Friday, 31 October 2014

"The Beast Within" by Komodo [Album Stream]

The wait is finally over and the beast is unleashed. Kitchener artist, Komodo, released his first solo project, "The Beast Within" this morning. There's 14 tracks in total and features a few other local artists. This album has a mixture of different vibes and song ideas, but it's all very well calculated when it comes to the lyrics. Production done by TheCratez, Diamond Style Productions, Chemist, Breathtaking Beats, Mixla and Flawless Tracks. Check it out!

Purchase a digital copy here:

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Thursday, 30 October 2014

"U Looz" by Prhyme (DJ Premier & Royce da 5'9") [Music Video]

"Still caught up in all the gun shit/
Still callin my bullets Expendables cuz it's hard to believe I can fit all them boys in one clip/"

This shit's so fuckin dope. Big fan of both DJ Premier and Royce da 5'9" so I can't wait to hear what else these guys are cooking up. I seen a snippet for this video a few weeks ago but I just found the full version now. Check it!

Friday, 24 October 2014

"I'm A G-style" by Komodo

"So stay off my long john, your top songs are awful/
Betray all you soft frauds, get lost, y'all can rot slow/
I recall when Mama she talked lots of gospel/
But I can't recall how many tops I've popped off the bottle/"

New shit from Kitchener artist, Komodo. This one's gotta raw, straight hip-hop feel to it. It's a 2 minute freeverse over the "I'm A G" by Reef the Lost Cauze instrumental. Seems like something to keep people eager to hear his upcoming project, "The Beast Within" which drops on Halloween. Check it.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

"The Beast Within" by Komodo [Music Video]

"This mind's a machine, it's a mind of it's own/
Sometimes I question whether or not I'm in control/
So many chemicals within it collide and impose/
It's own reaction, I'm slowly grasping it's different modes/"

New visuals from an artist from my city (Kitchener, Ontario). Komodo just dropped this video for his upcoming project, "The Beast Within" which drops on Halloween. Check it.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

"1 Hit Wonder" by Mike Boyd [Music Video]

"They say sex sells, and maybe that's fact/
Look at that rump shakin', baby got back/
It's unbelievable/
Got me wondering what's underneath ya clothes/"

Here's a set of visuals for one of the cuts from Mike Boyd's project, "Note the Sarcasm". The playful nature of the video suits the song perfectly. I think Mike Boyd deserves a lot more credit than he receives so please check this dope Canadian shit!

"Rockin Wit Marley Marl" by Redman

"I got the blunts rolled up with Marley Marl/
And if I fucked yo girl, pardon me dogg/
I rolled up in this bitch with no bodyguard/
I missed the flight cuz I didn't make lobby call/"

Redman rocks atop a beat inspired by "The Show" by Dougie Fresh & Slick Rick. He's got a couple of projects on the way, but for now you can download this track @ Redman's World. Check it!

"Alladat" by Jarren Benton

"I'm just a dreamer asking God to shine a little light/
These niggas soft and they'd probly die in a pillow fight/
I'm smoking hashish out of a silver pipe/
I told that bitch to run the jewels, word to Killer Mike/"

Jarren Benton's gonna be releasing a new track every Wednesday leading up to his EP which drops later this year. Not a fan of the chorus but I didn't mind the rest. Check it.

"Terrorstorm" by Army of the Pharaohs [Music Video]

"Backstage rap groupie sluts, schemin on blunts/
Bunch of bum ass bitches in some beat up dunks/
Roll that weed up cunt, tell her we'll meet up front/
She kinda frumpy, but she still could get her D Cups humped/"

This video's dope. AOTP just dropped an album a few months ago, and they're not stopping. "Heavy Lies the Crown" drops on the 21st of this month. Good to see a sense of humour from a group that rarely joke around. Check it.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

"Bounce" by Rittz ft. Twista [Music Video]

"They wasn't with me when I traveled down this gravel road/
GC, I could never have my pass revoked/
So step up and you a dead duck/
Get your head bust, looking like a chef just cracked a yolk/"

This song is beautiful. And the visuals are pretty dope too. I have yet to fully listen through Rittz' latest album, "Next to Nothing", but I've listened to this song at least 1000 times and I'm still not sick of it. No exaggeration. Check it!