Friday, 27 September 2013

"Lost Beats Volume 1" by Memorecks

Here's a cool video of Toronto producer, Memorecks, breaking it down on the MPC 1000. It's 11 minutes and features several beats, performed live. Check it out!

Thursday, 26 September 2013

"Rock The Bells Cypher" ft. G-Mo Skee, Demrick, Thurz & Cashis

TeamBackPack just dropped this new cypher featuring four very talented emcees rippin' the mic at Rock the Bells. Check it.

"Chainsaw" by Madchild ft. Slaine [Music Video]

"Break into a fit, little Incredible Hulk/
My lyrics' bullets riddle you with metal assault/
Listen up bitch, I can spit a mouthful/
Turn it up until my voice is blaring through your household/"

Ye yea. Madchild dropped some new visuals for this track from Lawnmower Man featuring Slaine. He put a bit more effort into this video than usual, and this one has a little plot to it before it gets started. I still haven't heard this album, but this track is raw. Check it.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Government Whistleblower Exposes MK Ultra Pt. 1 & 2 ["Who Killed Hip Hop" by Prince EA]

Alright, so I'm a little confused with this one myself. About a week ago, I seen this first video of this Robert Connors guy, claiming to have inside information about the government's secret plan to fuck with black people's minds by tainting mainstream hip hop music. Watch the videos now and I'll continue below.

So yeah. We now see that this whole situation has been used to market Prince Ea's latest single which is based on the same idea. I thought it was pretty dope and he chose a clever way to gain a reaction from people. So now I'm just wondering about Robert Connors. He seemed pretty serious bout his shit. Was this all some fictional work to push a new Prince Ea single? I'd feel bad for him if he's actually serious and wants to release some top secret info. Haha we'll have to wait and see.

"Don't Shoot" by Chamillionaire

"The other day, I heard my mother say she had a dream that the president would take us to a world war/
I heard somebody else say, 'when it does happen, then hopefully they'll put it up on WorldStar'/
Murdah, Zimmerman hopped in his car then he swerved off/
Murdah, crazy how the world will hit you with a curve ball/"

Fuck yeah. Chamillionaire dropped this gem today, givin' the fans something to think about. Keepin' the flow and rhymes on point, he spits his analysis of the state of current situations. Not sure if this is from a project or not, but if it is I'll eventually end up posting more info. Check it.

"Seven Chakras" by CES Cru [Music Video]

"What's beautiful, what's good to you/
What's worth the process it puts you through/
Can't shake the pain on the day to day,
It all fades away when I look at you/"

I'm a lil disappointed in how this video turned out, but that's because this is one of my favourites from "Constant Energy Struggles". I felt like a video for this song coulda used a theme or an idea. Maybe there is one and I just can't figure it out, who knows. I think the lighting of the colours they used were all associated with the seven chakras, but I coulda thought of that. Lol maybe I'm hatin' cuz my expectations, as a fan, were too high. Dope song regardless. Check it.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

"Audio Barricade" by Prozak

"Sometimes I really think I'm losin it, I don't really know what I would do without the therapy of music/
Therapeutic, no substitute it, can't erase the pain but sure helps subdue it/
Helps me to get through, dismiss my issues, gives me a lift to a place that's less blue/
Sort of like a force field that protects you, audio barricade I suggest you..."
I thought this song and video were really cool after I just returned to school cuz I definitely know about turning about that audio barricade. No matter what's going on in your life, I know throwing on them headphones can be a life saver. We gotta take the power of sound more seriously. Just like Prozak says at the end "Turn it up, watch it all just fade away."

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

"Rage" by Young Buck

"Best friend's obituary on the dashboard/
I see his face in the glass as I fast forward/
Not in my kids life so I ask, Lord/
Stop me from makin' these people empty out this cash drawer/"

New track released from Young Buck. Not sure what project this is from, if it's from one at all. Just postin' it cuz I haven't heard a track from Buck in a while, and it's actually a sick one. Check it.

"God Bless" by Vinnie Paz

"I will kill a motherfucker, that is plainly sad/
And that's the 13th chapter to engage the dead/
The most confidential part of what the Vader said/
It's a Vietnam song, Vinnie, take his head/"

So I just found out Vinnie Paz is gonna be droppin' an eight track EP on October 29th. The EP's called "Carry on Tradition" and features songs with Jarren Benton, G-Mo Skee, Slaine, Blacastan and more. Here's the first release from the EP. BOXCUTTER PAZIEEE!

Friday, 6 September 2013

"Don't Piss Me Off" by Mac Lethal ft. Chamillionaire

"Like Mike Tyson, I beat it up until she couldn't walk/
And told her if she isn't tryna fornicate she shouldn't talk/
I never spoil her/
I just tell her all the Breaking Bad spoilers/"

Found this today. Thought it was an odd collaboration but it turned out to be an alright song. They both kill it, speaking down on fake mainstream rappers. Check it.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

"First Chain" by Papoose [Big Sean Diss]

"I figured out why you so skinny, then I got over it/
Pusha must be sellin' the crack, and you smokin' it/
Anorexic describe the way that you spit/
On your album cover it look like you takin' a shit/"

So Papoose just dropped this diss track to Big Sean over his own beat. I'm not sure what lead up to this, and I didn't hear bout any beef between them. Kinda caught me off guard lol. Here's the track anyway.

