Wednesday, 9 May 2012

"Mayday" by Krizz Kaliko ft. Rittz & Chamillionaire

"I'll sharpen the needle, let it rewind/a badder flow, that'll mess up your mind/
I got a Calico, gotta Tech and a nine/and more weapons than everyone on this record combined/
And thats straange cuz I seem so nice/I seen your wife, no better yet I seen her twice/
 she needed flights, I got em when I seen the price/and let her roll wit me like she is some green and dice/"

So, we got a trifecta of lyrical choppin' madness. Kaliko's been releasing all kinds of content from his new album and I don't want to spoil the album for all of you, but so many of these are incredible. Kaliko brings a crazy dynamic verse with all kinds of elements but the two features he gathered for this one are some of the craziest rappers out the South. If you don't know who Chamillionaire is, well you obviously been sleeping, and if you don't know about Rittz, you're about to find out. Rittz is an all around talented rapper who cannot be fucked with. I haven't heard a song by him that he didn't murk. Go ahead, try and find one, he's just too dope. Chamillionaire, on the other hand, has been quietly killing it on the sidelines for years, but he surprised me with this one for sure. If the last thing you bumped by Chamillionaire was Ridin' Dirty, think again. The Chamilitary Mayne could demolish any beat that enters his earlobes! Check it out!

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