Wednesday, 28 March 2012

My Character by Locksmith

Ever since I heard the track "Devil's Lasso" by this dude, I knew this guy didn't fuck around with his lyrics. His flow and rhyming skills are insane. Listening to him inspires me to step my game up as an artist. This is a different vibe than I'm use to by him but he still goes in. Open ya Earz!

TNT Remix by Mayday ft. Black Thought, DJ Khaled, Jay Rock, Jon Connor& Stevie Stone

Yeeeea buddy. Another remix to TNT! So glad they included Black Thought in this shit. Although DJ Khaled had yet another unnecessary yelling moment, this song's pretty dope. Open ya Earz!

Toca Tuesdays Freestyle by Papoose

Papoose hit up Tony Toca's radio show yesterday to bless the mic with a freeverse. It's pretty dope and reminds me of the content he was puttin' out when I first started listening to him. Open ya Earz!

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Behind the Beat: Ketros

Whattup world! This right here is the first ever "Behind the Beat" edition here at Eternal Cadence. Every now and then, when I find a dope producer, I'm gonna showcase their art and provide a little background on them. Too much talent goes unnoticed, and this is my way of helping the unheard have a voice! With this edition, I figure there's no better way to start it off than to expose you to talent from my own city. Lately, I've been seeing a bunch of soundcloud links on my Facebook feed. Most of the time, they're beats produced by Ketros. And if his beats are only gonna get better, that's completely fine with me. Pretty much all of his beats include that classic "boom bap" feel, which is complimented by soulful samples. But anyways.. less talking, more dope instrumentals! Open ya Earz!

Name: Ketros
Location: Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
Influences: 9th Wonder, J Dilla, RZA, Equalibrium

About Me: I've been producing beats now for about five years. When I started, I was working with FL Studio 6, and downloaded FL 7, then instantly became addicted to beatmaking. My production process mainly consists of chopping samples into a new vibe, and I occasionally use the original melody of the sample. My beats are made possible with an Akai MPD24, FL Studio 10, Studio Monitors and an M-Audio Midi Keyboard.

If you would like to contact Ketros:
Email adress -

Facebook -
Youtube -

Keep Music Alive

Highs & Lows by Mayday ft. Ace Hood

So yesterday morning, I picked up Maydays new album, Take Me To Your Leader. As I listened through the CD, I began to realize how versatile these guys really are. The group of six managed to create a full album with a unique vibe that I don't think I've heard much in hip-hop. Every track on the album supplies you with a fresh new sound. I've been looking for links to their songs to share on this page, and it's been quite the battle. But today, I searched this track (which I also searched yesterday, and couldn't find) and I found the music video for it. It's actually kinda weird because it says it was uploaded on March 17, 2011. But whatever I'm just glad I have the opportunity to share this shit with everyone! I highly recommend purchasing this album, and this song is a tiny example of why I say that.
Open ya Earz!

Journey into the production process of Mayday's producers, Gianni Cash and Plex Luthor. This shit is inspiration to any producer out there. Makes me wanna learn how to play a bunch of instruments and just wreck shit!

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Loud by Mac Miller

Lately, I really haven't been a huge Mac Miller supporter. I liked his mixtapes "High Life" and "KIDS", but after that I feel like his music's been going downhill. Seems like since he's blowin' up, it's easier for him to rap about bullshit and get away with it. I would probably understand if I were a self-made millionaire, but I'm not haha. But I actually like this track, his rhymes and flow are dope and the video had cool effects. Don't blame me, we all need our dose or dough, hoes and hydro. 
Open ya Earz!

The Prey (For Trayvon & My Son) by Reef the Lost Cauze

Over the past couple of weeks, I've been seeing the name Trayvon Martin all over the internet. I never really paid much attention to it at first until I found this track. In this song, it seems like Reef the Lost Cauze put himself in the shoes of this boys father and imagined this was his son. After hearing the track, and getting an idea of what the Trayvon Martin case was all about, I decided to look it up and learn what was actually going on. This whole tragedy is disgusting. Basically, Trayvon was walking home from a store and was being followed by "neighbourhood watch captain", George Zimmerman. There was no evidence of Trayvon Martin being a danger to Zimmerman at all, which made it mysterious as to why Trayvon lay dead on the ground from a shot wound. What's even worse is that the cops took Zimmerman's word for "shooting him as an act of self-defence", despite the fact that the only items in Trayvon's possession at the time of the shooting were a bag of Skittles and a bottle of iced tea. So Zimmerman was either scared of a black kid with a bag of Skittles and a bottle of iced tea, or he killed him for no reason. Either way, George Zimmerman is a punk ass bitch. I just hope justice is served for this bullshit soon. I hope you enjoy this track, as it inspired me to spread awareness about this whole situation and I think it's important that we don't let shit like this slide.
Rest In Peace, Trayvon Martin.

