Friday, 18 May 2012

"Natural Beauty" by Immortal Technique

"Movie star Hollywood Babylon fantasy/
Bunch of peacock bitches in a cocaine canopy/
And if you're healthy they make you think you're a manatee/
Look how they invented this Eurocentric insanity/"

So another great track from Immortal Technique, as if there was ever a bad one. This one is for you ladies out there. Don't believe anything you seen on TV, in magazines, or any of that bullshit. All those women you see on America's Next Top Model are freaks of nature in a lot of people's opinions. And trust us ladies, us men don't like them fuckin twig ass, alien looking anorexic bitches. I'd rather make love to an overweight woman over an underweight woman every time. There's nothing wrong with being healthy and taking care of yourself but never feel you ain't good enough cuz of these cocksuckers who control the world. I would always rather experience your natural beauty than chilling with a woman who is practically made out of plastic, her eyes are fake with different coloured contacts and for some reason her skin is orange as a carrot but she thinks it's hot. Check it out!

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