Saturday, 28 February 2015

"Actin Crazy" by Action Bronson [Music Video]

"All I do is eat oysters/
And speak six languages in three voices/
It's Adriatic summers on a sail boat/
Don't even try to call, I'm not available for nothin'/"

Action Bronson dropped a unique set of visuals yesterday. This track's from his upcoming label debut album, "Mr. Wonderful", and it's dope as hell. In both the video and the song, Bronsolini appears to be just having a fuckload of fun. Something you also get in return for watching this video. Check it!

Thursday, 26 February 2015

"Only When I'm High (La La La La)" by B-Real

"Dabbin' the wax out, I'll be damned if I pass out/
I'm all in the paper, smokin' the vapour, she got her ass out/
Taking the cash route, then I'm going home/
Smoking weed while I'm on the road, that's what you call a rolling stone/"

B-Real released a new mixtape a couple weeks ago, and just posted the tracks to YouTube. I checked a few but this one is catchy as fuck. This one makes me wish it wasn't so fuckin wintery here in Ontario so I could go blaze in the sunshine... I might have to save this track for summer lol. Check it!

"The Strangest" by MURS

"Rappers coming at me, guns blaze and won't smoke nothing/
They need to turn em in, it's journalists tryna quote sumthin/
Murder they careers, I'm America's most wanted/
Sprinkling they ashes on a blunt, yea, let's smoke sumthin/"

Another recent Strange Music release that I'm diggin. This one's gotta sick classic hip-hop vibe with some simple drums, keys and scratching that work to make this song as good as it is. Sometimes less really is more. Shit makes me feel good! Check it..

"Hood Go Crazy" by Tech N9ne ft. B.o.B. & 2 Chainz

"Down there they got the hair that's missin'/
Keep it bare, I promise I'll never tear that kitten/
I'm aware sex hittin' is to care when I share that stickin'/
So good I might impair that vision/"

I've been trying to be more open minded and embrace new school shit lately. So Tech's timing is impeccable to help me adjust lol. Tech got B.o.B. and 2 Chainz to hop on this repetitive club beat with him and I could definitely vibe to this in a club if I was sippin'. Special Effects will be in stores May 5th.. Check it!

Thursday, 12 February 2015

"Killin My Soul" by Jarren Benton ft. Locksmith & Hopsin [Music Video]

"I don't know a nigga livin' in his right mind that could probably stop me/
Nigga shook like a young bitch in the room fucking Bill Cosby/
Mach 5 nigga, high speed in his face, watch his fucking eyes bleed/
Pull the plug from the life support and the IVs nigga try me/"

This is a dope track. It's from Jarren Benton's recently released project, "Slow Motion". I'm glad they called up Locksmith to get on this track because he fits in perfect. 3 heavy spitters over a dope beat, can't ask for much more. Check it.

"Like Me" by Joey Bada$$ ft. BJ The Chicago Kid [Music Video]

"So we burned the mary jane to the third degree/
Some niggas biting flows yo, that's burglary/
Same niggas actin like they never heard of me/
A fuck nigga could get clocked yo that's word to me/"

Finally got a chance to pick up B4.Da.$$ and I haven't listened to anything else since. It's one of those albums that drops you straight into the artist's environment. This video does the exact same thing. Check it!

Sunday, 1 February 2015

"Unlistenable" by The Palmer Squares [Music Video]

"I'm known to chatter with hoes at a local tavern/
Grope a clam with no potassium, homie I go bananas/
Die hard, old habits control me, cognac and a stogie/
Been bestowed a gold plaque and a trophy/"

Videos like this are why I'm a fan of The Palmer Squares. There's not really much more I can say, you just gotta listen.