Thursday, 31 May 2012

"To All My Haters" by Young Buck

"See I could either go to Hell or go to jail today/
They say you wanna go to Heaven, but you never pray/
They say I had a jumpshot, now I'm sellin' yay/
And shorty wanna ride in my drop seven tre/"

Is it just me, or did Young Buck get a hell of a lot better since his departure from G-Unit? This track is sick! Not sure if this is an original song or not, but the beat is fire with a catchy hook. Not to mention the sick verses Buck was spittin. I liked the first verse, he was killin' the rhymes more than he usually does. Anyways check this out. Open ya Earz!

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

"Hate" by Prozak

"Mother Earth is ready to shake us off from the fault lines/
We gotta look into ourselves, see where the fault lies/
We gotta try to stick together in these dark times/
Ancient revelations come to light inside these dark rhymes/"
Brenton and I have had alot of mixed feelings about Prozak's recent music. However, I haven't been finding anything worth posting on here for days but this was something that finally caught my eye. His delivery in the verses didn't impress me a ton but I really liked the message he tried to convey through his video, especially the comparisons created through the character playing the piano transforming in the background. A comment on the youtube page for this video spelled it out in a way I thought was sick. "Religious supremacy, racism, terrorism, set trippin..... all forms of hatred." I also thought the beat was fricken cool and had me actually bobbing around and feeling evil just like the piano player is doing. Check it out!

"No Church In The Wild" by Kanye West & Jay-Z ft. Frank Ocean

"Tears on the mausoleum floor/
Blood stains the coliseum doors/
Lies on the lips of a priest/
Thanksgiving, disguised as a feast/"

Even though I wasn't a huge fan of the whole Watch The Throne project, there were a couple songs from that album that I thought were alright. This is one of them, and lucky for me, it's one that they decided to make a video for. Since they're both loaded with cash, there's no doubt that they would both want to invest in a high quality video. Although it doesn't feature the artists of the song, it vividly presents a picture that's been seen frequently in this point in time. Check out this revolution-based cinematic along with the mediocre song!

Sunday, 27 May 2012

"Daughters" by Nas

"This morning I gotta call that nearly split my wig/
The social network said "Nas, go and get your kid"/
She's on Twitter, I know she ain't gon' post no pic/
Of herself underdressed, no inappropriate shit/"

Nas is one of those old school emcees that managed to stay fresh throughout a great portion of his career. He's definitely one of the best emcees to ever touch the mic. I can't relate to this track, because I don't have a daughter, or any kids, and probably won't for a long time. If I even have any. But I thought that this song was a cool idea and a sincere piece of music. Can't recall any other song dedicated to daughters at all, so it's a first for me to hear a song regarding this topic. It's unique and has a cool video to go along with it. Open ya Earz!

Saturday, 26 May 2012

"Pictures of You" by Wax

"Oops, all over your chest/
But when I open up my eyes, It's all over my computer desk/
Go to sleep, no shame, no sorrow/
And I ain't gotta take your ass to breakfast tomorrow/"

You gotta love the sense of humour that Wax reflects in his music. From falling in love to the cashier of his medicinal dispensary, to masturbating to his female Facebook friends' pictures, Wax demonstrates just how creative he really is. This track, "Pictures of You" is the one about creepily jerking off. It's pretty hillarious. He murks the beat provided by 3 of his buddies who perform the instrumental live. They gotta guitar, Maschine drums, piano bass, and some fucked up synth board that I'm still unsure of. This is a display of crazy talent from each person in the video and is really entertaining. Open ya Earz!

Friday, 25 May 2012

"The Noose" by Tech N9ne ft. Mayday

"When I see how my loves ones have left, I wonder how long I would fight/
I wonder if I would give in or let the reaper lead me into night/
See I got too much pride left, like my grandmother that died too early/
Reaching for moments more but instead the cancer in her lungs took her from me"

So this song isn't brand new, it's from Tech's collabo cd Welcome to Strangeland which came out in the last year. However, this video is brand new so I thought I'd share it with you guys. This song was probably one of the realest tracks on the cd and it was one of the first times I heard Mayday. Now I won't go in detail about how this song is for the troops and stuff cuz Tech pretty much explains all that. But if you dig Mayday's part in this song I would advise you to check more of their songs and videos which we have posted on the blog in the past. They are an extremely talented and diverse band that I feel anyone could vibe to. Check em out!

"What I Am" by Passionate MC

"It's nothing but math-matics, a scientific approach mixed with a bad habit/
An impulsive obsession for having so many Ahhh's born, from the crowd you would think I was Black Sabbath/"

 I really only started checking out this guy's songs more because he was involved in The Jokerr's dissing contest but I find him raw as hell. He's crazy with the lyrics and pretty intense. I don't have a lot of details about this guy so I'll just let the track do the explaining. Check it out!

"Step Yo Game Up" by Chali 2na

"The day that this rap became a weapon/
Is the day that I was told to adapt to gain acceptance/
The poorest people make scratch by any method/
If he desperate, he gon' pull out the strap to send a message/"

Prepare to witness one of the greatest emcees to ever spit on the mic. Chali 2na is one of the founding members of legendary hip-hop crew, Jurassic 5. In my opinion, he's definitely the best part of every Jurassic 5 song that I've ever heard. Last year I found a mixtape by him, Fish Market Pt. 2, and didn't hesitate to purchase it. I'm glad I made the choice because that shit is fire! This track right here is probably the best produced track on the album, and has a killer set of lyrics to go along with it. The video's cool too, and hopefully if you were unaware of how dope this guy is, this video will help you realize!