To read more about the Trayvon Martin case, check out the timeline at:
ABC News: Timeline of the Trayvon Martin case

Larry David by Ubiquitous

Just found this track today and It's pretty sick. It usually happens when it's a Ubi track. But I thought the video was kinda weird, yet those little word effects made it kinda interesting. All of the projects that Strange Music is working on right now have me eager to go out and cop all the upcoming albums. 
And I just gotta add this in there. 

Mayday by Krizz Kaliko

Yeeeeeea. Another simple, yet effective video by Big Krizz Kaliko. This one's called "Mayday", and is a cry for help for the state of hip-hop. With tracks like these, I don't see what's even wrong with hip-hop, but that's because I don't focus on the up-and-comers that the industry wants me to like. Wait, What the hell am I talking about. Hip-hop's horrible right now, have you seen the fucking 2012 XXL Freshman? GOD DAMN. Anyways I'm gettin' off topic, I'll shut up and let you enjoy something better than those wack ass freshman fucks.
Open ya Earz!

Be My Slave by Lo Key ft. The Jokerr

I'm not really a fan of horrorcore, because most of the time horrorcore rappers talk a bunch of twisted shit regardless of how creative the rhyming is. But this song right here is a little bit more intense. Both Lo Key and the Jokerr kill it. 
Open ya Earz!

Friday, 23 March 2012

Badlands by Mayday feat. Tech N9ne

Jesus fucking Chrizzist! I am loving Mayday as an addition to the Strange Music team. They have the illest vibe in their beats. That funky classic rock feel twisted in with gritty hip hop drums, it just sets such a sick mood. I don't know who's who in Mayday, but the first guy in this video KILLS it. The video in itself made the song a lot sicker. And of course they had to get "the one them call" Tech N9ne on the track! This made me really excited to find a copy of "Take Me To Your Leader".
Open ya Earz!

Thursday, 22 March 2012

The City by The Game ft. Kendrick Lamar

Holy shit. Just when you thought The Game was gettin' worse with every album, he drops what I believe could be one of his best songs of all time. This caught me way off guard! The track starts off with a cool sample that instantly gave me chills. The whole beat, video and Game's verses together made this turn out to be a really great work of art. It seemed kinda pointless that Kendrick Lamar was part of any of it, but I guess it's just a West Coast thing. He was spittin' some crazy flows but Game only left him the very end of the beat, which included no music lol. Kinda weird but whatever. Still a very dope track.
Open ya Earz!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Old School Sundays: Dan-E-O

Good morning world! It's been a good fuckin' weekend out here in Kitchener. Beautiful weather and beautiful music! I was chillin' in Cambridge yesterday with a few friends and we hit up The Beat Goes On. I ended up finding a pretty old Classified album, Union Dues. I was checkin out a bunch of the tracks, and there was one verse on the album that stood out and it wasn't even Classified. It was Dan-E-O's verse in the song "Yuh Ded Now". I've never heard about Dan E O in my life until now, but the dude is fuckin good at rapping. I woke up this morning and decided to dig for some sick tracks by him and there was a lot of dope ones. But just for the sake of takin' it back to the roots, i'mma share probably one of his first videos. It's called Dear Hip Hop, and I think it was released in '96 or '97, which some people wouldn't consider "old school", but I was born in '92. I love the beat and the retro flow. And surprisingly, he actually kills the multisyllable rhymes in this track, which is something I really don't expect from a track that's this old. Anyways, kick back, relax and enjoy some good old fashioned Canadian rap!
Open ya Earz!

Friday, 16 March 2012

Kill Shit by Krizz Kaliko

Well this came outta nowhere! Today I found this new video by Krizz Kaliko. The song's apparently from his upcoming album, "Kicking and Screaming", which I didn't even know about until now. The video's kinda simple, but the way it was filmed made it more intense than the typical stroll through the mall. Of course, Kaliko killed it and I liked the electronica type beat and the chorus at the end. Sounds pretty dope.
Open ya Earz!

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Hop Madness by Hopsin

Helllllll yea! I've been waiting for this for a while now! Finally, the first single off of Hopsin's upcoming, "Knock Madness" has been released! It definitely wasn't what I was expecting, but it's fucking dope. The idea for the video is cool and the idea for the Hop Madness theme park ride is hillarious. There's also a scene that sorta takes a shot at The Game. Hopsin is seen mocking Game's image in the Martians Vs. Goblins music video. I know there was some controversy regarding similarities between the videos for Martians Vs. Goblins and Hopsin's "Lucifer Effect". I just remember reading comments on Hip Hop websites of people who thought that the video by Game and Tyler was a way of gaining revenge for Hopsin's antics in the Ill Mind of Hopsin 4 video. I honestly don't think that The Game's video was directed at Hopsin. But who knows, maybe the video was meant to stir up some shit, or maybe Hopsin just saw it as an artist with a stronger following trying to adopt his contact idea. This could be interesting though because both Hopsin and The Game are known for speakin' the names of other artists. Could this be the rebirth of good, old-fashioned hip-hop beef? What do you think? 
Open ya Earz!

