Wednesday, 30 April 2014

"Small World ft. D-Sisive/ Fly Like A Butterfly" by Mike Boyd

"I got that little money, little wallet, little pockets/
I'm on that little label, little business, little office/
Yep, I got a little doggy, yep, I got a little son/
Yep, I get a little buzzed, get a little sloppy, get a little drunk/
I'm insecure about myself, I got a small ego/
I have a small crew, I hang with small people/"
So I recently heard the entirety of Mike Boyd's new project Note The Sarcasm and I really liked it. The album has a familiar feel if you're a fan of Classified, as he produced the whole thing, but Mike has a whole persona and attitude which is really refreshing from his brother. This video features a taste of two of my favourite songs off the album and highlights how different he is from your average "gettin' money" rapper. If you like what you hear I would recommend checking out a stream of the whole album here: Some of my personal favourites beyond the ones in this video are Street Lights, Crash at Your Place and the hilarious Bush League.

"Over It" by Tech N9ne ft. Ryan Bradley

"I'm enhanced and polished/
All of the women they wanna dance and frolic/
You was a winner with lots of grands in pockets/
Now you get rants and audits/"
I can't wait for Strangeulation! We have had Tech on the blog many, many times so I'm not gonna yap on about him but keep an eye out for Strangeulation. I think this album is gonna be hot based off the little bit I've heard and I'm excited to see all the Strangeland features.

Monday, 28 April 2014

"A Day in the Life" by Diabolic

"You're about to see my atoms combust/
Like stars were born in carbon form from magical dust/
Y'all are antimatter, meaning you don't matter to us/
Rebel arms in formation, we're attacking at dusk/"

Diabolic hooked his twitter followers up with a throw-away from his upcoming album, "Fighting Words". As usual, Diabolic absolutely kills it. If this is a cut that didn't make it, I'm eager to hear the rest of this album. Check it.

Sunday, 27 April 2014

"When the People Cheer" by The Roots

"Am I a douchebag, or just another durag,
Tryna get ahead on some brand new wig shit?/
For your entertainment, money is the language/
So every time I speak I'm tryna make another payment/"

I feel a bit left out because this has been out for 20 days and I had no clue until this morning. Hearing this has me excited to hear what the rest of The Roots' upcoming "...And Then You Shoot Your Cousin" has in store for us. In a XXL interview Black Thought briefly explained the concept of the album saying “It’s conceptual; it’s another concept album in the spirit of undun, but it’s not just about just one kind of character, we create quite a few different characters in this record." I'm a big fan of Undun and this joint totally stays in line with what Black Thought explained. "...And Then You Shoot Your Cousin" hits stores on May 19. Check it!

Thursday, 24 April 2014

"Real Hip Hop" by Dj Kay Slay ft. Papoose, Vado & Ransom [Music Video]

"Imperialism vs. materialism/
Dr. Malachi York, ??? wisdom/
You be in everybody's video, really tho, listen/
You ain't a gangsta, to me you just a video vixen/"

This is a dope track to wake up to. These three make a pretty deadly combination. Peace to DJ Kay Slay for bringing them all together on one song. Check it.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

"Ships, Sherpas and Shootings" by Mac Lethal [Video]

Mac Lethal's killin it with this In Other News series. If he keeps it up I won't be buyin newspapers, watchin tv, or reading news online, I'll just throw the news on my iPod. I think this guy's onto something. Check it.

"Hot" by CunninLynguists ft. Celph Titled & Apathy

"My favourite spot in the sporting goods is the hunting section/
They got slingshots and crossbows and other types of weapons/
Camouflage vests and fully stocked with the lead/
Next aisle over, I can go fishing instead/"

And here's a dope one featuring emcees from both of the groups that I just blogged about. This track is very hot indeed. It's from CunninLyguists' Strange Journey Vol. 3. Check it.

"The Format" by CunninLynguists ft. Masta Ace & Mr SOS

"From classical to jazz we can who's who it/
Or blow the dust off and groove to it/
Lets ride... B-Side on direct drive/
You know that crack'll give the best high/"

First when I heard this song, the intro really threw me off. The beat has a lot of sick elements in it, perfectly harmonizing jazz and hip-hop. I love those keys along with the bass. I think it fits well with what the song's about. They didn't do any wrong in having Masta Ace as a feature either. "The Format" is a cut from CunninLynguists' latest album Strange Journey Volume Three. Check it.

