Thursday, 31 January 2013

"Stabbed" by Brotha Lynch Hung ft. Tech N9ne & Hopsin

"I swear to God I'm hopin' to leave a niggas rib cracked/
How the fuck they find out where I live at?/
Motherfuckers all up in my business every minute
When I be chillin with women they be comin up tryin ta chit chat, get back!/"

I debated putting this song on here for a bit cuz Brotha Lynch always kinda oversteps certain boundaries. But then I said screw that this song bangs hard as hell and has 3 crazy emcees on it. I'm especially keen on hearing Hopsin pop up in a track again bringing the evil flow. Tech was pretty funny but his voice sounds bad ass. Brotha Lynch is killin it on the flow these days too and I really liked the feel of how this beat worked with all 3 emcees. The instrumental is awesome, the drums are so clear and the strings shooting back and forth in a sporatic way make you feel like you're going insane. Its sick.

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