Saturday, 10 March 2012

It's a Strange Saturday..

"A Million Miles Away" by Prozak

"T-N-T" by Mayday ft. Dead Prez

"Can't Stand Me" by Tech N9ne & Krizz Kaliko

Dwamn! Another end to the week, and another start for some dope fuckin' music! This morning I'mma share 3 reasons why Strange Music is not to be fucked with in 2012! First off, we got "Million Miles Away" by Prozak. I haven't heard too much of this guys solo stuff, but when I do hear his music, it's usually decent. I really like the idea of this whole project. The video, the beat, the verses, everything. It's pretty inspiring and It's nice to hear some uplifting shit like this. Up next, is "T-N-T" by Mayday & Dead Prez. I think this track is from the upcoming Mayday album, Take Me To Your Leader, which drops on March 27. The vibe of this one is really cool and they all have some decent verses. And last but not least, we got "Can't Stand Me" by Tech N9ne and Krizz Kaliko. I was really surprised by this track to be honest. It starts off with a deep organ and some enchanting vocals supplied by Krizz Kaliko, and quickly changes to a crazy upbeat vibe. It kinda seems like a Mayday beat, but I'm not sure. Your greezy ass granny might not like it, but I think it's fuckin dope. Hope yall enjoy this shit!
Open ya Earz!

Fuck'd Up Fridays: Chingy

Oh no. Not again. Chingy wants to get back in the rap game. Just when you thought things couldn't get any worse. As the Mayan calendar slims down to December 21, 2012, and Joseph Kony's spending every last second causing terror in Uganda and on Facebook... Chingy decides it's time that he re-appear on your 98" top of the line HD, surround sound, invisible, remoteless television. Don't have one of those? Chingy does. And he's back to rap about it. Haha I'm just playin' but for real all he talks about in this track is money, bitches and "letting it go". All while he chills in a shooting range. And some bitch in a clear mask molded to her own face bounces around in a creepy black room. 

Some notable lines included are:
"Gotta whole lotta money. I'll let it go."
"My paper live. Your paper quiet."
"Got cake like it's my birthday, so don't be surprised/
That I'm on my shit. Like some, like some flies./"

Alright, that's Enough.
Now, listen to why you shouldn't listen to this.

Notorious B.I.G.

Today, March 10, 2012 is 15 years and 1 day since the death of Biggie Smalls. The reason I'm doing this 15 years and a day later, is simply because I didn't have the chance to make this post until nearly 4am on the morning of March 10. My bad, still feels like March 9th to me. But anyways, there's no better way to pay tribute to a fallen soldier of hip-hop than to resurrect them through their music. Just my way of showing respect for a dope emcee who made an impact on a lot of peoples lives and careers. Here's a few of my favourite Biggie tracks!


"Gimme The Loot"

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Daily Double: SAIGON

"Down This Road"

I tried to told ya. Don't sleep on the Yardfather! Saigon's one of the best lyricists in the game right now in my opinion. This track, "Down this Road", is the perfect example of why I think that. At first I didn't really like the chorus, but as the song progressed it seemed to suit the mood of the song better.

"You Make Me Sick"

I fuckin' love this one. Here's Saigon's stab at all the fake rappers out there. Proof that you don't need to front to be one of the illest. I'm still kinda thankful for wack rappers though. Without 'em, tracks like these would have never been created. I guess they're good for something haha.

Open your motherfucking earz!

Letter To The Game by Jim Jones

Dipset! Dipset! Man I miss that shit... The Diplomats were always sick back in the day. I never was a huge fan of Jim Jones but this track right here has that classic Dipset feel to it. I think he did pretty sick on this track too, a lot better than usual. Anyways, check this shit out. 
Open ya Earz!

Monday, 5 March 2012

Letter To My Son by Don Trip ft. Cee-Lo Green

With XXL revealing their 2012 Freshman List last week, there were a few faces on the cover that I'd never seen before. Some of 'em I recognized, but would rather not even know existed. One dude on the list that was new to me was Don Trip. I searched him up on YouTube, and this is the first song I clicked on. At first I didn't think I was gonna like it, because of his basic rhymes and the overused sample in the beat. But my mind changed just based on the honesty within this song's subject matter. As the title states, he raps in the form of a letter to his son, explaining all the hardships of the relationship between him and the mother of the child. Cee-Lo Green also blessed the track with his voice on the chorus. Overall, it may seem too basic or simple, but I just can't hate on a track like this.

