Thursday, 28 February 2013

"120% Darkside Justice" by ILL BILL ft. Jedi Mind Tricks

"Bring 'em to the coroner table, and cut 'em open, look inside of 'em/
What the fuck were they thinkin', someone lied to them/
Showed them a dead dream, listenin' to philosophers/
Goin' against me? Victory is impossible!/"

This shit is too fucking raw. I was surprised by how powerful Ill Bill's voice was over top of this crazy beat. This is another release from his upcoming album, "The Grimy Awards", which just came out this past Tuesday. I think this track is fucking sick, as it usually is when Ill Bill and Vinnie collab. This one's got Jus Allah on it too which makes it that much better. The whole album can be streamed if you click here. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

"I Been Dope" by Kutt Calhoun ft. Tech N9ne

"Cuz I style on ya/
With the quicka nigga rippin' I be foul on ya/
Short term niggas I'm a milestone/
And yo style's slowed down and Kutty Cal is here to clown on ya/"

Hell yea. I fuckin' love this track lol. The beat's sick, they both kill it, and they have a lot of sick melodic shit goin on that keeps it interesting. This track is from Kutt Calhoun's album, "Black Gold" which released yesterday. There's been a few singles off of that album that were pretty sick, but out of the ones I've heard so far, this is my favourite. The video wasn't bad either. The one scene with Tech jumpin' around in the dark with his referee shirt on looks creepy haha. But yea, check itttt.

"Turnip the Beet" by Asher Roth

"Don't back down or back out, we back now/
Manny Pacquiao, knock the pretty swag out/
It's the last bout, don't ask how, without doubt/
The crowd shout wow, we'll make KRS proud/"

Yea yea, I know. We already shared this song with you a while ago. But if a video of Asher Roth roaming around a busy city in a swagalicious tiger hat doesn't entertain you, y'all need to lighten up lol. I guess today's theme on our blog so far could be described with the chorus of this song. Boom-bap, original rap. Asher kills this track, and seems like he was having a hell of a time making this video. Check it.

"The People's Champ" by RA the Rugged Man

"I've been a problem since my first birth date/
In the delivery room my dick hit the ground and it caused an earthquake/
The school hallways I was pissin in/
As a kid I was lackin' in discipline, ignoring authorities and never listenin/"
They say legends never die. Which is why the Rugged Man is still alive and killin' shit. I actually can't wait to hear his album, entitled "Legends Never Die", which drops on the 30th of April. On top of him being a beast himself, he has an elite line-up of expected features on his album. These features include Hopsin, Tech N9ne, Masta Ace, Vinnie Paz & Brother Ali. Sounds like my kinda shit lol. This joint's produced by Apathy, and it suits RA's raw voice and crazy flow. This is hip-hop at it's finest folks!

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

"Lookn' Fly Too" by Redman ft. Ready Roc & Method Man

"Get stepped on when you walk in my world/
You pay tolls, I fly over the triborough/
Hustla, Cadillac on my grill/
Gettin' it since J-Lo was a fly girl/"

Red n Meth is back in the building! Ready Roc too lol. This video's sick. It goes well with the smooth loungy feel of the song. They all killed it and made me wanna go play pool at a pub that'd allow me to smoke my shit. Not sure what album this is from, if it's even from one, but I think it's worthy of being part of an album tracklist. It's got me eager to hear Blackout! 3. Anyways, kick back, relax, and vibe out to this fly shit!

"Grenade Launcher" by Madchild ft. Prevail & Slaine

"These young punks, they think they're so smart/
I might be old but I'm the sickest fuckin' old fart/
I'm so much better, you could blame it on the age difference/
You got your party clothes on, I'm wearing beige slippers/"

The law of averages says they win again. As mentioned in an earlier post, Madchild's crept his way up to the top of our playlist. The 2nd track from his latest album, "Dopesick" finally has a visual. I love this song (aside from Prevail's verse), and it's sick hearing Slaine hook up with the Battle Axe frontman. Looks like they all had fun in this video, and even some fresh barber care. Enjoy this raw shit!

"Long Days, Cold Nights" by Futuristic ft. SwizZz

"My team is gettin' smaller, I keep my circle tight/
And keep these women fallin' like leaves do in autumn/
My niggas don't understand me, my fans be goin the hardest/
I just keep to myself and I keep focused on my target/"

Not really familiar with this Futuristic guy, but this song is pretty sick. Alongside Funk Volume co-founder, SwizZz, this deep track by Futuristic outlines the feeling of working to the best of his ability to acheive his goals. The video had a cool idea as well by comparing the rap hustle to the sports hustle, and the end wasn't as extravagant as I was expecting. But I figure that may be the point of the video. Working extremely hard only to build one small win to take another step towards success. Gotta start somewhere. But yea, dope song, dope video, check it!

