Sunday, 18 March 2012

Old School Sundays: Dan-E-O

Good morning world! It's been a good fuckin' weekend out here in Kitchener. Beautiful weather and beautiful music! I was chillin' in Cambridge yesterday with a few friends and we hit up The Beat Goes On. I ended up finding a pretty old Classified album, Union Dues. I was checkin out a bunch of the tracks, and there was one verse on the album that stood out and it wasn't even Classified. It was Dan-E-O's verse in the song "Yuh Ded Now". I've never heard about Dan E O in my life until now, but the dude is fuckin good at rapping. I woke up this morning and decided to dig for some sick tracks by him and there was a lot of dope ones. But just for the sake of takin' it back to the roots, i'mma share probably one of his first videos. It's called Dear Hip Hop, and I think it was released in '96 or '97, which some people wouldn't consider "old school", but I was born in '92. I love the beat and the retro flow. And surprisingly, he actually kills the multisyllable rhymes in this track, which is something I really don't expect from a track that's this old. Anyways, kick back, relax and enjoy some good old fashioned Canadian rap!
Open ya Earz!

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