Tuesday, 5 February 2013

"Verbalizing" by Dizzy Wright

"They say life is a game, hope you can play it well/
If I ever get unhappy, I'ma pull a Dave Chapelle/
Money ain't enough to make it well/
If I cant face myself/ Keep it one hundred/
Runnin' from who you becoming/"

After dropping "Funk Volume 2013", a lot of people are curious as to what the independant label may be working on. I sure am. Not so much Jarren Benton. But Hopsin's always crazy, and SwizZz and Dizzy Wright have potential to drop some cool tracks every now and then. This track by Dizzy Wright is kinda cool, outlining his thoughts on a career built on verbalizing. This track makes it seem like he's reached a comfortable spot in his career, and realizes the stress involved with choosing his next steps. That's just how I perceived it at least. Check it.

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