Monday, 24 March 2014

"Respect the Architect" by Blueprint [Music Video]

"The most holiest, the top is the lonliest but only cause I don't associate with any lames/
Expose the phoniest, show him how cold he is with flows that go against the grain/
No doubt, I'll play the shooter and coroner if need be/
When you know the body drop and catchin it is easy/"

Blueprint's songs are always hit or miss for me. This one is a definite hit. I think he did a good job altogether in releasing this, the video/beat/lyrics all seem to fit together really well. This beat is strange, but I think it sounds amazing. Check it.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Hunger Pains Cypher ft. G-Mo Skee, Kung Fu Vampire, Dirtbag Dan & Wrekonize

"I'm wreaking havoc, any emcee can have it/
So savage my shit premieres on National Geographic/
With the wildebeests and rabbits/
If you have sex with me, you're guilty of fuckin beastiality and ratchet/"

These guys are all on tour together, so it's only right they drop a cypher together. They're all very unique in style which makes this cypher pretty interesting. TeamBackPack hosts this one and provides a really dope beat for the talented emcees to wreck. Check it.

Friday, 21 March 2014

"So Long" by Jelly Roll ft. Yelawolf

"Slow up please, don't get me started/
These kids now are so heartless/
These trailer parks and apartments/
But they told me home is where the heart is/"

This may be the most mainstream sounding joint I've ever posted to this blog. But I have my reasons. The message behind this song is awesome, and it makes the all too familiar radio sound bearable. I feel like Jelly Roll was trying to adapt and maybe get this joint on the radio, and I'm hoping it works for him because this is the kinda shit that could improve mainstream standards. Check it.

"End of a Knife" by Chamillionaire

"Cuz now I've gotta roommate/
A lazy roommate that always went to school late/
An athlete, but his temper wasn't too great/
He's normally cool, but sometimes he's such a two-face, and too fake/"

And now for some Latin heat from Chamillionaire. This Kato produced beat gets some storytelling treatment from the Chamillitary Mayne himself. I really like the vibe of this track. Check it.

"The Grand Leveler" by Apathy [Music Video]

"The man and the myth, I'm Hiram Abiff/
I'll resurrect Jesus myself and buy him a spliff/
I build pyramids, and parallel portals to other worlds/
Married to Mary Magdalene, but still touch other girls/"

After watching this video, I'm a little confused. Not sure if Apathy's actually a freemason, or if he's just in a lodge to make the video work. The lyrics are sick, but they don't really explain the video for me. I'm sharing it anyway cuz I'm a fan of Ap and this song sounds pretty good. Check it.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

"Wavy" by Godemis [Music Video]

"Pop another molly, rollin trees like a lumberjack/
Smoking on that earwax, call that shit that other crack/
Sittin in a K-hole, staring out the Cadillac/
Yea I love this liquor but the shit'll never love me back/"

CES Cru has been a little late making their videos for Constant Energy Struggles, but better late than never. I'm a fan of this song from the album, and this video complimented it well. Glad the video didn't ruin the song lol. Check it.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

"Higher" by Classified ft. B.o.B.

"Yea my parents tried to pre-warn me/
But now we higher than E-40 and King Gordy/
When I'm in the studio recording it seems boring/
Until you come around each morning and reward me/"

This song's definitely gonna be on the radio. I'm not a huge fan of the direction of the beat, but I understand it. Aside from the mainstream sound, both Classified and B.o.B. had sick verses. Check it.

"God Particle" by Army of the Pharaohs [Music Video]

"Conducting chaos with a chrome baton, so sound the smoke alarm/
Cuz over all I broke your arms and kicked ya ass with loafers on/
Home boy this HK settle wars/
I'm a dragon, you a faggot with a tape measure sword/"

Shiiiit son. The Army of the Pharaohs has returned. This track is perfect to set a start to what's yet to come from them. The beat's heavy as fuck, and there's some sick lyrics in there. The upcoming AOTP album, "In Death Reborn" will be out on April 22.