Tuesday, 30 December 2014

"Talk To Me" by Reef the Lost Cauze [prod. by Snowgoons]

"We live in a society quick to diagnose/
But what they don't see is the person I see at home/
And that is my son, a magical soul/
So words don't matter here, cuz when he needs me I know/"

This is some real shit. You have no heart if you don't respect this track.

Friday, 12 December 2014

BREALTV presents "Once Upon A Rhyme" ft. Ras Kass

In this installment of "Once Upon A Rhyme", Ras Kass gives the scoop of what song put him took him to the next level and the story behind it.

Mass Appeal presents "Rhythm Roulette" featuring Oh No [Video]

I've posted a video from this series before (featuring Black Milk), but this one's a little different. I really enjoy these videos because you get to see which techniques certain producers use. And this one's pretty dope. Oh No went to a local video game store and picked 3 different video games, and later went home and sampled the soundtracks to make a beat. I had no idea that was possible so I thought this video was interesting. The beat turned out to be pretty strange but it was still cool to watch. Shoutout to WCW/NWO Revenge.

"I Feel You" by Chris Rivers ft. Jose Vargas [Music Video]

"I'm the prodigal's son/
And all the profit in my pockets couldn't buy me some gum, I feel like robbin' with guns/
I feel like sellin' some drugs/
I know my sis and mom's contemplating selling some love/
And I ain't talkin' bout hugs/"

Chris Rivers is definitely able to keep it consistent. This video popped up on my feed this morning and it's pretty dope. It's got a nice mellow beat and chorus that suit these powerful verses perfect. The video's done well also. Check it!