Monday, 25 February 2013

"Growing Pains" by Classified

"There's so many right and wrongs when you raise a kid/
I just want that father and daughter relationship/
And I know in time that we'll fight and that you'll hate me/
but I pray to God you'll thank me like 'Dad I'm glad you raised me'"
Alright keeping with the big Canadian names Classified's new album which dropped recently is great. This song might sound a little soft if you like hard music but if you give it a chance I think a lot of people will appreciate it. It's a song to his daughters talking about his struggle with not knowing how to raise them right as they're both very young still I believe. Show this to your mom like I did and she might even start gettin all "Oh look how much my boy has grown up, those years flew by." Ha ha anyways check it out, this one goes out to the parents.

"Wanted" & "Dungeon Dragon" by Mad Child

"Most rap performers are just transformers/
pretend to be crazy, I pretend to be normal/
when listening to Mad they get immediately struck/
then immediately after realize he's really fucked"

So neither of these songs are brand new joints. They're both roughly a year old but I've really been bumping Mad Child alot lately after years of not paying too much attention to him. He's awesome and the people I mention him to don't even know anything about him and he's a big Canadian name. I just wanted to make sure to feature him on the blog with some of this sick shit before he makes any more crazy new stuff. He's kind of lost his marbles a little bit but he's hilarious. He can also get dark and serious too and he always brings a huge vocabulary. I just wanted to show two sides of him so you get the first track to understand the dude on a real level and the second track to just see that crazy emcee shit with a jokes video. ROW ROW!

"Trust me I'm a Hi-Fi, Sci-Fi project/
but I'm a white boy so I drive by projects/
I'm a king call me Maharabi/
but I'm a kamikaze in a trench coat sittin in your lobby"

"Funk Volume's DFUOB 5 Entry" by Wax

Internet sensation Wax dropped a promo video for Funk Volume today, making an example entry for their "Don't Fuck Up Our Beats" contest. If you're an upcoming artist who's trying to acquire more fans and get more exposure, this contest is a great opportunity for you. On top of that, you have to opportunity to win a possible cash prize of $2500. Check this video to give you an idea of what an entry should be like, and check this link to learn more about the contest. Good Luck!

Sunday, 24 February 2013

"Lotus" by CES Cru

"Told me to look but don't touch, Told me to touch but don't taste/
I've been starvin' for years, homie you stuffin' your face/
Rather I work like a slave than to be stuck in no place/
And seein' nothing, no way/
I'm freein' up my soul.."

Man, this video is cool. "Lotus" is the first single from CES Cru's upcoming album, "Constant Energy Struggles", which releases March 26, 2013. If this is a sign of what's yet to come, I'm excited lol. Godemis starts the song of with a little chopping as the beat starts. But shit gets real once the gritty drum loop kicks in. They both killed their verses, and the spirituality-based video presents a visual to match the eerie feel of the song. Check it.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

KOTD Blackout 3: Pat Stay vs. Math Hoffa [Co-Hosted by Drake & Maestro]

Just when you thought rap battles couldn't get any better, this happens. This battle was fucking sick. I'm a huge Pat Stay fan for two reasons. In my opinion, he can't be touched in the KOTD ring, and he's Canadian. It's hard for me not to bias a battle to lean towards Pat Stay, and you'll see why if you check out a few of his battles too. I don't know much about Math Hoffa, but I was impressed with his ability to keep up with the Sucka Free Boss, and this battle was a very close one. Sit back and relax, you're bout to witness 30 minutes of raw toe-to-toe lyricism.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

"Backroom Freestyle" by Saigon

"Sai, non-killable, science in every syllable/
Farther civilized, wise, deeper than your biblical/
Slums'll curse me, coerce crime contaversy/
Intriguing evil entering the mind, conquer mercy/"

This freestyle would be much better if Saigon didn't swear as much. Actually fuck that, it's BET's bitch ass staff that makes it difficult to enjoy a crazy hip-hop verse. I wanna get my hands on an uncensored version of this because it was sick as hell. In this video, Saigon hits the air in the Backroom at BET to show the world his potential over a really dope beat, and his ugly hat. Check it.