"Willing A Destruction Onto Humanity" by Jedi Mind Tricks

"Chase you down the staircase, pop you in the lobby/
Feed you hot slugs, each shot is a hot tamale/
The spot where we put the bodies is hot as the mojave/
Probably time to find a new hobby/"

This song has the most irrelevant title of any song I know of. They don't discuss anything regarding what the title states, and those words are not found in the song lyrics once. But it's one of my favourite songs. Definitely one of the best from their latest release, "Violence Begets Violence". In my opinion, Jus Allah murders this one. The dude's improved a lot since his older work with Vinnie. Rhyming skills are just off the chain. The beat to this song has a cool feel as well, making this track overall dope. Open ya Earz!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

"Bounce [Funk Remix]" by Chris Webby ft. SwizZz & Dizzy Wright

"Who am I? They know me as C W/
Hole in my rubber, you about to see me comin' through/
Chris Rios, always runnin' with a Pun or two/
Ask the Birdman, I'm the number one stunna dude!/"

Never heard of this dude Chris Webby, but I was impressed at his flow and rhyming skills. He invited the two Funk Volume members that wouldn't absolutely murder him on his own shit to join him on this remix to his track, "Bounce". It's got a really catchy beat that actually makes you wanna do what the title says. I was surprised at SwizZz's verse the most, and now I'm wondering why he doesn't just rap this sick on his own tracks as much. Anyways, I've blogged a shitload this morning and I'm kinda losing my descriptive ability for the day so I'll shut up and let y'all listen! Open ya Earz!

"Elements of Music Cypher" by Alyssa Marie

"Lucky for me your poor decision worked my benefit/
Force them to abort the mission well before they entered it/
Adventure to the centre of the Earth/
Read a poster that the devil wrote, and relocated to the surface/"

There's something really sexy about a cute girl who can rap better than me. But at the same time it's fucking intimidating haha. Alyssa Marie is another femcee that we rep here at Eternal Cadence. I don't have a favourite between Snow tha Product and Alyssa Marie, and it'd be hard to pick one. Snow tha Product strikes me as a better overall entertainer, but Alyssa Marie is way better at rhyming and has a better rapping voice. I don't know why I'm comparing who's better anyways, but that's just how I roll. In this entry for EOM's YouTube cypher, Alyssa Marie spits straight at the camera and absolutely murks it. It's super lyrical and displays just how much talent is contained within this chick's mind. It brought me to the realization that Nicki Minaj, Iggy Azaliea and Azalea Banks can all make a U-Turn in their career path and suck a big fat cock. Fuck em. They ain't got shit on Alyssa Marie and could not fuck with one line of hers. That's just my humble and honest opinion though haha. Open ya Earz!

Check out the Palmer Squares entry for the EOM cypher here.

"Around My Way (Freedom Ain't Free)" by Lupe Fiasco

"To me, the truth is more fulfilling than the method/
Of finding really fast internet to have some sex with/
It's all one song short of a set list/
Couple croissants shy of a continental breakfast/
Blowin' out your birthday candles just to make a death wish/
So absurd, word to Chief bone necklace/"

Around my way, when Lupe drops a track, nobody really gives a fuck except me. I've been a fan of Lu ever since Food & Liquor, due to the cool song ideas he creates and the messages he represents. Even though I'm a fan of him, sometimes it's easy to overlook his tracks when I'm scrolling through my iPod playlist. But in the end he's maintained his authenticity as an artist. This track right here, "Around My Way" highlights all the bullshit happening in the world, like most of Lu's recent music. The beat has a familiar sample that I can't quite identify, and a bunch of cool lines that make you think. Apparently it's the first single off of his upcoming album, Food & Liquor 2, but I'm not sure if that's even accurate. Anyways, check this shit out!

"Play for Keeps" by B.o.B.

"I'm so Grand Hustle, you ain't even in my league sir, Whats up with these nerds?/
They be out here getting their salads tossed, getting their leaves turned/
The game just ain't what it used to be, the quality is blurred/
But a dying breed survived, and a dynasty emerged/"

To start this week off, B.o.B. decided to drop a video for one of his tracks from his recently released album, Strange Clouds. B.o.B. has a weird standing in my list of favoured artists. Sometimes he can sound exactly like what I hate about rap music. Commercially influenced and reppin' materialistic bullshit. Sometimes his tracks are real as fuck and cover issues that matter. And as he is in this track, sometimes he can just be a mix of the two. That's why it's easier for me to accept his bullshit... because I know he's not 100% faggot, and he's got some normal human qualities that reflect in his music haha. In this track, "Play for Keeps", B.o.B. demonstrates some pretty good rhymes and a cool beat that suits the visual representation of the lavish lifestyle he's worked so hard to reach. It helps get the point across that when you play for keeps and take no breaks, consistently working hard.. you too can accomplish what him and so many other people have. Open ya Earz!

