Thursday, 20 February 2014

"House of Games 2" by Locksmith ft. RA The Rugged Man

"Laws and religion cause the hoards of division/
Doors of admission causing the friction, inscription like the walls of Egyptians/
Paint a portrait like the lord of the Christians, tainting awe to this pigment/
False depiction got us all in a prison/"

Pretty sure that first Locksmith verse is from the last House of Games release. He added RA to this version though, and then follows him by adding to the murder RA had already incited with a 2nd verse. This is a crazy collab. Check it.

"Nobody Cares" by Tech N9ne, Krizz Kaliko, Stevie Stone

"How you didn't know we had the green, when we all up in your magazine?/
So focused on the flow, fo' fifth, yo bitch throw shit, that's flattering/
We ain't like you others, we gotta very sick disease/
And if you get this bug, it may result in gettin' cheese/"

Another release from Strange Music's upcoming project, Strangeulation. I feel like Tech switched his style up in this one, and sounds like he's tryna adapt more to the mainstream. I still think it sounds sick tho. I love how the chorus calms down too, Kali's a beast. Check it.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

"Amazing Tongue Twister Rap" by Mac Lethal [Video]

I'm starting to believe that Mac Lethal may be the fastest spitting emcee on the planet. I'm not gonna post lyrics for this since they're included in the video, but if this is actually real, it's unreal lol. Check it.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

"More to Life" by Komodo ft. emoceans.

"Unsettling mind, repetitive grind/
Competitive blind sheep with gelatin spines/
Who seldom can climb accolades helpin' em shine/
Empowered people gettin' trapped in a shell and resign/"

Another track from local artist, Komodo. This one features another local artist named emoceans. This one's gotta mellow beat and a soft hook to compliment it. Both of these guys spit some dope verses. Check it!

KOTD: Pat Stay vs Dizaster [Video]

Absolutely insane battle. Check it.

"The Perspective" by Dizzy Wright ft. Chel'le [Music Video]

"She all alone, she don't even wanna comprehend/
Y'all niggas too opposite, y'all niggas too fraudulent/
Now she in her thoughts, lost soul and she can be bought, and now the niggas wanna follow them?/
A little lost, with a shame, can't talk with a man so they struggle not to bottle it in/"

A song about Instagram. It's actually pretty deep, but hearing the chorus makes it a little hard to take it as serious as the song is. For me at least, but that's cuz I'm not heavy on the social media outlets unless it pertains to my music or this blog. Either way, here's a video for a dope cut from The Golden Age.

"Master Xploder" by Dope DOD ft Teddy Killerz [Music Video]

"I ran into a million dumb people in the biz/
They said I rap too evil, but now I'm getting rich/
I don't give a shit though, kick it like a schizo/
Another horrorcore banger for your disco/"

Feels like I've been posting shit by these guys pretty frequently. This is the 3rd video I've seen them in in the past few weeks. Apparently this track is from an upcoming Dope DOD project which can be expected out in March. Check it!

"Devil Is Alive" by Caskey (Devil Is A Lie Freestyle) [Video]

"Sunday morning, doin' sermons on these black chicks/
You was busy meeting up with broads gettin' catfish/
Hypocritical, I tell it by ya tactics/
Y'all despicable, you never on my draft pick/"

Caskey takes to Rick Ross' popular track to spit a verse of his own. Not sure what Caskey has planned next for projects, but it sounds like he's still writing dope shit. Check it.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

"WakeDaFucUp" by Onyx ft. Dope DOD [Music Video]

"Blades and nunchucks, blazing gun shots/
When I'm done they can rake their guts up/
This heat turns your face to slush pup/
Ride to hell, this is satan's bus stop/"

Onyx and Dope DOD team up once again to give ya a hype track to WakeDaFucUp to. The beat and video both help add to the grimy track. This one's produced by The Snowgoons. Check it.

"Avian" by Mac Miller [Music Video]

"I'm Kenny Powers, you more of a Debbie Downer/
My bitch taking off her trousers every time I get around her/
I'm nasty, I never shower, go sleep on a bed of flowers/
Not into this conversation, I've been in my head for hours/"

This video's weird as hell but I think it's fuckin dope. Makes me wanna go on a psychedelic escapade and find some purple trees lol. Check it.

Monday, 10 February 2014

"Fragile" by Tech N9ne ft. Kendrick Lamar, Mayday & Kendall Morgan [Music Video]

"Write a rhyme and I put everything in a flow/
I'm the N9ne, I'mma look very mean when a foe/
Scribe a line but he has never been at a show/
By the times it'll be better, leave it in the sto'/"

This video was released a few days ago, but I couldn't access it because it was on MTV's website. For some reason MTV won't let me watch certain videos because I'm Canadian. Fuck em, I never liked those guys anyways. But here's a YouTube version that Strange Music finally dropped on their page. Check it!

Verse Unheard ft. General Steele [Video]

"You versus me emceeing? A hearse is needed/
I just murk the beat and leave the speakers bleeding/
Man I reek of weed, I'm a reefer demon/
See my image when you chiefin' on the trees you breathe in/"

General Steele of Smif-nWessun drops a dope verse in this video, adding to Duck Down's "Verse Unheard" video series. Check it!

Amazing Hip-Hop Mashup with Bottles [Video]

These dudes know how to rock bottles. Starting off with songs from the likes of Sugarhill Gang and Grandmaster Flash, all the way to Dr. Dre and Macklemore, these guys present unique renditions of a bunch of classic songs. Check it!

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Sway in the Morning: Strange Music Cypher

After just signing Murs to their already solid team, Strange Music dropped into the Shade45 studios, and Sway got them to drop a cypher. Tech does a verse from "See Me" unfortunately, but the video is still pretty entertaining. Check it.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Crib Session Freestyle ft. Immortal Technique [Video]

"A christmas tree pyramid, with the star as an eye/
Like a satellite in orbit watching me from the sky/
Every country wants a piece of the American pie/
But that means you have to co-sign America's lies/"

Tim Westwood featured Immortal Technique in this video, and he absolutely rips it! Tech drops some political knowledge through his rhymes with impeccable delivery. That beat is nuts too. Check it.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

"Still Get Through The Day" by RA the Rugged Man ft. Eamon [Music Video]

"Living in a breeze, please, life's full of tragedies/
We see our friends die, some get murdered, some die by disease/
Got your finger on the trigger, don't do it/
Contemplating suicide, just put the gun down, we all been through it/"

RA dropped some visuals for one of the deeper tracks off his latest album, Legends Never Die. The video captures a vintage feel which helps RA's past come back to life through both the song and the video. This track's pretty cool. Check it.