Friday, 4 May 2012

"Terrorist?" by Lowkey

"It's like the definition didn't ever exist/
I guess it's all just depending who your nemesis is/
Irrelevant, how eloquent the rhetoric peddler is/
They're tellin' fibs, now tell us who the terrorist is/"

I've always liked this song. The chorus, the dope drums and sample in the beat. Most of all, the ideas behind the song. It's always sick to find artists who stand for freedom and encourage revolution. This track's by UK emcee, Low Key who is known for his lack of support for governments worldwide. In this track he speaks as a man who's been labelled as a terrorist due to the stereotypes against him. He brings out a lot of good points to make you second guess who the "terrorists" in this world really are. Kinda makes you realize how ignorant and inaccurate stereotypes can be, and how little they can reveal about someone. Anyways.... sick track.

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