Open ya Earz!

My House (Remix) by Redman, Ready Roc & Runt Dawg

Yeeeea. Gilla House in tha building! Funk Doc's bringin' his team back on the scene with a remix to "My House" by Big Sean. And as always they're bringin' the funk with that gritty Gilla House flava. Check this shit out and Open ya Earz!

MARS by M.A.R.S. (Cormega, Action Bronson, Roc Marciano & Saigon)

Damn. I woke up this morning, started browsing through some hip hop websites and I stumbled upon this. Apparently Cormega, Saigon, Action Bronson and Roc Marciano have formed a supergroup named M.A.R.S. Based on this song, Cormega's verse isn't the greatest. And I don't know much about Roc Marciano, but I wasn't really feeling his verse either. But the reason I'm posting this is because I'm a huge fan of Saigon, and old-school Cormega. I also know that Action Bronson has a sick style which could be comparative to certain Wu-Tang rappers. This song didn't really get me hyped for the new supergroup formation, but could this group eventually be a highlight for hip-hop in 2012? What do you think? 

Open ya Earz!

Three The Squad Way by Ruste Juxx ft. Vinnie Paz & Rock

For the first second, I coulda swore they were using the "Lonely" by Akon instrumental. Which woulda been fucked up, but it quickly changed and the beat turned out sick. I mainly listened to this song to hear Vinnie's verse because I don't know much about Ruste Juxx and Rock. But they're alright on this track. Check this raw shit out and Open ya Earz!

Count For Nothing by Royce da 5'9

"It's biometric how I wet ya/
My dialects an entire weapon that's set to just fire reckless!/"

Royce is to hip-hop what sunglasses are to Royce. They're just fuckin' awkward without each other! Even though he was supposed to come to my city for a show but cancelled it, I gotta post this. Just picked up Street Hop not too long ago and it's pretty sick. I'm not a huge fan of Royce but I really like this track. Open ya Earz!

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Old School Sundays: Infinite by Eminem

To get this "Old School Sundays" edition poppin' off, I figured there's no better way to introduce it than sharing this song. This could possibly be my favourite multi-syllable-based rap track ever. The way Eminem used to assemble his rhymes is unreal. This is from his first album, Infinite, which was released in 1996. I read in a book I have that Eminem doesn't like to consider this his first album, because he made it at a point in his life where he was trying to find his niche in the rap game. Which is funny to me because this album is probably his best display of lyrical skill, in my opinion. At the same time I agree with him to an extent just because the next 3 albums following this one displayed a whole different level of entertainment. Regardless, I still love this gritty old school feel. Open ya Earz!

Stop Playin' by Bun B ft. Royce Da 5'9 & Redman

Awwww yea. I love waking up to find a new dope track to start the day off with. I honestly think this is a weird combination of MCs for a collab, but at the same time they're all dope! I liked Royce's verse the best just because of the energy he had on this track. "I find irony in being in a place where I'm wearing Gucci, man, gettin' white boy wasted!" haha. Open ya Earz!

Friday, 2 March 2012

Fuck'd Up Fridays: MGK and DMX

Alright. So DMX is supposed to be makin a comeback in the rap game apparently. And the first thing I hear is a collab with MGK? God damn. This beat is "straight up ass". I guess they decided to make a beat as interesting as the lyrics they wrote. I agree with the lyrics of the chorus, cuz I act the same way at a club. But c'mon X, I know you got more power in your voice than that. At least get me hyped to listen to a song with a wack beat!


It turns out MGK DOES dance! What a fuckin' hypocrite, I bet DMX is pissed that MGK was frontin'. Nah, maybe not... X likes to "get it on the floor" as well.

Can't Stop the Prophet Freestyle by Joell Ortiz

Tracks like these make me remember how ill hip hop can be. They also make me remember how ill Joell Ortiz can be. That's because Joell is hip hop. OPEN YA GOD DAMN EARZ!

Spend the Day by Obie Trice ft. Drey Skonie

Check out Obie's new single from his upcoming album "Bottoms Up". I'm usually not a fan of the love songs but this ones actually pretty tight. The chorus is on point and Obie speaks on a sicker side of love haha. Open ya earz!

Appetite to Kill by Vakill

"My diction's like satan's crucifixion, I got being a beast nailed to the tee"

Heard this shit a while ago and totally forgot about it. His flows kinda weird at times and I feel like he doesn't have enough character. But he makes up for it with his crazy rhymes and wordplay. Open ya earz!

Crazy Skills

This is unreal! Found this on and I thought it was dope. Check it out.