Thursday, 28 June 2012

"Turnip The Beet" by Asher Roth

"It's all polluted, yea screw it you fuckin' ruined it goonie/
I should be suing it, toot it and fuckin booted it/
Really we need some nudity, batteries not included b/
Coochie, cumas and boobies are prudent as all the food we eat/" 

So I posted some Asher just the other day but I have been hearing very little new shit I like these last few weeks. However, this song was crazy. The last few songs I shared by Asher were more just chilling and had a good message but he didn't crazily kill it lyrically. This ones the complete opposite though as he rocks it like a seasoned hip hop veteran. Just listen and see for yourself, mad rhymes, check it out!

Saturday, 23 June 2012

"Now a Daze" by Shad

"Yo this world's so sick/
Like Neyo's hit, Old folks with no OHIP, don't slip/
Know who the staff you roll with is/
Your staff could turn to snakes like Moses'/"

I've known for a while now that Shad was one of my country's more influential and lyrical emcees. But I never really took the time to listen to much of his music, aside from a couple of YouTube music videos. A couple of weeks ago I picked up an older album of his, "The Old Prince", and I'm really diggin' a lot of the tracks on there. The London, Ontario spitter has many insightful ideas for his music and manages to form great rhymes to express them. One of my favourites from this album is called Now a Daze. It has a really cool, mellow beat and Shad created a lot of sick lines within the verse. This is far from new, but it's far from wack as well. Check out this live performance!

Thursday, 21 June 2012

"Good Morning View" by Asher Roth

"Let's barbecue and maybe hop in the pool, truth is we got nothing to lose/
Except listen to tunes, stay cool and just take in the view, horshoes, maybe open a brew/
hope you know that you'll lose, that's the move, yeah let's go to the roof, roll a doob, take a moment or two/
Soak it in from the wind to the summit, sing from the stomach, sonny, keep your tongue in, don't let it run from ya/
And say somethin you know nothing about, right out loud all in front in the crowd, settle down and enjoy what is coming/"

So I've really been diggin anything I heard from Asher Roth in the last while. He's not as intricate with his lyrics as he used to be but he has a vibe and outlook on life I can't help but love. His most recent songs all make mefeel like he's in a real good place with his music, not livin lavish, but not wanting to, just content with havin what he needs to get by. I thought the beat in this song was great, I started melting into my couch on my deck and felt the heat of the sun on my eyelids making me feel all cripsy and calm. Besides the mood there is some great band instruments that particularly pop out at the chorus which separates it from the chilling guitar during the verses. I like the little part where he's talking bout some simple stuff you should do like "...kiss your mom, and highfive your dad and be like wassup."

"Cheesesteaks" by Vinnie Paz

"Hardbody rap, God of the Serengeti/
I'm a sinner, I'm the God of the seven deadly/
Everything I do hard, and it's legendary/
I spit 16 bars and you dead and buried/"

This morning Vinnie Paz dropped a new video from an upcoming solo album that I wasn't aware of, "The God of the Serengeti". This song is raw as hell, I really like it. But I'm unsure why it was given the title "Cheesesteaks". I'm not really surprised at all because a lot of the time Jedi Mind Tricks and Vinnie himself have weird, random titles for their songs. This one just seemed a bit more corny than usual. It has a sick beat and Vinnie destroys it with his lyrics. I think his Lloyd Christmas hairstyle looks jokes while he's chillin at the barbershop. Kinda looks like his bangs coulda been cut with a... boxcutter. BOXCUTTER PAZIE! Haha, this album should be released sometime this fall. It's gonna be hard to live up to the content from "Season of the Assassin". That album was nuts. But hopefully this one will be just as good, if not better. Anyways, check this shit out son!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

"My Life" (Video) by Slaughterhouse

So Brenton already posted this song on the blog ages ago when it first came out so I won't post lyrics again or nothing but I saw the video today and I thought it was pretty sick so I decided to share it. The beginning is pretty funny and reminds me of how random and goofy Eminem used to be back when making a music video for "Without Me." There's some really cool scenes in this just putting a comparison between what these guys used to be doing and what they're doing now. Normally I don't like rappers flashing their success but these guys deserve it and I been waiting for them to get to this point. It's so sick seeing how much they have become buds and can be goofy with eachother, havin fun with their success but still keep it real. I do have to say Cee Lo Green's outfit looks kinda gay in my opinion lmao but all in all this was a sick video.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