"Air Em Out" by CZARFACE

"He don't hear 'em out, he just air 'em out/
He just fuck it up, it's like if really there's a doubt/
The beat will beat 'em down, It's leakin' in ya town/
It's hotter than that summer time heat that's in the south/"
This video is fucking G. CZARFACE is the unity of 3 different talented people - Inspectah Deck, 7L & Esoteric. I can't honestly say I'm a fan of 7L & Esoteric, cause I've only heard em make random appearances with JMT. But they killed it alongside the Wu-Tang killa bee. The video's gotta sick mob theme, and reminds me of a classic gangster movie. Which only adds to the entertainment value of this awesome song. Check it.

"King of Diamonds" by Swollen Members

"I'll kill these kids like an abortion, then go sport fishing/
You best abort mission, or you'll need a mortician/
I'm a warped magician, got a heart condition/
But once I start militia'n, you'll be in a hard position/"

Ye yea. Here's some dope Canadian hip-hop for y'all. Swollen Members have been around for a while, and have progressed quite a bit since then. This song from their upcoming album, "Beautiful Death Machine" has that sick boom-bap feel to it. The three man threat comes together to make a sick example of what's yet to come for their tenth album. Check it.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

"Scar Tissue [Genre Tribute]" by Alyssa Marie

"So now what, is there something to save?/
Can we just pick up where we left off like nothing has changed?/
When everything about us different, could we take just the love that remains/
And build it up among the rubble we made?/"

This girl is sick. She's an amazing rapper, and a RHCP fan. I actually stumbled upon this by accident, but it ended up being pretty cool. Alyssa Marie takes the instrumental from RHCP's "Scar Tissue" and drops her own lyrics over it. This was a creative idea, and she managed to pull it of without making it seem corny. Even though it's somewhat of a sappy love song, the lyrics were awesome. Check it.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

"Dead in the Middle" by Demigodz

"I got greezy with a groupie and I smacked her bridges/
The bitch worshipped my nuts, I guess she's sacrilegious/
And that's what happens when your rap is vicious/
Sadomasochistic, snappin' pictures at captured victims/"

According to a YouTube comment from Apathy, this track was recorded in 2008. But it's new to me, and it's pretty sick. Like I said in an earlier post, I have little knowledge on the grimy trio. But they were all pretty sick in this. The beat was sick as well and included a classic Big Pun line to serve as the chorus. I personally thought Celph Titled stood out in this one with his witty punchlines. But yea, check it.

"Skeletons" by Joe Budden ft. Joell Ortiz & Crooked I

"We could talk about pain 24/7 dawg, that's my department/
In the city, blues, cruisin', I'm blastin' that Marvin/
Skeletons ain't in my closet, that's my apartment/
And they like to hide behind thousand dollar fabrics and garments/"

Maaan. I love when Slaughterhouse manages to come through with soft tracks that hit ya hard. This track reminds me of songs like "Rescue Me", "Goodbye", and even "Raindrops". It's missing Royce because it isn't actually a Slaugherhouse track. This song's from Joe Budden's latest album, "No Love Lost", which dropped this past Monday. This album kinda creeped up on me, so I'm not even sure what to expect from it. But if the rest of the tracklist boasts the lyrical level that this track does, it should be an awesome CD. That album cover kinda looks familiar though.

"9 Minute Freestyle" + "Alphabetical Slaughter Pt. 2" by Papoose

"Cheap shots, they sendin' harpoons after us/
Tryna put my name on a courtroom calendar/
You challenging the best, that's a smart move, challenger/
But I gain momentum when y'all lose stamina/
Searchin' for stardom, y'all dudes scavengers/"

The Nacirema Dream is coming! Seems like Papoose has been making an effort to make public appearances lately. That's fine with me. Papoose is a fuckin beast, and you're fucked if you think different lol. This video right here presents 7 different beats for him to spit over, and he pretty much obliterated each and every one of them. Then at the end, he makes an addition to his popular track, "Alphabetical Slaughter" over Nas' "One Mic" instrumental. Based on the past few freestyle videos that I've heard from Pap, I think his upcoming album, "The Nacirema Dream" will join my solid collection of hip-hop albums. Check it.

"Backstreet Freestyle" by Ubiquitous

"I'm signed, it's time to set a couple records, yessir/
The pens have got em all defensive, so I guess I'll be the agressor/
They say you only reap what you sow, so I'll put in effort/
Got Brooklyn under my feet as I speak, so I cook with pressure/"
I'm just speaking my mind, but some people may think of this as a bold statement. I don't really like Kendrick Lamar. I'll admit it. I don't really understand what his hype's all about other than the fact that he has a different sound and he presents realistic themes in his music. But as far as enjoying hearing his voice/rhymes, I'm not a big fan. BUT on the other hand, this beat is fuckin cool and I like Ubiquitous. It's not his greatest track, but it's hard to live up to some of his content. Apparently excited to be in Brooklyn, Ubi drops a sick freestyle over the Kendrick beat, with a pretty cool video for just a freestyle. Check it folks!

