Thursday, 31 January 2013

"Stabbed" by Brotha Lynch Hung ft. Tech N9ne & Hopsin

"I swear to God I'm hopin' to leave a niggas rib cracked/
How the fuck they find out where I live at?/
Motherfuckers all up in my business every minute
When I be chillin with women they be comin up tryin ta chit chat, get back!/"

I debated putting this song on here for a bit cuz Brotha Lynch always kinda oversteps certain boundaries. But then I said screw that this song bangs hard as hell and has 3 crazy emcees on it. I'm especially keen on hearing Hopsin pop up in a track again bringing the evil flow. Tech was pretty funny but his voice sounds bad ass. Brotha Lynch is killin it on the flow these days too and I really liked the feel of how this beat worked with all 3 emcees. The instrumental is awesome, the drums are so clear and the strings shooting back and forth in a sporatic way make you feel like you're going insane. Its sick.

"Banana Goo Pie" by Sam Lachow ft. Sky Blaow, J. Byrd, Ryan Campbell

"My last long bitch takes fat bong rips/
She stash all zips, plus her ass all thick/
My zags all zig, and my style's solid/
Lowlife, stranger than that mash hall clique/"

Gonna be honest. I don't know shit about any of these guys. But the homie over at FORM shared this today, and I thought it was dope. It's got such a goofy feel-good mood to it, and they have decent rhymes. I don't really get why it's called Banana Goo Pie. But it's okay, we'll all get high today!

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

"Speed" by Slaine ft. Checkmark, Termanology & Lü Balz

"High as a helicopter, Fly with the smell of vodka/
You hear them hammers bangin', and you can tell it's proper/
Dog is an alcoholic, he got his guts leakin'/
He ain't afraid of nothin', nah, that's just his nuts speakin'/"

One of the many albums that i'm anticipating for this year is Slaine's "The Boston Project". His last album, "A World With No Skies" is one that I still listen to frequently, so it's gonna be interesting to hear what's up his sleeve this year. This song has a cool feel to it, with a nice hook and a smooth beat. Check it.

"Juice" by Ces Cru ft. Tech N9ne

"I've been in the back, bitch, playing the sidekick/
Surprised they realized the size of my dick/
They blog and criticize the lines of my shit/
Straddle up on the iron, a load of you ride dick/"

Maaan. This track is ILL. Such a sick old school hip hop feel. I love the drums and the bassline in this. The combination of em both form a beat that give you no other choice but to nod your head. Well, for me at least. But as usual, the 3 elite emcees from the Strange Music label absolutely murder this beat. This track's off Ces Cru's upcoming album, "Constant Energy Struggles", and seems to act as a sign that they aren't fucking around by any means on this album. Check it folks!

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Classified x Montreality [Interview]

Montreality is one of my favourite groups to conduct interviews. They always keep it fresh, and ask outside-the-box questions that truly reveal an artists personality. This one's with Classified, and they ask him questions ranging from why he chose to leave his latest album untitled, to what his favourite cartoon character is. Check it out!

Thursday, 24 January 2013

"That's What I Do" by Classified

"I'm feeling kinda famous in my hometown,
people hold me up cuz I hold em down,
I never moved away from my family,
and got the same friends since elementary"

Oh man, got home today and saw Brenton posted this new FV track and I was loving it. Then I found out Classified dropped this video for a new song off his self titled album. This one took the cake for today. Sorry FV but I loved every moment of this song, the lyrics, the instrumental, and the video too. The video was perfect. Classified is like the most real, down to earth rapper ever. He better be remembered. He's quietly fought against any stereotype you could ever hold against rap music. I'm just gonna shut up now though and listen to it again. Check it out!

"Funk Volume 2013" by SwizZz, Dizzy Wright, Jarren Benton, Hopsin & DJ Hoppa

"Man I ain't just another rapper on the list mackin on the chicks/
Doing big collabs every track to own a hit/
I'm the captain of the ship, plus I'm back up on my shit/
Take a note of it and stick it to a magnet on your fridge/"

Maaan. This is so sick. It's been a while since we've heard anything from the originators of FV, Hopsin and SwizZz. But SwizZz starts the story of this video off by wrecking the first verse. I'm usually not a big fan of him, but this verse was pretty sick. The beat and the idea for the video are also really dope. It's cool seeing all four of em work together on a banger, especially forming a product of this calibre. Aside from Jarren Benton, they all impressed the fuck outta me. FV 2013 muhfuckas!

