Friday, 30 August 2013

"Love 2 Dislike Me" by Tech N9ne ft. Liz Suwandi & Tyler Lyon

"I'm mad as hell, Cuz I wanna be back when we had it well/
All this static's problematic like grabbin' a rabbit's tail/
And it's nightly, too much messin' with my psyche/
Had enough hugs but you fight me, so you must love 2 dislike me/"

It's been a while, but I'm back. After some difficulties with my Internet Service Provider, I'm back on the internet. Look out web nerds. I got some raw shit for ya. Here's some visuals for another "Something Else" track. I feel like Tech's gettin' a lil too comfy in that mask of his, but that's just another great thing about being independent. Freedom to wear whatever the fuck you want! By the way, is that Slaine pretending he's Tyler Lyon?

Friday, 23 August 2013

"Scars" by Krizz Kaliko ft. Tech N9ne

"Sick and tired of being sick and tired/
Life ain't always a party, but we gotta do it cuz it's required/
And it cuts like a knife, and I gotta get the beast outta my life/
And it sucks when the suffering's steadily buffering/"

Another Strange addition. Krizz Kaliko just dropped this video to a song from his upcoming album, "Son of Sam", which drops on Tuesday. I think this song sounds sick, and I'm glad Tech didn't get too carried away with it. Check it.

North Philly Freestyle by Slaughter Rico [Live from the Streets]

"Can't afford to be a day late, or a dollar short/
No more family, court let's commonwealth take me for child support/
Little tot was taught to think the wisest thoughts/
I said a prayer over my father's corpse, cuz every day I pray for God's remorse/"

Slaughter Rico is unlike any other. I first heard of this guy from my cousin who showed me his "5 Dolla Nigga" video. I thought he was dope as fuck, but he rarely drops new content. This video's brought to you by producer Mr. Green, and is a unique addition to his "Live from the Streets" series. It's sick to see Slaughter Rico spittin' some new shit, and putting his emotion into it. His deranged, eye-flickering emotion..

Backroom Freestyle @ 106 & Park by Rittz

"Reppin for the underground until I'm in the graveyard/
They've been rooting for me on the TV screen/
White, got soul like a BB King, a rockstar, like I'm B Springsteen/
You wanna battle? Ring the bell homie, ding ding ding/"

White Jesus was recently featured on BET's 106 & Park to spit some heat in The Backroom. I didn't really like the beat, but as always, Rittz spittz some crazy shit. They should feature this guy on TV more often.

Friday, 16 August 2013

"World Peace" by Dizzy Wright

"Man we all started from the bottom, started with a problem/
Before I was ever crawlin', I was born into my miseries/
Came out with my hidden talents, now the rest is history/
Ridin', but if you ain't providin', that don't mean shit to me/"

Dizzy Wright has a new mixtape coming up on the 19th of August, entitled "The Golden Age". He released this track from the upcoming project today and I was feelin' it. Look out for The Golden Age at

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

"Party the Pain Away" by Tech N9ne [Music Video]

"If ya stressing, I feel ya/
If I'm off up in ya city come and party with the milla/
Twenty shots of tequila/
Yea I make a little money so I'm gonna pay the billa/"

Fuck yes. This is one of my favourite recent Tech N9ne releases, and I'm disappointed as hell since it wasn't even on Something Else. But now it's got a video to show ya what kinda party Tech had in mind when he wrote this song. Check it out!

Monday, 12 August 2013

"The Flavor" by Dizzy Wright ft. SwizZz

"They say I'm outta line, but you niggas is not around/
How you scoring points when you standing out of bounds?/
In other words, how you getting money and you ain't keepin' it real
with no skills, playing the field like you not a clown?/"

New Funk Volume shit. This one's a pretty sick one. I was really feelin' Dizzy Wright's verse in this track, and that beat is crazy. Some dope video skills as well.

"Roller Coaster" by Mac Lethal

"Sorry if I'm brash again, but I could give a fuck if Kim Kardashian/
 Is smashing ten Africans or any other rapper friends/
If she's getting fat again, how she keeps her lashes in/
All the cash she spends, or if she crashed her Benz/"

Not sure how much replay value this song has for me. It's still sick though, and worth a listen. The verses are tight and he makes some good points that I can relate to. Check it!

TeamBackPack Cypher: A-1, Jeff Turner & Aqualeo

"Crazy like Osama's killin' Obama's middle name, Hussein/
We're trapped, listenin' to trap, wearin' 2 chains/
Life is not a sprint, it's all about endurance/
Fuck a Lamborghini, give me medical insurance/"

This shit is sick. I was really impressed by the first two dudes. I haven't heard of them or their music before. The beat is also pretty dope. TeamBackPack's the shiiiiit.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

TeamBackPack Cypher ft. G-Mo Skee, Dirtbag Dan, TheMobsJedi & Black Pegasus


"Broken" by Locksmith ft. Jarell Perry [Music Video]

"This is for the few I rock with/
This is for the ones that support my content/
This is for all the true folks that ever shared my songs
and left me a positive comment/"

After posting some raw tracks by Madchild and Tech N9ne, here's a softer song to equal out your emotions haha. Calm down and check this new video. This song is from Locksmith's latest mixtape, "The Green Box" which can be downloaded at this link.

"Lawn Mower Man" by Madchild [Music Video]

"If you don't like it, change the channel
I'll dismantle any panelist and hammer him until he needs an ambulance/
Riding through the desert on a camel wearing camo print/
Ammo will go blammo, got you covered like a laminate/"

Madchild dropped a new video today also, and it's nothing more than usual. His signature music video production is once again utilized to hype the track with the same title as his new album. "Lawn Mower Man" was released today and can be purchased here.

"B.I.T.C.H." by Tech N9ne ft. T-Pain [Music Video]

"My people missin' me, like Diana Ross/
No this ain't MMG, but I am a boss/
Although I'm wicked, see, I'm fly and I floss/
So why am I lost like my jam was off?/"

Got some new visuals for ya today. Tech just dropped a video for the first single from his recently released album, "Something Else". Apparently there's a couple more videos from this album coming up, but time will tell. Check it!