Tuesday, 26 February 2013

"Lookn' Fly Too" by Redman ft. Ready Roc & Method Man

"Get stepped on when you walk in my world/
You pay tolls, I fly over the triborough/
Hustla, Cadillac on my grill/
Gettin' it since J-Lo was a fly girl/"

Red n Meth is back in the building! Ready Roc too lol. This video's sick. It goes well with the smooth loungy feel of the song. They all killed it and made me wanna go play pool at a pub that'd allow me to smoke my shit. Not sure what album this is from, if it's even from one, but I think it's worthy of being part of an album tracklist. It's got me eager to hear Blackout! 3. Anyways, kick back, relax, and vibe out to this fly shit!

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