuktu, D-Sisive and Bix Beats. I really like how they approached making this track, and the video is just as entertaining. Check it.

"Life & Death" by First Division

"Bite what I'm bussin', guess it's dinner time at this junction/
Been writing since lunch, now this kit is mine for consumption/
The titles we're clutchin, and what we came to defend/
So I advise you look up to the sun and pray for the end/"

Heard these dudes last night on London's 'The Consignment Show'. Never heard of that show until last night, but it's actually pretty dope for displaying Canadian talent. These guys stuck out to me because of the rhymes, heavy beat, and the cuts sound dope as fuck too. Hope to hear more shit from these dudes. Check it!

Friday, 10 January 2014

"Hold On" by Komodo

"Stuck with work that I could do in my sleep/
Livin' like this isn't what I view as a dream/
So is life a nightmare from which mutiny streams?/
People tellin' me what to do but I refuse it with glee/"

This track was released yesterday by Komodo, a Canadian artist from our hometown. Haven't heard much about him yet, but this song's alright. Check this one out, and if you dig it, click here to listen to more of his music. Peace..

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

"Currents" by String Theory [Music Video]

"The lion that not even Noah could lift up/
Got an aura like Jehovah from scriptures/
Paranoia gon rip ya, ??? before this flow'll come get ya/
Raps tighter than the boa constrictor/"

Here's a dope joint from 1/2 of the Epidemic crew. First time hearing a solo joint from this dude, and it's a sick one. I really like how the beat, scratching and the video shots merged together. Sorta seems like it's a feel that Epidemic has mastered together. Not to mention the insane multisyllable talent. Check it!

"Way Out" by Merkules

"You can see the sweat drip, I'm falling apart/
This is life, it isn't right, this shit's no walk in the park/
It's like they caught me, then they threw me in the water with sharks/
Cuz they keep looking past the fact that this is positive art/"

Here's a new joint from British Columbia artist, Merkules. It's only 2 verses but the Stu Bangas produced beat along with the deep lyrics make this song awesome. I swear, if you're sleeping on Canadian hip-hop you need to wake the fuck up! Check it.

Monday, 6 January 2014

"It's Cold" by The Palmer Squares ft. Street Light [Music Video]

"Cuz I'm cold, Colder than a Heineken/
Colder than a polar bear soaked in liquid nitrogen/
Something like a tray of ice cubes/
Play nice or you'll pay the price fool!/"

I think I'm a little late, but that doesn't change the fact that this is dope. And it's probably more relevant today than the day it was released, cuz it's cold as fuck outside. The Palmer Squares dropped this video last month, for track number 2 off their latest album, "Finna". It features another upcoming YouTube rapper, Street Light, and they all kill it. The video's a lil weird, but that's the Palmer Squares for ya. Check it!

Saturday, 4 January 2014

"Questions" by Tech N9ne (David Pastorius Remix)

I apologize for the absence of posts lately. Not much has been catching my attention in the hip-hop world for the past few weeks, not to mention the hustle involved with all of the holiday celebrations. But it's a new year so hopefully more releases hit the scene and I can share some shit with ya to make 2014 interesting! But for now I found this video of David Pastorius playing bass over the song "Questions" by Tech N9ne. As a fan of heavy metal/hard rock, and the instruments used to make it, I think this shit is fucking amazing. Check it!