Monday, 21 May 2012

"Just Paper" by Jon Connor

"Fuck that, I'mma spend it soon as I get it, hammertime nigga/
I can bet a rich nigga died yesterday, and I can guarantee the money ain't go with him/
So I'mma just ball the fuck out while I'm living, and when I'm gone they gon' say he did it/
Came from nothin' to standing on top of the world, and ain't nobody help me with it/"

Ever since Jon Connor dropped a crazy verse on Mayday's TNT Remix, I've been checkin' up on his shit. He's not the greatest when it comes to multi-syllable rhymes, but he always has cool ideas of what to rap about and can flow like a beast! This song, "Just Paper" makes you think twice about what fame really consists of, and how it can change those around you. That's after he lets you know how soft you are and how sick he is lol.  The second verse is a little more meaningful and outlines how much money should really mean to us. Because at the end of the day, it's just a bunch of sheets of paper. Open ya Earz!

"This Chick is Incredible Freestyle" by Snow Tha Product

"I hella been, a veteran, anyone in front of me is someone that I'm definitely better than/
Never been, scary and I never been delicate, I stomp grounds like an elephant/
Better get better and better cuz fuckin' with me then I plan on severin'/
Every single part you ever connected with, I am the truth and you are not relevant/"

So I am personally a fan of Snow Tha Product all the way. It's just like she says, she is a beauty and a beast. She is crazy at choppin' and actually a sick lyricist. It feels cool supporting female emcees too cuz I know they have a way harder time getting accepted. This is just a quick verse I heard by her that she fuckin murdered. Fuck Nicki Minaj & Kreayshawn, this is a real hip-hop lady. I also just love watching Snow's videos cuz, like common fellas haha. She'd be making my head turn before I even knew she was an awesome emcee. I posted another hot verse from her on the blog earlier too if you're interested. Check it out!

"Outside" by Asher Roth

"Relaxing underneath the sky so blue, when the sun's so warm there's so much I wanna do/
But locked in a studio while outside it's beautiful, all the fresh air you can't get inside a cubicle/
Turn off the computer yo, use your own noodle bro/
We can do whatever we want, it's up to you to know"

Man, it's a beautiful day and Asher Roth just released this new song and I thought it was so chillin' and real. He mentions a lot of things I love to bitch at people about often. I cant lie and say I don`t spend a lot of time on my computer, you`re only hearing this song cuz I do. But I seriously agree with a lot of what he says in this song. He makes a lot of connections about how we should be living  more natural with the Earth and just enjoying ourselves. Check it out, I think I'm gonna go outside.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

"D.E.M.O.N.S" by Elzhi

"Drug epidemics measure obsession needles, got dealers earning money over-night, deceitful/
Elections, monitor our nations, while devil's effectin, music out now on your stations/
Dirty, explicit, material, oozing negativity, distorting, eardrums mentally/
Overwhelming nonsense, dysfunctional, educational, malfunctions oppressed negroes/
Death, equals murder, oxygen's neglected, drama, extreme mayhem, ownin a necklace/
Diabetes enter, many, obese niggas, so dreams eventually match, ordinary nightmares/
Department eviction management office notices, dreadful, evolved missles operating nuclear/
Why is this new to ya?"

So I honestly don't listen to Elzhi very much cuz I like songs with more musical elements and I find his music just too raw and straight hip hop sometimes but Brenton is a fan of him and I've always known he was a crazzzy lyricist. I watched an R.A. The Rugged Man interview today and he mentioned this song so I checked it out and at first I didn't even realize what was going on but once I figured it out I started tripping. This song is so cool. The first verse is hot but the second verse is crazy. Pay attention and you'll realize a large percentage of the lines are an acromym for the word Demon. Just thought it was too clever. Haha sorry for the large chunk of lyrics but once you listen you'll be glad it's there. "You see if you listen close, you can hear the songs they sing between good and evil." Check it out!

Friday, 18 May 2012

"Natural Beauty" by Immortal Technique

"Movie star Hollywood Babylon fantasy/
Bunch of peacock bitches in a cocaine canopy/
And if you're healthy they make you think you're a manatee/
Look how they invented this Eurocentric insanity/"

So another great track from Immortal Technique, as if there was ever a bad one. This one is for you ladies out there. Don't believe anything you seen on TV, in magazines, or any of that bullshit. All those women you see on America's Next Top Model are freaks of nature in a lot of people's opinions. And trust us ladies, us men don't like them fuckin twig ass, alien looking anorexic bitches. I'd rather make love to an overweight woman over an underweight woman every time. There's nothing wrong with being healthy and taking care of yourself but never feel you ain't good enough cuz of these cocksuckers who control the world. I would always rather experience your natural beauty than chilling with a woman who is practically made out of plastic, her eyes are fake with different coloured contacts and for some reason her skin is orange as a carrot but she thinks it's hot. Check it out!

"Raindrops" by Slaughterhouse

"Everyday it makes me sad, angry, mad, how you were sent to heaven's sacred path/
Duct taped and gagged, plus raped and stabbed, body draped in blood, what a fate to have/
Such a pitiful end, I'm poppin' Ritalin like they Skittles cuz when I sleep/
I can feel it again and again and again, and its difficult, killing is the wickedest biblical sin/
I'm talking bout mama's identical twin"

So the Shady 2.0 team is killing it but I still think a lot of people are sleeping on their older stuff. This song really shook me up when I first bought the album. Each of their verses tells a very sad story about their life. I don't want to make light of any of the other members situations, but in particular I'd like you to listen close to Crooked I's verse. It is extremely emotional and the first time I heard it I was thinkin bout Crooked I out there somewhere and actually just felt sorry for him. He probably would wanna kick my ass for saying this, but I might've even wanted to give him a hug. Anyways, check it out.