"Verbalizing" by Dizzy Wright

"They say life is a game, hope you can play it well/
If I ever get unhappy, I'ma pull a Dave Chapelle/
Money ain't enough to make it well/
If I cant face myself/ Keep it one hundred/
Runnin' from who you becoming/"

After dropping "Funk Volume 2013", a lot of people are curious as to what the independant label may be working on. I sure am. Not so much Jarren Benton. But Hopsin's always crazy, and SwizZz and Dizzy Wright have potential to drop some cool tracks every now and then. This track by Dizzy Wright is kinda cool, outlining his thoughts on a career built on verbalizing. This track makes it seem like he's reached a comfortable spot in his career, and realizes the stress involved with choosing his next steps. That's just how I perceived it at least. Check it.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

"Against the Current" by Chali 2na ft. Ming-Xia

"The way son represent it? Unprecedented/
Put it to ya temple like it was a gun pressed against it/
Comin' fresh, I sent it with an impressive sentence/
And those who've witnessed have an invested interest/"
Man, I can't believe I missed this! Chali 2na is an absolute beast on the mic, and one of the most respectable. As in this song/video, he always manages to bring something fresh to the table. This is some straight-up hip hop. Sick beat, crazy lyricism and a smooth chorus. This song's from the 1st of his series of 5 EPs, entitled "Against the Current". I don't know much about the series, but apparently it's accompanied by a book-of-art. With all of the artwork done by the 2na himself, the book depicts the evolution of his career through oil painting. True art over here folks! I'm gonna be looking forward to coppin' it all. But for now, imma just have to hammer this track into my head. Check it.

"Pete's Jazz Voicenote" by Asher Roth

"Man I can barely move, in these embarrassing shoes/
And when I'm staying at the Sheraton, I'm sharing a room/
Like damn, this isn't fair yo, this thing got me fooled/
Bet i'd live up on a mountain with a fabulous view/"

Asher Roth is the shiznit. This man could shit on the whole industry with nothing more than his voice, a beat, and his iPhone. Can't really even hear the beat, but this freestyle is fucking sick. Perfect for a snowy Saturday afternoon. Check it.

Friday, 1 February 2013

"Leo Getz" by Wrekonize ft. Rittz

  "The homie Wrek just wrecked it/
And killed the beat, I guess he wanted me to ressurect it/
I could feel the speed like a needle that's full of meth, injected/
In my neck, but fuck it, it help me get respective/"

Yesterday, Wrekonize from Mayday released his newest project, "The Rooftops Mixtape". I haven't listened to many of the tracks off of it yet, but this one featuring Rittz is fucking sick. The mixtape says it's presented by Mayday and DJ Burn one, so I'm not sure who produced the beat. But god damn, that beat is raw. Wrekonize killed it, but I gotta hand it to Rittz man. He bodied this shit. All in all it's a pretty ill track. The mixtape boasts features from the likes of Rittz, Bernz, Blueprint & Joell Ortiz. If you'd like to listen to the whole mixtape, you can stream/download it here.

"The Next Chapter (Used to Love H.E.R. Pt. 2)" by Common & J. Period

"Music of the 90's, two thousands and beyond/
It started with me wanting niggas to say he could rhyme/
If now is my time, then now is forever/
Change the world, raps and style's getting better/"

We've already shared one gem from J. Period's upcoming "Rage Is Back" mixtape, and this track right here is another one. It seems like the DJ/Producer is on to something if he's trying to give it a classic hip-hop theme. Continuing the story from his well known '94 tune, "I Used To Love H.E.R.", Common blesses this dope beat produced by J. Period. Based on this song and the Black Thought freestyle, this project seems like it's gonna be a dope one. Check it!

"Our Babies 2 (It's A Crazy World)" by Saigon

"Alcohol killed more people than all/
So called illegal drugs put together for sure/
So why is it something you could just go buy at the store?/
(It's a crazy world)... It's something I can't call/"

As always, Saigon's gotta make a point. In this song he makes a shitload of em, giving us a reason to believe that the world we live in is crazy. From WorldStar nonsense, to the Osama Bin Laden situation, Saigon makes an attempt to open your eyes a bit and give you a sense that there's a lot going on in the world that we're so quick to not care about. Gotta respect the man for keepin it real!