Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Highs & Lows by Mayday ft. Ace Hood

So yesterday morning, I picked up Maydays new album, Take Me To Your Leader. As I listened through the CD, I began to realize how versatile these guys really are. The group of six managed to create a full album with a unique vibe that I don't think I've heard much in hip-hop. Every track on the album supplies you with a fresh new sound. I've been looking for links to their songs to share on this page, and it's been quite the battle. But today, I searched this track (which I also searched yesterday, and couldn't find) and I found the music video for it. It's actually kinda weird because it says it was uploaded on March 17, 2011. But whatever I'm just glad I have the opportunity to share this shit with everyone! I highly recommend purchasing this album, and this song is a tiny example of why I say that.
Open ya Earz!

Journey into the production process of Mayday's producers, Gianni Cash and Plex Luthor. This shit is inspiration to any producer out there. Makes me wanna learn how to play a bunch of instruments and just wreck shit!

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