Friday, 28 August 2015

Horseshoe Gang - "Same Day" (Funk Volume Diss) Prod. by Tabu

"Horseshoe is hella dope, nigga ask Jarren/
We rapin' you little kids nigga, ask Jared/
I'ma call you niggas Kylie Jenner's dad/
Cuz y'all lookin like a bitch now, and you transparent/"

Horseshoe Gang stays quick to pull the trigger, immediately responding to Funk Volume's "Free Meal" diss. The way I see it, Funk Volume's gonna have to pull a rabbit out of a fuckin hat if they respond lol. Horseshoe Gang seems to be impregnable. Check this shit!

Funk Volume – Free Meal (Horseshoe Gang Diss)

"My girl's 'gram has more likes than yours does/
How does it feel to have never been on a tour bus/
It's probly similar to alcohol on a sore cut/
You niggas suck, in other words niggas, you're fucked/"

Funk Volume stands true to their bold statement (aside from the $500,000, so far), and made a response to Horseshoe Gang's diss track to them. This shit is gettin heated lol I love it. Check it!

Monday, 24 August 2015

Horseshoe Gang "Half A Meal" (Hopsin & Funk Volume Response)

"You won't be able to stop it nigga I promise, you will die
You may wanna watch it like ya job is to supervise
Tryna spar with my silly ass similies
 and syllables are certainly similar to suicide"

Days after Hopsin's claims that Funk Volume could take on any label/group in hip-hop, and would put $500,000 on it, someone worthy has responded. Horseshoe gang drops some fire that'll probably make Hopsin think twice about what he got his crew into. Hopefully this leads into something interesting lol. Check it!

Saturday, 22 August 2015

The Hierophant (prod. Black Milk) - Asher Roth

"By the time this verse is over I will self destruct
And fuck it up like I tripped to kick the bucket
Right before the party jumps yell surprise, good retirement
You're fired old timer, a 65 year old fireman"

Asher Roth just dropped this track over some Black Milk production. They got weird on this one. I can't say I don't dig it tho lol. Check it!

Jered Sanders - "Be Myself"

"Truth is a luxury we can't afford
Ain't nothing wrong with no Honda Accord
Skip all the Grammys
I gotta ticket to paradise better than all them awards"

Virginia emcee Jered Sanders has an album dropping on August 28. This is one of the tracks from "Daylight Savings Time". Check it!

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

¡MAYDAY! - All The Time - Official Music Video

"I'll be glad to get on down
If you'll be down to come and break some ground
Shit I've been drinking too much, and I've been hittin the blunt
Shouldn't have kicked it this much, I'm so addicted to love"

This ain't a love song. It's just a piece of each of their minds. And things would be so much better if you weren't a bitch all the time. This one's from "Future Vintage" which comes out on September 18, 2015. Check it!

Mad Men Jam Boys ( MMJB ) - Black Thought x S.T.S. x Truck North

"And all my hoes say he's psycho
And all my weed better be hydro
The beat get ate like two times four
When I do my show I'm a Jihad pro"

Just heard this track by Sugar Tongue Slim and Black Thought & Truck North of The Roots. Not sure if it's from a project at all but they all killed it. Check it!

Method Man - "2 Minutes Of Your Time"

"I ain't tryna bring the city back/
And all that pretty boy rap ain't where I'm really at/
Really, how silly's that?/
Besides, rappers don't really ride, they piggy back/
I'd trade em all to have Tupac and Biggie back/"

Another Mef joint has surfaced with just two days until "The Meth Lab" hits stores. This is one of the few songs on the project with only Method Man on it. Check it!

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Sway In The Morning: Horseshoe Gang Interview + 5 Fingers of Death [Video]

After just dropping "Knocking on Rap's Door", Horseshoe Gang is keeping steady with promotion. Here's a recent interview they did with Sway along with several verses over several beats. These guys kill it. Get their EP here.

Friday, 14 August 2015

Russ - Longevity Freestyle (Prod. Russ)

"But fuck the love and affection, I got this buzz that I'm building
I just want plugs and connections, that's why I'm drunk off the feeling
of being me
Ain't nobody bout to sober me up
Understand me, everybody's looked over me once"

New track from emcee/producer Russ. This one's gotta laid back beat and over 3 minutes of straight rapping. This is the first track I've heard from this dude and it's pretty dope. Check it!

Thursday, 13 August 2015

50 Cent - 9 Shots (Live Premiere)

"7 grams of cocaine, 3 grams of dope/
St. Mary medallion hanging from my rope/
Try to punk me and.... my gun smoke/
Look I'm outta control..... my gun go/"

Here's a live performance of a new track from 50, entitled "9 Shots". Along with the title reference, the vibe of this track revisits a previous version of 50 Cent. I love how this track sounds. The song starts at about 1:00 in. To hear the full track in CDQ, click here.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Verbal Kent - Notes [Music Video]

"She told me in the first week of March she suspected/
The cause of nausea was that she was pregnant/
Heh, deep breathing/
Extreme joy mixed with depression/"

Mello Music Group presents the "Notes" music video by Verbal Kent. It's from his album "Anesthesia" which can be purchased by clicking here. Check it!