"Straight, No Chaser" by Reks ft. Slaine

"Take you away from the days of flavourless flows from fuckin' fakers/
Faggot foes, face the fact, Reks and Stat, It's a wrap/
I swe-ar, I sta-re, At the mirror, May it remain ra-re/
Daniel's son, in the lion's lair/"

Never really heard of Reks until now, but this song is pretty dope. I'm a fan of Slaine and I found it while searching for tracks by him. But this Statik Selektah beat is fuckin cool and they both killed it. They both got some sick rhymes and I really like Reks' flow. This song is from Reks' album with the same title, which came out this past April. Anyways, check this shit out!

"For Granted" by Grewsum

"I can take you on a ride without a wild gimmick/
My life's interesting enough itself, that's why I live it/
The crazy thoughts in my head, there is really no explaining/
It's just like there's a horror movie in there constantly playing/"

This is what I love about hip-hop. You think you know about all of the best emcees, and continuously get surprised by other new artists that you discover. I've heard of GrewSum before through the Funk Volume DFUOB contest, and Jokerr's diss track to him, but I never really took the time to listen to his shit. So the other day I found this video, and I really liked what I heard. He explains the struggles he faces as an artist and the lack of results he receives for the work he puts in. Kills the lyrics, spits a dope chorus and has a mellow, yet bold feel to the beat. Open ya Earz!

New Mixtape: "Psalm 82:v6" by Crooked I

It's been a while since we've received a solo product from the West Coast beast, Crooked I. But luckily, today he dropped his new mixtape, "Psalm 82:v6". It features a plethora of different artists including Slaughterhouse, Twista, Ras Kass, Kurupt, Horseshoe Gang and plenty more. I haven't really had time to sit down and analyze each song, but the majority that I heard didn't disappoint at all. If you're a Crooked I fan, or a fan of crazy multi-syllable rhymes and a precise flow... this shit's for you!

"Psalm 82:v6" by Crooked I

[Although I'd love to stream the mixtape straight from the blog, DatPiff's embed links aren't working properly at this time and constantly display an OJ da Juiceman mixtape instead of the intended choice. I'd rather save you the trouble of having to listen to that guys music and just share a link that leads directly to where you need to be. Enjoy!]

Saturday, 16 June 2012

"Happy Father's Day" by Yelawolf

"To the brick laying, dirt digging, burger flippin in a fuckin kitchen'/
Just to get that cheque on friday so you can bring back home what was missin'/
Every day be my kids day, end of the month is rent day/
And if you don't get back to work on time they tax you for that month's rate"/

So Brenton calls me a goof sometimes for liking Yelawolf cuz he definitely does
not. He thinks his voice and rapping style is weird and annoying. But I know since I showed him a little bit that despite his dislike for him, Brenton can recognize Yelawolf is real to himself and working hard for what he wants. Anyways, tommorrow is father's day and after I featured Tech N9ne's "Mama Nem" for mother's day I figured I should find a track about dads. While I was searching my facebook updated saying Yelawolf released this new track just this evening. I really liked the beat and thought it was some real shit. I've actually been noticing Yelawolf can sing not too bad either. Haha check it out. Happy Father's Day!

Friday, 15 June 2012

"Honors Bio" by e-dubble

"We lose our minds for a minute, get em back, then repeat, fightin' off emotions cuz we think they make us weak/
Chemically imbalanced ain't a challenge it's a treat, so I'm mixing up the medicine and chopping fuckin beats/
I've been bailing up the HAYY, now I'm looking for a HOEE, not derogatory, got some garden seeds I gotta sow/
Green thumbs so I'm rolling with some PETA chicks, soybean dreams, get the vegans some more Pita chips, ech/"

So this past week was one of the dryest weeks in hip-hop that I've had in a while. Didn't hear one new song I liked that would be worthwhile to share on here. But finally I found one little gem that I thought was sick. I featured e-dubble on the blog before and I didn't know anything about him really, and that hasn't changed. I still don't know shit about this guy besides the fact he's grinding and pumping out real music. This song is a little different than the usual hip-hop track but that's why I liked it. Right at the start the beat reminded me of Disney's Tarzan but the beat is really diverse and changes up alot. He also gets a little melodic with his flow for the first little bit but he changes that up too and keeps bringing sick lyrics. All in all I thought this was a great piece of music. Check it out!