"The Last To Say" by Atmosphere

"She never left him, she stayed inside, he beat her ass up until the day that he died/
Infact the biggest beating was the day that he died, cuz now it's too late for her to make a new life/
She gets to mourn for the touch of a punch, won't ever admit that she ain't clutching at much/
Some day she'll die and it still won't be done, their anger lives on through their son/"

So I only just found out about these guys after Brenton showed me the song from his Fight Night game. But I've heard a few songs by them now and they're extremely real. This one really plucked on my heart strings. I have never experienced this situation but my heart goes out to all who struggle with their family. I thought the video was beautifully done with the characters trading places to demonstrate the effects a family can have on eachother, breeding the same problems over and over. Check it out, and at the end of the video there is some domestic violence numbers. Seriously, if you or someone you know is suffering, don't let it continue."Please put your shoes on and step into that warm weather, go get yourself a more better forever."

"I Hate You" by Kendrick Lamar

"I was born to be a killjoy, I'm an old brat, conceived by Adam & Eve so who you mad at?/
Not me, see me, I'm just doing my job, and you ducking me is most def an odd/
So why send this letter as if I never knew you?/
 I'd rather knock on your door and just give it to you/"

So I know people been starting to feel Kendrick Lamar more and more in the game. I honestly haven't been a huge fan of his stuff but I completely support what he does. A lot of his songs are pretty real even if sometimes he doesn't tear the lyrics apart. A lot of artists from Game to Tech N9ne have collabed with him too so people know he's real. I found this song through a friend and he thought it was about drugs. Well it is actually Kendrick Lamar writing to Death and then Death says something back. It is interesting how a song can be interpreted differently depending on the person though so I don' think his mistake is a big deal. But this song is 100% an argument with Death. Check it out.

"Regeneration Remix" by Apathy & Nas

"I'm an abomination, an atom bomb, my verse is atomic/
Approaching the planet with power of a hurdling comet/
My words are demonic, I'll make the pope convert to Islamic/
Converse with the prophet, and tell the planet Earth that I'll drop it/"

Lately I've been starting to tune into the AOTP movement and a bunch of the affiliates. So today I was looking at Apathy's official YouTube page and I found this track. I think it's from an album that DJ Premier is featured in, but I'm not completely sure. It's an odd, but interesting collaboration of artists for one track, but it's sick. I really like the beat and both Nas and Apathy kill their verses. Check this shit out!

"Thangs On Deck" by Jadakiss ft. Swerv

"Catch me over the stove, I work the glass/
I don't care about ya name nigga, first or last/
I'm just here to damage your future and hurt ya past/
You just better pray, and hope that the nurse is fast/"

Yessss. Now this is the kinda shit I remember lovin' from Jadakiss. It's got that hard beat that reminds me of some shit D-Block woulda murdered back in the day. For this track off of "The Consignment" mixtape, Kiss featured this dude Swerv, who I've never heard of before. He actually kills his verse, and probably even had better rhymes than Jadakiss himself. They both had pretty sick verses though. Like I always say. If I'm gonna listen to that hard, gangsta music, best believe it's gonna have sick rhymes in there. Even if the title of the song is corny as fuck. I ain't listenin' to shit I can't relate to if it's got bullshit rhymes. It takes over a minute for the song to kick in, so be patient.

"Rap 101" by Crooked I

"Nigga I wish you would speak on my label/
I walk in ya house, put my feet on ya table, see what's on cable/
Soon as you speak, shots leave you leakin' from navel/
Rock you to sleep in a cradle, you geeks weak and unable/"

This song is fucking insane. It's one of my favourite hip-hop tracks of all time. If you don't understand why this song is so important to me, get the
fuck off my page haha. Crooked I is one of my biggest inspirations when it comes to the arrangement of continuous multi-syllable rhymes. This track, Rap 101, is three minutes of non-stop rhymes. I should've posted this shit a long time ago. It's not new or anything, but if you haven't heard it before, you'll surely be impressed. Open ya Earz!

Btw, fuck DJ Skee and his tags!

"Heart Less" by 40 Glocc

"For sure as I breathe, For sure as I speak/
Let my tongue be my sword till the death of me/
On my grandmother, R.I.P/
In my lifetime, crooked cops and backstabbers, all I see/"

At first, I really didn't know why I even clicked on the link to this track. I'm not really a fan of 40 Glocc at all, simply because he's a shitty rapper. But this track kinda hit me a different way cuz I truly feel like the dude was spittin' from the heart. It's not lyrical at all which isn't our style at Eternal Cadence. I respect this song just for the truth within it though. He talks about the struggles of his life including bitches, jail and the dishonesty of others. The chorus is kinda annoying in my opinion and once again, autotune was misused. But all in all, these kinda tracks are what hip-hop's all about. Open ya Earz!