"Left In the Deck" by Brother Ali [Album Stream]

Brother Ali just dropped this project, "Left In the Deck", for the fans to stream for free. The only catch is you gotta listen to it cassette style haha. I was not expecting this project, didn't know anything of it until today actually. But I can't wait to listen through it because I know Brother Ali's a beast. Check this shit!

Side A
Dial Tone
Grandma And Them
Digital Age
Never Stoppin'
Not A Day Goes By

Side B
Well Okay
Phantom Of The Opera
Rapper Thing
Devil's Arms

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

"The Dangerous Three" by RA The Rugged Man ft. Brother Ali & Masta Ace [Music Video]

"I'm straight raw, cocaine, natural/
You that flesh eating veterinarian drug used to de-worm cattle/
The same way Big flipped mics, I'mma show you how I run things/
I'm the Don, Corleone, Cornelius, Trump, King/"

Some new visuals for this "Legends Never Die" collaboration dropped today. RA brings Brother Ali and Masta Ace back to the time of tommy guns and fly suits. Looks like they probly had a lot of fun filming this shit. Check it.

"Time" by Loaded Lux

"Whole 'nother different arrangement/
So much for people with hope for the system changing/
Shorties in the stories of glory and livin' dangerous/
Ain't nothin' bout it, colorful flowers and pretty paintings/"

ANOTHER new mixtape that just dropped is "You Gon Get This Work" by Loaded Lux. Now I really don't know much bout this guy, but I've seen some of his battles n shit on YouTube. So I seen that he'd dropped this mixtape and this song stuck out to me. The beat's nice and mellow and his lyrics flow smooth over it. This dude has some nice storytelling abilities haha check it.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

KOTD World Domination 4 Recap Pt. 1

This video's cool just to see a little bit of what goes on behind a KOTD event. I honestly didn't think they had as much effort put into these events as they do, so this was interesting for me to watch. Check it.

"Definition" by Malik B (Produced by Mr. Green)

"I'm from an age of relevance, based on benevolence/
Laced with intelligence, grace like an elephant/
Cooler than a pelican, I still remain elegant/
?????? ya block never sell again/"

Malik B of the legendary Roots crew has teamed up with Jersey producer Mr. Green for this single entitled "Definition". It's got a simple boom-bap beat to it, some simple scratching in the chorus, and some raw vocals from Malik B.

"Your Honor" by Fat Joe ft. Action Bronson

"CO's slide me cell phones, speak Italian/
With my capo, Jesus medallion's extravagant/
Sittin' in the Porsche like I'm Tony M/
Niggas try to X me out, shoot me off the podium/"

Another mixtape that's released recently is Fat Joe's "Darkside III". I haven't had the chance to listen through this one yet, but I just heard this one featuring Action Bronson, and it's pretty dope. DJ Premier on the beat which makes it even better. Chiggy check!

"World Peace" by Dizzy Wright [Music Video]

"Agree to disagree/
Judge me cuz I'd rather have them legalize a plant than feed the people nicotine/
Sell the devil's juice and they gon' support it by any means/
On they TV screens, nigga please/
I represent world peace/"

Recently shared this song, and Dizzy Wright ended up droppin' some visuals for it the other day. This is one of my favourites from "The Golden Age". The video gave life to the feel-good vibe of the song. Check it.

"Seen Some Things" by Caskey ft. Rittz

"So sick of feeling disconnected/
Every day I wake up pissed, feeling misdirected/
You ever been lost like you didn't know the reason you was still here/
And you getting flashbacks in the wheelchair/"

I originally checked this track out to hear Rittz' verse, but I was feelin' Caskey's parts as well. I ended up checkin' his "Transient Classics" mixtape, and a few songs aren't really the kind of rap music I'm into, but there's a few songs I like. Regardless of it all, he's got some dope lyrics and his flow's nice. I'm just not a fan of some of the clubbish beats which kinda ruin certain songs for me. But you can click here to download the mixtape to listen for yourself since my opinion doesn't mean shit lol.

"September 3, 2013" by Promise NYC

"Niggas think they Suge or Puff, but they really Sugar Puffs/
Poppin' mollys, now they think they Pac in Cali/
Mockin' the style of Makaveli, lock me in a cage with a crocodile/
I'll come out smilin' like Miley/"

Here's another crazy freestyle by PromiseNYC which is once again, named after the date. And still has more replay value than 90% of the bullshit out there. This guy's fuckin' crazy, and if he's not planning on keepin' his drops consistent, he's spoiling his fans right now haha. This one's over a Busta Rhymes beat if I'm not mistaken. Check it.

"Drug Shit" by Action Bronson

"Get my nuts out your mouth, let me breathe for a minute please/
Your life is cheap like a hooker in the Phillipines/
About to be a huge star and I'm still in Queens/
You on the shelf like a figurine/"

New Action Bronson shit. Don't really follow this guy much, but I thought this song was dope. I like the beat and Bronson kills it lyrically while still maintaining his sense of humour. Check it.

Monday, 2 September 2013

"September 2, 2013" by PromiseNYC

"How can an angel survive in this world of monsters/
If God's real, when I die it's gonna be awkward/
Sayin' prayers to somebody who ain't playin' fair/
You really think God's protecting you? Why you still scared?/"

I think this might be the first PromiseNYC post on this page, and it's long overdue. PromiseNYC has been around for quite a while, and randomly pops up outta nowhere with new dope music. His style is one of a kind. In the future, this track's probably the only thing I'll remember of September 2, 2013.