Saturday, 19 May 2012

"D.E.M.O.N.S" by Elzhi

"Drug epidemics measure obsession needles, got dealers earning money over-night, deceitful/
Elections, monitor our nations, while devil's effectin, music out now on your stations/
Dirty, explicit, material, oozing negativity, distorting, eardrums mentally/
Overwhelming nonsense, dysfunctional, educational, malfunctions oppressed negroes/
Death, equals murder, oxygen's neglected, drama, extreme mayhem, ownin a necklace/
Diabetes enter, many, obese niggas, so dreams eventually match, ordinary nightmares/
Department eviction management office notices, dreadful, evolved missles operating nuclear/
Why is this new to ya?"

So I honestly don't listen to Elzhi very much cuz I like songs with more musical elements and I find his music just too raw and straight hip hop sometimes but Brenton is a fan of him and I've always known he was a crazzzy lyricist. I watched an R.A. The Rugged Man interview today and he mentioned this song so I checked it out and at first I didn't even realize what was going on but once I figured it out I started tripping. This song is so cool. The first verse is hot but the second verse is crazy. Pay attention and you'll realize a large percentage of the lines are an acromym for the word Demon. Just thought it was too clever. Haha sorry for the large chunk of lyrics but once you listen you'll be glad it's there. "You see if you listen close, you can hear the songs they sing between good and evil." Check it out!

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