Thursday, 17 May 2012

"Black Cloud" by Joe Budden

"Without a paddle up shit's creek, dig deep and see it ain't life it's just me/
So be warned, as I'm puttin on like I'm deformed, only so y'all can accept it as being my norm/
Maybe I quit working on me, maybe I've given up/
Maybe I been lying to myself, maybe I give a FUCK!/"

Slaughterhouse has finally been making a name for themselves recently since Eminem hooked them up. But I kind of haven't been listening to their music as much since. Slaughterhouse is an awesome group, but they're all talented in different ways and sometimes their individualism doesn't come out when they work together. My personal favourite member of Slaughterhouse is Joe Budden. His lyrics don't get as crazy with the rhymes as his bud Crooked I can, but me and Brenton always talk about Budden's quotables. He can sum up something about life so well in one bar sometimes, that you just want everyone to know that one little quote. Budden might also appear the most depressed from Slaughterhouse, but it's cuz of this that his music is so real. This is my all time favourite track from Mood Muzik 4 cuz just like he says, "people say I'm emo, what that really mean though, is though the song can't breathe I actually make it seem so."

"Run With Me" by Classified

"I'll calm your nerves like Lorazepam, magic man, mesmerizing like my lava lamp/
But I can snap like elastic bands, and I can be a real prick like a cactus plant/
Now bring it back again, I got you flockin' like the Vatican/
Pack in em', turn the music up and let me rattle em'!/"

So K Brenton and I are huge fans of Classified but he's one of those guys were so used to bumpin', sometimes we neglect him on the blog a little. So I think every song on Handshakes and Middle Fingers is crazy and a lot of the songs are some real shit. In my opinon though this song is the sickest just talking strictly lyrics. The rhymes and punches are non-stop. In the first verse, so many damn rhymes for "had a chance." There is an actual video for this song that Classified made by walking around a lumber yard or some shit but he didn't include the third verse and I wasn't satisfied enough so here is the full track. A lot of people out there are sleeping on Classified and in my opinion he is the sickest independant emcee coming out of Canada period. Check it out!

"You're vs. Your" by Mac Lethal

"You better get your Band-Aids you bastards/
My tongue is like a fan blade but faster/ 
I'm kickin' a devilish man-made disaster/
I piss on my fingers, then give you all a handshake after/
For thinkin' I'm just a pancake rapper/"

You're about to receive your grammar lesson for the day. Mac Lethal takes you all the way back to 8th grade and helps you learn the difference between 'you're' and 'your'. He also manages to murk this gay beat that he chose and spit some crazy syllable choppin'. I like this dudes freeverses, they're always pretty entertaining. Showcasing your skill doesn't always require hard beats and swag. It's actually sicker to me when an artist with an average image kills the beat. The element of surprise, my friends. Hit em harder than they'd ever expect you to, when they least expect it. Open ya earz muhfuckas!

"Perfect Cents" by Cerebral Assassins

"I'm just a dead man, pullin' down my sweat pants/
Watching sex cams and jerking with my left hand/
That's my only lover, I can't afford another/
I'm too familiar with this shit like a lonely plumber!/"

There's nothin' better to compliment a feel-good beat than a fuck-you attitude. And nothing to compliment that better than a bunch of humorous and well arranged rhymes! These guys borrowed the "Ray Charles" instrumental by Chiddy Bang, and made an exceptionally sick track out of it. I don't know much about them, but they've been featured by Funk Volume on Facebook, and every track that's been posted by them is usually something worth listening to. So shut up, pay what you owe and check this shit son!

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

"It's Going Down" by Xecutioners ft. Linkin Park

"It's going down, the rhythm projects round the next sound/
Reflects the complex hybrid dialect now/
Detect the mesh of many elements compressed down/
The melting pot of a super futuresque style/"

Wuddup everyone. Today we got a sick song from some guys I never heard of but they're rocking it with Lnkin Park and I thought the song was awesome. Mike Shinoda is an awesome lyricist who's been killing it forever with Linkin Park and Fort Minor. However, don't think this is some crazy new track. This is some old school shit from years back. Nothing new has been catching my eye the last few days but this one did so I figured someone else would be able to rock out to it for sure.

"Badman" by Vado

"I kid y'all not, I'm ready to win/
They lettin' me in, I'm startin' to feel like Jeremy Lin/
Reintroduced to dudes, like y'all don't remember me then?/
Ahead of me when? I smile with a felony grin/"

Last month, Vado and Cam'ron released a mixtape entitled #UnLostFiles. I just downloaded the mixtape yesterday, and I'll admit a few of the songs are kinda corny. But the good songs on this project are actually really sick. This one's called "Badman", a solo track from Vado. I really like how the producer of this instrumental included the sample of the woman singing, it added a cool jazzy sound to the hard rap beat. As always, Vado kills the rhymes and presents a sound reminiscent of the original Dipset vibe. Anyways, check this shit out!

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

"Intro" by Fred The Godson

"Rappers is wack to me, I can't tell apart flows/
In the booth I feel like Noah when the ark close/
Reminisce when I had the fifth and the dark clothes/
This is real shit, you don't wanna start those/"

I remember seeing Fred the Godson in the 2011 XXL Freshman roster, but I never really took the time to check his music out. But I found this track today, and I was actually pretty surprised by what I heard. This guy's pretty sick and has a lot of cool rhymes and punchlines. Check out this introduction track to Fred the Godson's Gangsta Grillz mixtape, "City of God".