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

KOTD Battle: Canibus Vs. Dizaster

We've been idle for over a week now, but we're finally back. At least for this video lol. Haven't been posting much lately because we've been focusing on newer tracks, but we haven't found many recent songs worthy of a spot on our blog. As you may have already heard, Canibus proved to the world that his name really should be, as Eminem would say, Canibitch. If you don't know what I'm talking about, check out this highly anticipated KOTD battle between Dizaster and Canibus. Open ya Earz!

Monday, 4 June 2012

"Walking On Air" by Rittz

"I'm rapping and they got the nerve to call me ugly, I'm offended, I'm a pimp and I could probably fuck your girlfriend now dawg/
Poke her like a cow prod, poke her standing up inside the bathroom got her grippin on the towel rod, mouth wide/
Do it for the money shot, what the fuck is up with guys, writing comments below my pictures and shit/
On Facebook, need to leave that to the bitches and chicks and see that while you busy dissin me I been gettin rich/"

So I featured Rittz on the blog before but since then I downloaded his cd White Jesus: Revival and the shit was actually fire. Every song is crazy and I love all the elements. There’s lots of rock inspiration and the beats are crazy, Rittz is a monster lyricist and his flow is unstoppable.  A lot of the songs are also some serious, emotional stuff from the guy and he doesn’t give a fuck about no bullshit. This cd was just a free mixtape download but these tracks, not to mention the high quality videos he’s been putting out are showing me the guy really put some time into this project just to build buzz. I’m hoping in the near future Rittz starts popping up all over cuz he’s extremely under rated and deserves it.  This song is one of my favourites and I was stoked to see he made another music video for this one. They call him Rittz bitch, check it out!

Sunday, 3 June 2012

"Sawed Off Shotgun" by Redman

"How do that feel? My crew is on/
Comfortable on the mic, My house shoes is on/
Take cover, yo bitch? let the ape fuck her/
I gotta tape of her, and dogg, you can't love her/"

Over the past year or two, Redman's been weirding me the fuck out. He's been doing a lot of music with a more commercial feel in the beats, and not as great of lyrics as I'm used to hearing from the Funk Doc. This track right here is nothing spectacular, but I thought the collaboration with live musicians was dope as hell. Redman's got more of that Funk Doc flava in this track as well, so it's good to see he hasn't completely sold out. He looks funny as hell for the introduction too haha. Open ya Earz!

"The Maestro" (Tech N9ne/Strange Music Diss) by The Jokerr

"Then I'll spit it up faster but it isn't really gonna make sense, (Gyeah)/
Cuz the fans can't even understand what he sayin' anyways ??????? if they did but they laugh when a nigga say shit like/
Dark and wicked, (Gyeah), artistic kid, (Gyeah), pickin up frogs and crickets, then he goes back to the line header (Gyeah!)/
It's called completion, it's all cohesive, it's basic music theory bitch and it ain't that hard to teach!"

Haha so I was waiting for this for a while after Jokerr kept dropping hints at wanting to fuck with Strange. I'm a big fan of Jokerr and he's the one guy I've always thought who could take Tech head on and come out the winner. This song explains some of what Jokerr experienced while being introduced to members of Strange Music but the real sick part is the third verse. He fuckin kills Tech making a mockery of how he raps and how he can basically do all that shit too but even more intelligently. I fricken loved how he said Gyeah! in between most of his bars, that is a jokes shot at Tech. Don't get me wrong I am a huge fan of Tech but Jokerr points out a lot of good shit in this song. Even at the end when he's just talking I agreed with a lot of what he said. Check it out!

Friday, 1 June 2012

"True Colours" by Jon Connor

"We could change the world but then you say I'm in no position/
Sometime you just need an ear but ain't nobody there to listen/
So I can't just hold this pencil and be like I don't know them niggas/
That's like rationalizing with the killer cuz he ain't know his victims/"

So Brenton always makes fun of me for being a fan of Phil Collins, particularly for liking his version of True Colours. So when I saw the title of this song I thought it'd be funny if it was sampled but fortunately it wasn't. I only found out about this guy from Brenton posting him on the blog but the guy is pretty dope and I personally loved this song. I really love the feel of the beat and the chorus, kinda broke me up in way. Jon Connor always talks about some really deep shit and the topics in this song are no exception. The video is pretty intense to watch too. Check it out.