Tuesday, 23 April 2013

"Holla-Loo-Yuh" by RA the Rugged Man ft. Tech N9ne & Krizz Kaliko

"It's a brutal system, assume position/
You superstition that you a Christian/
School religion is a cruel depiction/
It could blind your hearing, it could mute your vision/"
Holy fuck. This song is so fucking sick. RA made a really good business move by adding this song to the tracklist. C-Lance produced this crazy beat that Tech & RA absolutely murdered. On top of that Krizz Kaliko delivers a sick chorus, as always. But man I'm lost for words, you gotta listen for yourself.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

"DGAF" by Tito Lopez

"No paint on the face, no pork on the fork/
Gave birth to these n*ggas, had intercourse with a stork/
Ain't no issue with you, you pussy I could send my chick/
Loyal to my team, ain't no Arnold but I been a dick/"

I seen this guy perform at a Big KRIT show last summer, but I don't know too much about him. I know his track "The Blues" and I think that song's dope as hell, but that's about it. So this morning I seen this track and decided to give it a listen and it's actually pretty good. Just for spittin straight through the beat. He kept it consistent and had a few good rhymes in there. Check it.

"Open Letter (Freestyle)" by Ransom

"Mad I made it, never congratulated/
Y'all n*ggas sat back and hated, but now that I'm agitated/
You getting eradicated, Verbally gladiate it/
Obama's tellin me "chill", I might get him assassinated/"

Ransom's back with another crazy freestyle. Seems like all I ever hear from him is a bunch of freestyles, but if he keeps it this raw, I don't even mind. This one's over Jay-Z's recently released track, "Open Letter", which I haven't yet heard. But I have a feeling it ain't lyrically on Ransom's level.. that's just my opinion though. Check it!

"All 4 U" by Jon Connor

"Wake up feelin' like you ain't shit, want to but can't quit/
Ain't worried bout makin' money, we just tryna make it/
Try to make it make sense to the folks you hold close/
When money ain't comin in, now everyone you love ghost/"

Today's a big day for Jon Connor. The Flint, Michigan emcee finally got himself a nifty lil website for the fans to check out [www.JonConnorMusic.com]. In celebration of the website's launch, he decided to release this song. "All 4 U" is a track that didn't make it onto his "Unconscious State" project, which should be coming soon. The link above has the option for you to download it for free, which I think you should do because this track is fire. Nice beat, sick flow n rhymes, and as always Jon Connor keeps it 100 for ya.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Behind the Scenes: "Dangerous Three" by RA the Rugged Man ft. Brother Ali & Masta Ace

One album that I'm looking forward to this month is RA the Rugged Man's "Legends Never Die", which will be released on April 30. This video takes you behind the scenes of just one of the songs from the album. First off, Mr. Green takes you through the production process of the song's instrumental, and leads into RA goin nuts over Brother Ali's part. Later on RA steps in the booth and starts wreckin shit. The scratch part he was showing off sounds so sick.. I need to contact that DJ lol. Anyways, check it.

TeamBackPack Cypher ft. Kutt Calhoun, G-Mo Skee & Oobergeek [prod. by C-Lance]

"I'm letting it drip, and I don't care about the fuckin flesh odour/
I like to feed the leftovers to my pet vulture/
I'm so fatal, I'll cremate your whole label/
Then lay on the ground in the ashes and make a snow angel/"

Over the past while, TeamBackPack's been able to get in touch with a plethora of different artists. There was a few that I woulda posted for certain artists, but this one's the most recent and has a consistent flow of entertainment within it. On top of that, they're spittin over a C-Lance beat. These 3 separate independent artists hit the booth outdoors in front of some sort of mobile fast food van, and absolutely murk it. Check it.

Friday, 12 April 2013

"Finish With A Kill" by Intuition & Equalibrum

"I've been vibing on my own/
Hiding from society, tryna finally find a home, when I decided I'm alone/
Right inside my little iris lies a poem/
That I've been writing since my eye been open wide enough to know/"

I should posted this one first, because it's an addition to the video posted below. Oh well. You can piece it together too. This song/video is just as sick as the last one I posted. It's a more intense display of the same topics shared in "Ain't the Blues", with a more upbeat and raw instrumental. This whole project is just a cool work of art between Intuition and Equalibrum, especially with the very well done videos.

"Ain't the Blues" by Intuition & Equalibrum

"I've spent a lot of time in my cave now/
Worried that the drum breaks might lead to breakdowns/
Venting on a song that's never ending
Lifting up the pen, and pretending that I'm pickin' up the pace now/"

I know I'm a little late. But if this song woulda been released 3 years ago, I still woulda posted it today. These guys are fucking sick. I really like the Equalibrum produced beat, it's so mellow and has such nice sounds in it. On top of that, Intuition absolutely kills it. His flow, rhymes and subject matter all add up to make a very deep track. For some reason I really like depressing music like this, but it's the fact that the artist puts his heart into the music that makes it worth listening to. Check it.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

"Like I Am" by Rittz

"Me and you are the opposite of identical/
You just cocky, I'm confident, I'm an animal/
And I plan to go far with this rap shit,
you the type to do the quit and give up on 'em like D'Angelo/"

The life and times of Jonny Valiant are slowly being revealed. Today Rittz dropped a video for his newest release, "Like I Am", off his upcoming album under Strange Music. The beat to this song is so sick. It's got that grimy down south feel that makes you wanna get a coat of candy paint on the whip. The videos sick, but it's a little random with the whole front yard scene. The one chick with the tattoos helps make the video a whole lot better too, even though all she did was sit there lol. Anways check this slumerican shit!

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

"Razor Blades & Steak Knives" by Jarren Benton

"So inappropriate.. I'm the creepy custodian/
I'll stick a mop in your ass without no petroleum/
Jelly then it's right back to sweeping linoleum/
Napolean, I vote for Pedro at the podium/"

Ever since Funk Volume signed Jarren Benton.. I've been a hater. I'm not a huge fan of him. But this track right here has so many hilarious lines. The beat and chorus are so catchy as well. I've had a slight change of heart due to his inappropriate humour. This is my kinda shit lol.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

"Bear With Me" by Locksmith

"Try to reconsider what litters a person's soul/
For years I had a problem with reaching for certain goals/
What did Satan say to Eve? Just God and the serpent knows/
From the day I hit the stage until the final curtain close/"

Man this track is fucking deep. I really like this joint. Locksmith's point of view is definitely relatable, and his rhymes are tight as hell. I don't know much about this guy other than the fact that he's a beast. That chorus sounds so fuckin cool and it makes perfect sense to me. Life translated into music form right here. Check it.