Monday, 14 May 2012

"The Loser Wins" by Atmosphere

"Game over, yeah, who's winning?/
Save your gas, I refuse to listen/
If you doin' math, we doin' division/
Don't even ask how I've been, there's no you in existence/"

Alright, alright. I'll admit it. I didn't know this song even existed until I bought Fight Night Champion. Just cuz it's from a video game, doesn't mean it's not sick! Fight Night Champion actually had a kick-ass soundtrack, and a bunch of the songs featured very talented emcees. But this one really stood out to me. I don't know if it's that dirty guitar bringing the 6-string funk to the beat, the dope content expressed through the lyrics, or a combination of both. I just really fuckin' like this song. Open ya Earz!

"Where Will I Go" by Hopsin

"You always thought that I was so stupid to write rhymes/
Thinkin' I would never make it and lose with the white eyes/
But the formula I created proved I was Einstein/
Now I've done more shit than you'd ever do in a lifetime!/"

This track is far from new, but I noticed the lack of Hopsin songs on this page. We're huge fans of Hopsin here at Eternal Cadence so I'ma hit you with this track, "Where Will I Go". It's from his 2010 release, RAW, and is one of the realest songs on the album. It has a different vibe that separates it from the usual songs you may have heard from him, such as "Sag My Pants", or the "Ill Mind of Hopsin" series. Each verse takes you on a journey through the life of a neglected loner who managed to turn hate into motivation, and eventually success. I highly recommend you to bump this shit. Open ya Earz!

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Happy Mother's Day! "Mama Nem" by Tech N9ne

"If your mama gone, heaven's where mom's belong/
But if your mama home, call your mama phone/
and say I LOVE YOU MAMA and you are not alone/
just wanted to thank you so that's why I made this mama song/"

Hey it's mother's day! This song is about a year old now but I still thought it was a great song for the day. If your mom has never been anything but good to you make sure she knows it.

Friday, 11 May 2012

"Spaz" by Krizz Kaliko ft. Tech N9ne

"NINA, he put me on just a minute ago/
MTV all off in the video GENIUS, okay, AWWW I said it again if you didn't know/
B-B-B-Babblin badder than half of you rappers, I spit like a javelin/
Trappin and traffic in patterns, you niggas Earthly and I'm up on Saturn/" 

I know,  I know it's Kaliko agaainnn. *Sigh*. It's too bad the shit's too fuckin crazy to be mad he's dropped like 10 songs or some shit from his album this month. I'm not gonna say alot, I thought the beat was crazy, the video was entertaining and funny and those glasses Tech is rockin' are pretty jokes. Kaliko kills it and I love the feel of the chorus. And although I thought Tech's verse was a little weird and intense, whether you like it or not, Tech can rap on a beat like fuckin mathematics. I could have never done what he did on this beat and made it sound as sick as he did. His tongue is like a machine or some shit. Anyways, check it out! SPAZ, SPAZ, SPAZ!

Thursday, 10 May 2012

"The Recipe Freestyle" by Ransom

"Defeat the haters, and I just came from a cell, where you could compare it to Hell/
You can't prepare for no jail/ Better just hope that your wife and your ride will be there for ya bail/"

God damn. I knew of Ransom, and I knew he was pretty sick. But this shit just caught me way off guard, or maybe I've just been sleepin' on him. He recently hit the booth to record a freestyle over the beat of Dr. Dre & Kendrick Lamar's hit song, "The Recipe". It's supposed to be one of the tracks from his upcoming Gangsta Grillz mixtape with DJ Drama. The flow and rhyming abilities that he displays in this song are crazy, so I'm definitely gonna listen to this mixtape when it comes out. His singing still sucks though. So up until he starts the singing at the end... Open ya earz...

"Do the Right Thang" by Ludacris ft. Common & Spike Lee

"Snow is all around you, but you don't play in the winter games/
Cartridges surround you, but you ain't playin' Nintendo games/
Load 'em up and fill 'em up, to the top before you cock and aim/
Tryna get from the bottom to the top, like the stock exchange/
Shower, shit and shave, then hit the corner for a block exchange/
Amazing what my people'll do for some pocket change/"

Here's a not-so-new track that you probably haven't heard. It's called "Do the Right Thang" from Ludacris' 2008 album, Theater of the Mind. I don't regularly tune into Ludacris' music, but there were certain songs from this album that I liked, and decided to add it to my collection. In this track he encourages everybody that was dealt a tight situation in life to rise above the struggles and try to do the right thang. This track has an awesome positive message, and paints a vivid picture of what life consists of for certain people in America's slums. Tight beat, dope lyrics and a well picked feature. Open ya Earz!

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

"Mayday" by Krizz Kaliko ft. Rittz & Chamillionaire

"I'll sharpen the needle, let it rewind/a badder flow, that'll mess up your mind/
I got a Calico, gotta Tech and a nine/and more weapons than everyone on this record combined/
And thats straange cuz I seem so nice/I seen your wife, no better yet I seen her twice/
 she needed flights, I got em when I seen the price/and let her roll wit me like she is some green and dice/"

So, we got a trifecta of lyrical choppin' madness. Kaliko's been releasing all kinds of content from his new album and I don't want to spoil the album for all of you, but so many of these are incredible. Kaliko brings a crazy dynamic verse with all kinds of elements but the two features he gathered for this one are some of the craziest rappers out the South. If you don't know who Chamillionaire is, well you obviously been sleeping, and if you don't know about Rittz, you're about to find out. Rittz is an all around talented rapper who cannot be fucked with. I haven't heard a song by him that he didn't murk. Go ahead, try and find one, he's just too dope. Chamillionaire, on the other hand, has been quietly killing it on the sidelines for years, but he surprised me with this one for sure. If the last thing you bumped by Chamillionaire was Ridin' Dirty, think again. The Chamilitary Mayne could demolish any beat that enters his earlobes! Check it out!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