Epidemic "Bout That Time" (Produced by Loop.holes) Music Video

"I'm fresh as an umbilical cord/
Before the physician snips and stitch it the minute it's born/
Fresher than my Givenchy kicks I just signatured off/
They're delivered straight to the crib before it ships to the stores/"

Epidemic just dropped this video to promote their fourth-coming full length LP, "4 Dimensions on a Paper". There's no official date yet, but it's set to drop sometime this autumn. Check it!

Styles P Ft. Jadakiss - My Party

"She was just layin there, I picked her up to twist her/
Somebody said, "put my weed down mister"/
This is my party, I could do the most here/
"Who the fuck invited you?", shit, I'm the host here/"

Styles P and Jadakiss brought 2004 back, and that's not a bad thing in this case lol. This shit has that classic D-Block vibe in my opinion. Check it!

Mac Miller - Pet Sounds (feat. Sean Price)

"If I woulda done my schoolwork/
I coulda been to Oklahoma sooner with a golden retriever I named cooper/
A part time at Bruegger's/
Workin' on securing me a future/
The American dream"

Mac Miller drops a track he did with the late Sean Price. This one's produced by Nottz, and merges both Mac and P's goofy styles together perfectly. Check it.

Friday, 7 August 2015

Method Man - The Purple Tape (feat. Raekwon, Inspectah Deck)

"Young buck, I'm just tryna toughen you up/
Can't let you hustle with us, y'all ain't struggled enough/
Y'all been cuddled too much, maybe mothered too much/
So the burner giving up lungs, here's a couple of bucks/"

Method Man releases another joint from his upcoming album, "The Meth Lab". This one hits heavy and brings the Wu-Tang vibe in full effect. You can pre-order the album by clicking here.

Mac Miller - 100 Grandkids (Official Video)

"Tell me what you wanna be, what ya dreams is/
A hundred Gs in my jeans, I'm a genius/
Sin every day, someone save me please and/
Get schooled, homie, change degrees/"

Mac Miller dropped a new video today, along with word of a new album. His first major label release, "GO:OD AM" will be released on September 18.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

¡MAYDAY! - Fuel To The Fire - Official Music Video

"So I go to where the people are/
Tryna climb up high to an equal bar/
Walk round in the heat all breathin' hard/
Until the scars all heal on a bleeding heart/

Mayday dropped some visuals for their latest single from "Futue Vintage". The album comes out on September 18. 2015 and can be pre-ordered by clicking here.

Atmosphere - Sunshine (Official Video)

Atmosphere decides to wait 8 years (if I'm correct) to release a music video for this track. Staying true to the title, this video was created using 100% solar-power. Real shit!

Behind the Beat: Statik Selektah "In The Wind" feat. Joey Bada$$, Big K.R.I.T., Chauncy Sherod

Statik Selektah takes you through the process of how me made the beat for track 6 off of his "Lucky 7" project. Check out the project by clicking here.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

16 year old Rapper named TOKEN spits for R.A the Rugged Man [Video]

RA The Rugged Man presents a 16 year old rapper named Token, who although doesn't look to be a threat, will melt your face off when you watch this video.

Atmosphere - Behind the Scenes of "Sunshine" [Video]

Not too many artists would make a video for a song 6 years after the original release. Being that Atmosphere usually takes a unique approach, it's no surprise that it'd be them to do it. Check the behind the scenes!

"Summer's Mine" by Horseshoe Gang ft. K-Young & Kobe Honeycutt [Music Video]

"Please, don't leave/
Don't give me back that ring, I'ma be in magazines/
Like Dr. King, I had a dream/
But I will never not need my Coretta Scott King, that's on everything/"

These spitters just released a new summer banger for the COB fans. This one's got that mellow-evening time vibe perfect for the BBQ season. Horseshoe Gang's new EP, "Knocking On Rap's Door" is out now and can be purchased by clicking here.

N.B.S. & Snowgoons feat. Termanology, Reks and Sicknature

"On the doctor table with a lot of cables/
From ya nostril to ya ankles, singing gospel with the angels/
I'm impossible to anger, I'll drop your shit, it's fatal/
Tomahawk you with a blade, you won't be poppin, you'll be painful/"

This is a dope collab. Snowgoons always manage to get some dope emcees together over some old school hip hop shit. Check it!

B-Real presents: The Smokebox ft. Hell Rell & Duke Da God

B-Real invites 2 Dipset members into the whip for another addition to his web series, The Smokebox. It's gonna be a long interview based on the size of that joint haha.