Friday, 4 April 2014

"Box Chevy V" by Yelawolf

"I'm out the gate like a race horse, made in the A of course,/
That's A for Alabama I'll be damned if I say Georgia/
Tennessee in this bitch, I got some Hennessy that's paid for/
Give me that big bottle, fuck it, if I break it I'll pay for it/
My ladies laying in the Chevrolet and I say "Lord.../
thank you for giving me this baby girl on a suede horse"/
Yeah this ain't no gay Ford, I'm pushing bowties till I die,
 and I'm gonna ride till my legs sore."
New track and video from Yelawolf today and I was really feeling it. This song is the fifth installment of his Box Chevy saga and it's got some really cool elements. I like the setting and some of the interesting camera shots which highlight it. He keeps it pretty real and brings a catchy chorus but when that guitar kicks in with Yela just jamming in his truck during the third verse I was officially hooked. Yelawolf is definitely something different and I don't think he's everyone's favourite but I think the dude has stuck true to what hip-hop is about and he keeps me coming back. Check it out.

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