"Wacflose Intolerant" & "My Hometown" by Burnz N Hell

"Fine dining, eatin' like a millionaire/
Fine china, hit em' with the silverware/
Take your favourite rapper with a side of garlic bread/
No table manners, piggin' out, Charlotte's web/"

So again I really don't know a ton about any of these guys but I do know they're sick and they're from Thunder Bay. I saw the video below years back and thought the guy was so sick for reppin' Canada the way he did. Since then I haven't paid attention to anything connected with him until I heard this song today. These guys are sick in this first song and merk talking about shitty rappers. Hope you're hungry though. The second video is the first song I ever heard from the one guy and I included it cuz its some real Canadian shit. Check it out!

"Just across the bridge we got a reservation/
Our hobbies are hockey and gettin' wasted/
Off of malted hops, till we can barely walk/
And I don't know Terry Fox but I can show you where he stopped/"

"Mind, Body & Soul" by Blueprint

"This is soul music, I put my soul into it/
This is what we lean on when we going through it/
If it's what you love than hold on to it/
Everybody hold tight so we don't lose it/"

So even though we featured him on the blog before I could still say me and Brenton don't know a lot about Blueprint. Brenton bought his album a while back and we were a little weirded out by it. It was all great music but it wasn't the crazy hip-hop album we were expecting. I didn't even want to give this song a chance at the beginning cuz it starts off with a sound I'm not used to. But as I gave it time this track has grown on me and it's a really awesome track from the heart and soul of music. This song encompasses a lot of what we stand for and the very purpose we have a blog to broadcast music. Music is probably the most important thing in my life, it's always been there for me just like how Blueprint says "I never had a friend like the one I have in music, no matter how far I go, I come back to it." If you feel the same way, keep it alive.

"Bring the Bacon" by The Palmer Squares

"Cats label us dangerous, rightfully so/
Fuck around and catch a knife in the throat/
I'm the bone collector, known offender with my own agenda/
Contenders step up every day and yet I won't surrender/"

Here's a new video from the Palmer Squares that just dropped this morning. They chose a somewhat basic sampled beat, and blessed it with an above average display of lyricism. It's kinda weird hearing them on an actual track, cuz I'm used to just watching them spit bars in an alley, or on a rooftop in one take. But I thought this was a pretty cool video, showing you how it goes down when they're working in the booth together. They both killed it, and brought the bacon like the title suggests. Open ya earz!

To download the new Spooky Language EP by the Palmer Squares, click here.

Monday, 7 May 2012

"Get Rich, Die Trying" by Obie Trice ft. Bilal!

"Can't show em the ropes, he gotta wear that noose/
Hang himself just to be aware of the truth/
Chasin' the root of all evil, the fruits of our egos/
Leavin' us negroes gettin' it in illegal/"

This is that hard vibe that I mentioned in the Papoose post below. G-Unit definitely woulda made a hit single to this beat around the time of Beg For Mercy. Obie's bringing that old Shady/Aftermath sound back with his new single entitled "Get Rich, Die Trying" from his upcoming mixtape, "The Hangover". Open ya Earz!

"5 Fingers of Death Freestyle" by Papoose [Shade 45]

"Pinnacle, definitely, own so much jewels in my memorable memory/
It's like I'm a physical treachery, ???? weaponry/
Psychotic niggas who envy me wanna be nuts, I bust nuts like my gentials, sexually/
Punished in my mothers stomach by swimming through Hennessey/
I was born with a difficult destiny, not your typical, mentally/"

As a youngin', my favourite rap artists were all about that gangster shit. My iPod was full of tracks by The Game, G-Unit, D-Block, Dipset, etc. Although there was little that these artists/groups said that I could relate to, I love how hard the beats were and the lyricism involved with the music they made. But over years a lot of these artists kinda fell off in my opinion, and either started havin' shitty lyrics, or just makin' shitty songs. Maybe I just grew outta listening to that form of rap. Papoose was one of the artists that I used to love listening to growing up. He was easily one of the illest emcees in the game at the time, in my opinion. So this morning when I was browsing sites, I found a freestyle by Pap from the Sway in the Morning radio show. It's crazy. The DJ goes through 5 different beats and Papoose rips through all of em with no remorse. My favourite part is when he starts choppin' quick lyrics at around 2:10 in the video. Being an upcoming emcee, I know how difficult it can be to spit out a verse this quick in one take. But he managed to do it without any flaws, and not to mention some craaaaazy rhymes. I'll shut up and let you check it for yourself though. Sorry bout the missing part in the lyrics. Couldn't figure out what he said lol. Open ya Earz muhfuckas!

Sunday, 6 May 2012

"Loyalty" & "Low Dough" by SwizZz

Too many friends turned enemies/
Over bullshit like jealousy, females and infidelity/
Can make you lose focus fast/
 And you're only gonna notice when you're lonely on your ass/

So we at Eternal Cadence are big fans of Funk Volume and their movement, although we do believe they have a weak link. The only one we have yet to do a post about is SwizZz. Now it’s songs like this that show me SwizZz actually knows how to rap sick and make a quality song. These songs have made me realize my beef with SwizZz isn’t his talent, it’s his business decisions.

