Friday, 23 August 2013

North Philly Freestyle by Slaughter Rico [Live from the Streets]

"Can't afford to be a day late, or a dollar short/
No more family, court let's commonwealth take me for child support/
Little tot was taught to think the wisest thoughts/
I said a prayer over my father's corpse, cuz every day I pray for God's remorse/"

Slaughter Rico is unlike any other. I first heard of this guy from my cousin who showed me his "5 Dolla Nigga" video. I thought he was dope as fuck, but he rarely drops new content. This video's brought to you by producer Mr. Green, and is a unique addition to his "Live from the Streets" series. It's sick to see Slaughter Rico spittin' some new shit, and putting his emotion into it. His deranged, eye-flickering emotion..

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