Friday, 18 January 2013

"Demigodz Is Back" by Demigodz


"Butane lighter with the lysol can/
Mask like the guy from Saw, at your high school dance/
(Crank that soulja boy).. you shouldn't do that tho/
Clothesline a fag tryna superman that hoe/"

The Demigodz is back! The three emcees Apathy, Celph Titled and Ryu each spit a sick verse over a beat produced with samples from the Rocky theme song. I've only really heard Ryu's work with Fort Minor, and I only know of Celph Titled and Apathy from their work with AOTP. So it's cool hearing the talented trio collaborate. Check it.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

"Rage is Back" [NY State of Mind Freestyle] by Black Thought ft. J. Period

"Righteous hustlin', trife corruption/ Look how these OG's with the mics is musclin'/
I fight for justice but minus the red cape/ Dollar short, year late, suckers is scared straight/
They know I'm hotter than the box where the bread's baked/
And brought J Period to cut through the red tape/"

Damn. This track is crazy. If there were ever a rapper that could embody our title, "Eternal Cadence"... it'd probably be Black Thought. This guy's been rapping for a long time, and he's isn't slowing down by any means. I own a Roots album from 1996. Even on that album he was spittin' some pretty crazy shit for that time. Now in 2013, (the year of the Roots' debut album's 20th anniversary) he's still killin shit. Borrowing the classic instrumental from Nas, Black Thought blesses the mic with almost 3 minutes of raw lyricism and delivery. The verse itself can't really be described.. you're just gonna have to listen. Enjoy.

"It Ain't The Prettiest" by Atmosphere ft. Brother Ali, Carnage the Executioner & Haphduzn

"I don't pop recreational shots/
but, You tryna clock like the face of a watch/
Stop.. Already got my name on the rock/
I created some jobs, still afraid of the cops/"

Over the past year or so, I've become a fan of labelmates Brother Ali and Atmosphere. They're both really good at describing their deep thoughts or creative ideas through rhymes. On top of that, they always have really cool beats to rap over. I found this track by Atmosphere that features Brother Ali, and two other emcees that I have no knowledge of. But both Haphduzn and Carnage the Executioner were able to keep up with Slug and Ali. Everybody had a sick verse in this track. Sick beat as well. Check that shit.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

"Brooklyn in the Building" by Joell Ortiz

"Brooklyn taught me I got to be hard/
So y'all ain't got a chance like ya lost monopoly cards/
Me and poverty sparred, when my daddy left Mommy was scarred/
I stitched her up with all these quality bars/"

I'm gonna be honest.. I haven't been feelin' Mr. Yaowa very much lately. He's been annoying me more than anything, which still happens a bit in this song i'm posting. The chorus is kind of annoying, but at the same time it's catchy and gets stuck in your head easily. The beat is fucking crazy, and you gotta wait a bit, but eventually Joell murks this track. It was off to a slow start, but by the end of the song his rhymes were crazy. Not much to say bout this one though lol. It's just another pretty cool track. Check it!

"Lock It Down" by Epidemic

"Critical thinkin', I got a new tone of speakin'/
Dealin' with heathens, whatever you on is treason/
Cynical legion, that find a loophole to sink with/
Lyrical demons, with bulletproof bones and brink skin/"
Over the holidays, someone introduced me to a new duo of emcees, Epidemic. And I'm really fortunate to have been put on to them lol. They're crazy. I'm gonna share their newest video, "Lock It Down", which is a really dope song. But if you like this song, you'll like pretty much all of their music. On their YouTube page, they've posted two albums worth of content, and a few videos. I checked a lot of it out and it was all some elite lyrical shit. It's good finding artists like these guys to re-assure that there's still a lot of people making good music, and focusing on their pen game more.

"We Can't All Be Heroes" by Wax

"I remember when there wasn't no pressure I'd just do this/
Before the music was part of a to-do list/
I love writing, but why? I'm clueless/
It's peaceful yet deceitful... like a buddhist Judas/"

We're finally back after taking an unintended break from blogging over the holidays. I was personally anticipating some new music to ring 2013 in, but nothing's been catching my ear enough to blog. That's until now lol. I finally found some tracks worth sharing today, this video being one of them. "We Can't All Be Heroes" is a very deep track with a mellow, yet upbeat instrumental that fits perfectly to the topic. Wax outlines the troubles that can occur when you're set on chasing your dreams. From forming social problems to forming drug problems, Wax's storytelling style in this song gives you a different perspective on what fighting for success can do to you. Plus the rhymes are really fucking good lol. Check it!