See I left school and chose to rap/
 Now I'm broke as fuck without a deal asking my dad for gas-/
 -Money and a twenty to eat, feel like a bum on his knees/
 Gettin' excited for a crumb in the street, WHAT THE FUCK!

Keep in mind this is just my opinion but a lot of the tracks SwizZz features as hits or music videos are sorta weak. It’s a lot of non-stop goofy punch lines remixing a  mainstream beat and the only thing I end up entertained by is that he dances in public places. But then I hear tracks like these with Funk Volume beats and think “SwizZz why aren’t you making these kinda songs?” I wanted people to be able to see SwizZz can be pretty sick and a valuable part of Funk Volume. However, don’t be surprised if he doesn’t turn up on this blog again anytime soon. 

"Beautiful Lasers (2 Ways)" by Lupe Fiasco

"All you see is all my feats, All I see is all my flaws/
All I hear is all my demons, Even through your applause/
All you see is all my flights, All I see is all my falls/
All you see is all my rights, All I see is all my wrongs/"

This is one of my favourite Lupe Fiasco tracks of all time. It's off his lastest album, "Lasers" and features MDMA (which I have no knowledge of). It has a cool electronic beat and a very deep and meaningful set of lyrics. The central idea of this track revolves around the hardships of life, especially when you're living the life of a praised celebrity. Yet another example of a talented and genuine artist who was able to stay real despite the shit around them. Open ya Earz!

"Won't Be Long" by Rakim

"Try to keep a tight lip not to complain/ Ramblin', mind scramblin' cuz patience ain't blockin' the pain/
Mic sick, lyrics is still locked in the brain/ Like Mike Vick, sittin' in jail watchin' the game/
I wait until the day I can play my position/ Or should I say the day I obey my addiction/
Then complete my legacy/ Without compromising my artistic integrity/"

This is one of my favourite songs of all time. Rakim is a hip-hop legend, and this is one of the songs by him that make me remember why. "Won't Be Long" is a song from his 2009 album, The Seventh Seal. He elaborates on the struggle of being successful as a musician and the determination you must have to reach the goals you set. Personally, the lyrics of this song inspire me to keep working on my music and make me realize that it isn't time wasted when I'm doing what I enjoy. Even the most successful of people face struggles along the way. Anyways, give this one a listen!

"Aspirations" by Koncept ft. Soul Khan

"See I'm tired of sluts, See, it's not just the lust/
It's a family, a girl, it's the one that you trust/
It's the one that like to listen to the lyrics I kick/
Not one just concerned with material shit/"

Good morning world! Found this track this morning called "Aspirations" by Koncept & Soul Khan. In this song, Koncept talks about his numerous dreams for the future, while Soul Khan punches in on the chorus. The sampled beat produced by J57 give the song a cool vibe, and as always, Koncept kills his verses. The short, old dude who's chillin' with them in the video knows what I'm talkin' about. Open ya Earz!

Saturday, 5 May 2012

"On My Way" by Chamillionaire [Ammunition EP]

"It must be something that's in Mascatto, that make a model say that she'll swallow/
On the way, and all I can say is I'm there before you done with the bottle/
Shift the gear then I hit the throttle, I swerved so much that I missed a pothole/
On the way, it's your lucky day, I'm bout ta make you feel like you hit the lotto/"

Last year I bought Chamillionaires album, "Ultimate Victory" at a local CD store for dirt cheap. Ever since that day I've been a fan of Cham's music. He just released a 9 track project this past March entitled "Ammunition", and it has some pretty tight songs on it. This video is a lyric/graphic compilation released on Chamillionaire's official YouTube page, featuring a track called "On My Way". This dedication to all the fine ladies out there has a relaxing beat and plenty of well arranged rhymes. Open ya Earz!

Check out the rest of the Ammunition EP below!

"Can't Trust Em" by Dizzy Wright

"Hold up did a nigga just swag like that?/
Hat to the back, Gucci backpack, spittin' crack on you little niggas, spittin' facts like that/
Comin' out the Veg with a rap like that (he cold!), he cold nigga that's a fact/
Tryin' to get me a platinum plaque, kill this shit A$AP the track hoe/"

This video was released a little while ago bruh, and I forgot about it but I thought it’d be cool for the blog. This video is actually pretty hilarious bruh. Besides the obvious humour in the video, the beat is banging and Dizzy Wright kills it. Funk Volume’s on fire this year with their hot music but I love these goofy videos they make to be funny. Check it out bruh. “You can’t trust these niggas man!"

"Music is For Love" by The Get By

"Yea, you feel me yo? It's unmistakeable/
Playin' in the minor leagues, hopin' that I make the pros/
Still consumed by the dreams that I'm chasin' yo/
Music means nothin' unless the shit's relate-able/"

Good afternoon y'all! It's a gorgeous day here in Kitchener, Ontario with the sun shining and the warm air bringing us a touch of summer. To compliment the beautiful day in my city, I'd like to share some beautiful music from my city. This track right here is called "Music is For Love" by The Get By, one of the few local acts that I'm proud to support. The feel good vibe of the beat mixed in with the solid lyrics and catchy chorus makes this track perfect for cruisin' around on a sunny day. This cut is from their debut album, "Let Go" which can be purchased on iTunes. Like the homie Jesse would say. Don't support local music, support good local music. Open ya Earz!