"7th Ghost" by Army of The Pharaohs

"Now Lucifer let loose of me, they're not used to me/
I'm not what I used to be/
I used to be a young nigga, silly state of mind/
Now I'm just a nigga going crazy like he facing time/"

Army of the Pharaohs just released their new album, "In Death Reborn". I had the chance to listen to it a few times, and it's pretty impressive. I'm not familiar with a few artists in AOTP but I think they all fit well together. There's a lot of dope production, rhymes and just raw hip-hop on this album. Here's one track (which I hope YouTube doesn't remove) that features Reef the Lost Cauze, Doap Nixon, Blacastan, Demoz and Vinnie Paz. Check it.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Mass Appeal presents "Rhythm Roulette" ft. Black Milk [Video]

I've recently been introduced to this video series, "Rhythm Roulette". Each episode features a different producer who's been directed to visit a record store, blindfolded, and pick 3 random vinyls. The rest of the video shows the producer creating a beat from the 3 vinyls. Every episode I've seen so far is pretty dope and shows how talented these guys really are. Other producers include Statik Selektah, Illmind, Marco Polo and Erick Sermon, just to name a few. Check it.

106 & Park Backroom Freestyle by Shad [Video]

"I don't really get Reddit, I don't really get credit/
Not like respect, like actually, I don't really get credit/
I don't got a credit card, that's good, no debts, yet at/
times I go to pay and they say oh, we don't accept debit/
Don't accept cash, see they make us have to get in debt it/
Makes me wanna talk Illuminati on my next record/"

It's pretty cool to see somebody from Ontario kick a freestyle on 106 & Park. Shad holds it down and makes us look good with this dope verse atop a grimy breakbeat. His wordplay is phenomenal, check it.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

"State of Mind" by Dizzy Wright

"Ignore the hate, you niggas ain't qualified to even be occupied/
Don't fake the funk, we blaze a blunt, we never compromise/
Focus... I'm bringing this funky shit in doses/
With an ashtray fulla roaches, rippin that real shit with emotion/"

Dizzy Wright just released his new EP, "State of Mind" yesterday. I haven't listened to all of it yet, but the 2 tracks I heard sound pretty dope. This one's the title track for the EP and includes some pretty dope lines. Dizzy Wright is definitely a visionary. You can stream this project for free on FV's YouTube channel, or purchase it on iTunes. Check it.

Shade45 Freestyle by Locksmith [Video]

"Don't tweet about it, be about it/
Fuck a status update, get ya stackin' up straight/
I ain't had enough steak, I ain't had enough cake/
Give a fuck about his raps, I see that as a buffet/"

Locksmith recently stopped by the Shade45 studios and dropped some gems. He's out promoting his latest project, "A Thousand Cuts" which you can purchase on iTunes or stream for free on his YouTube channel. If you like this freestyle, then you'll definitely be a fan of his fully produced music. Check it.

"Typical" by Wrekonize [Music Video]

"My environment is pristine, been this way since sixteen/
Drive and lean like Christine, my city's like a big dream/
And I'm just here sippin beers tryna stay conscious/
Avoidin' all the gossip and the high school nonsense/"

Just came back from visiting a bunch of Caribbean islands only to return to snow and wind in Canada. So this video is some bullshit. I hate having to see it right now, but it's a pretty dope song and I can't let the post-vacation blues get the best of me. Check it.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

"I Need Help" by Hopsin

"Man I'm losing my mind, you all assume that I'm cool when I rhyme/
see I'm trying to be Marcus and Hopsin but I get depressed when the two intertwine/
Truthfully, I'm not the man that I used to be, nobody cares who I used to be.../
To talk to so I lose the heat, I'm cut bad and the bruise is deep/
Is there anything you can do for me?" 
This video was really well done, I was impressed. I loved every minute of Hopsin's Knock Madness and its great to have some new visuals when they actually deliver a crazy experience. That effect where he's going back and forth between being Hopsin and Marcus was crazy and the whole atmosphere of the video was intense. I realize from the content of Knock Madness that Hopsin may be a little confused by where his career has taken him but I been watchin this guy's videos since Sag My Pants and he has really come into his own and this video shows it off. Check it out.

Friday, 4 April 2014

"Box Chevy V" by Yelawolf

"I'm out the gate like a race horse, made in the A of course,/
That's A for Alabama I'll be damned if I say Georgia/
Tennessee in this bitch, I got some Hennessy that's paid for/
Give me that big bottle, fuck it, if I break it I'll pay for it/
My ladies laying in the Chevrolet and I say "Lord.../
thank you for giving me this baby girl on a suede horse"/
Yeah this ain't no gay Ford, I'm pushing bowties till I die,
 and I'm gonna ride till my legs sore."
New track and video from Yelawolf today and I was really feeling it. This song is the fifth installment of his Box Chevy saga and it's got some really cool elements. I like the setting and some of the interesting camera shots which highlight it. He keeps it pretty real and brings a catchy chorus but when that guitar kicks in with Yela just jamming in his truck during the third verse I was officially hooked. Yelawolf is definitely something different and I don't think he's everyone's favourite but I think the dude has stuck true to what hip-hop is about and he keeps me coming back. Check it out.