Sunday, 6 May 2012

"Loyalty" & "Low Dough" by SwizZz

Too many friends turned enemies/
Over bullshit like jealousy, females and infidelity/
Can make you lose focus fast/
 And you're only gonna notice when you're lonely on your ass/

So we at Eternal Cadence are big fans of Funk Volume and their movement, although we do believe they have a weak link. The only one we have yet to do a post about is SwizZz. Now it’s songs like this that show me SwizZz actually knows how to rap sick and make a quality song. These songs have made me realize my beef with SwizZz isn’t his talent, it’s his business decisions.

See I left school and chose to rap/
 Now I'm broke as fuck without a deal asking my dad for gas-/
 -Money and a twenty to eat, feel like a bum on his knees/
 Gettin' excited for a crumb in the street, WHAT THE FUCK!

Keep in mind this is just my opinion but a lot of the tracks SwizZz features as hits or music videos are sorta weak. It’s a lot of non-stop goofy punch lines remixing a  mainstream beat and the only thing I end up entertained by is that he dances in public places. But then I hear tracks like these with Funk Volume beats and think “SwizZz why aren’t you making these kinda songs?” I wanted people to be able to see SwizZz can be pretty sick and a valuable part of Funk Volume. However, don’t be surprised if he doesn’t turn up on this blog again anytime soon. 

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