Thursday, 28 November 2013

"Honorable" by Cormega ft. Raekwon

"Beef and money don't mix, invest in peace/
I pay dues in the street, respect is my receipt/
Truth'll set you free, except with police/
Be aware when you sleep, you could rest in peace/"

Here's a track featuring two NY hip-hop veterans. It's sick to hear these two collab and the beat they chose has a nice swing to it. Check itttt.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

"Too Much Information" by Caskey

"Times of evolution evolve to times of revolution/
I'm hear in a time full of mass confusion, saying my goodbyes at the last reunion/
I don't wanna be the one to pass the blueprint, I say lay waste to the institutions/
Give a little taste of what angst of youth is, and truth is... truth is/
We been putting up with too much for too long, every time somebody say they good I say "Boy what is you on?"
Alright so this is another one of my favourite songs off The Transient Classics and turns out it has a video too. Caskey is seriously a real intelligent dude and I'm sharing the message he's sharing with you because we need to stop seeing this as just a message that will always be around. People are upset with this system almost everywhere in the world and we need to start making more of our realizations into action. Earth is reaching a critical period where we are going to be fighting for resources and there's a very small group of people who have been planning for this for a long time. Will you be ready to know how to adapt to a new way of life that hasn't been anything like the past? Be aware.

"Bad4Ya" by Caskey

"Let the television develop my vision, this one hell of a prison that I am standing inside/
Capitalism capitalizing on my condition, every time these ads circulates I'm making decisions/
And being taught what to choose, being taught to consume, fear is all they ever promote inside of the news/
and I'm confused with they motives, diffuse with the bogus, the locusts inside the field ain't necessary to grow it/"
I been really liking Caksey in the last little while, he's right where I am right now, totally disillusioned with our system and not knowing where the fuck I'm going. If you're feeling the same I would highly suggest you check out The Transient Classics. This guy is like the most intellectual and non-materialistic dude signed to YMCMB and I'm loving that he's kind of remaining under the radar and undermining what I would argue are the pretty ignorant messages YMCMB usually puts out.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Knock Madness [Album Stream] by Hopsin

The wait is finally over. Yesterday a bunch of people who had pre-ordered this album received it in the mail. Which means I've been hunting for a high quality leak ever since. And I finally found it. There's a lot of new vibes that I'm not used to hearing from Hopsin, which at first makes this album sound a little weird, but it's also refreshing. I think this album's pretty dope. I'ma give you the link but if you like this album, support the artist and purchase it!

CLICK HERE to listen to Knock Madness.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

"The Shady Dynasty Freestyle" by Crooked I

"I do predict it, rap is too restricted/
Even if I go wood, I'll still get green, my rap is eucalyptic/
I say what the fuck I mean/
When the beat bump, I get proactive, but I never go commercial for the cream/"

Crooked I never fucking stops.

"See the World" by Asher Roth & Chuck Inglish

"This is where the grass is real greener if you mean it/
Conceited is deceiving, the passion is what I'm seeing/
Believe it if you wanna, but really it's if you need it/
I thought he said he taught him, no talkin better, just be it.. beat it/"

Asher Roth posted this to Facebook today, and I thought it was dope. Not a fan of that Chuck Inglish dude, but Asher killed it. I really liked the beat too. I think this is just a lone single for right now. Check it.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

"Rip Your Heart Out" by Hopsin ft. Tech N9ne

"(Fatality) Bitches I am rap, every verse is fire/
I lay my shit down like fertilizer/
A murderous word supplier, murking you is my first desire/
If you got a problem with me you can suck on my dick till it squirts saliva"
OHHHH SHITTTT. I was not expecting this but it's awesome. At first I thought the beat was a little weird for Hopsin but after I heard him bringing that flow I took back my doubts. Obviously Tech comes in and kills it with his own flow but I gotta give my preference to Hopsin this time. He was just bringing a lot of intensity with sick lyrics. Check it out!

Friday, 8 November 2013

"The Crumbs of the Crumbs" by Red Martina

"Batten down the hatches, shiver me timbers/
I find liberties on symphonies, riveting mixtures/
And emcees with snickety greed, rips em indeed/
Leave 'em stricken like tall peeps with rickety knees/"

Found this today because Vinnie Paz shared it on Facebook. Red Martina is a downtempo/hip-hop group from Philly which consists of Noesis, Hayley Cass, Ish Quintero and former Jedi Mind Tricks producer, Stoupe. I'm a huge fan of the work Stoupe's done with Jedi Mind Tricks so I checked this track out, and it's pretty sick. I like the production and the artists rapping over the beat aren't bad at all. Check it.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Backroom Freestyle by Slaughterhouse & Eminem [Video]

This shit is siiiick. Makes me wonder why the hell Slaughterhouse wasn't featured on the MMLP2. Even Big Tigger coulda had a verse on there haha. Dope shit.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

What's My Name: Episode 45

So I found this series online, and apparently I'm a little late because this one's the 45th episode. It's presented by, and they got this dude going around spittin' lyrics to people to see if they know the name of the song. This one's the latest one and it's specifically Eminem songs, but most of the other videos feature multiple artists. Check it.

Verse Unheard ft. Shad [Video]

"I'm not Magic, Showtime, LA, more northern, sorta Portland, I trail blaze/
Watch me get out these bars, jail break/
They say my rhymes is like that railway to freedom/
Cuz Canada's where the underground leads 'em/"

After just releasing "Flying Colours", it seems Shad still hasn't said enough. This is a dope acapella freestyle with a bunch of clever lines. Shad's definitely at the top of his game. Check it.