Sunday, 6 May 2012

"Won't Be Long" by Rakim

"Try to keep a tight lip not to complain/ Ramblin', mind scramblin' cuz patience ain't blockin' the pain/
Mic sick, lyrics is still locked in the brain/ Like Mike Vick, sittin' in jail watchin' the game/
I wait until the day I can play my position/ Or should I say the day I obey my addiction/
Then complete my legacy/ Without compromising my artistic integrity/"

This is one of my favourite songs of all time. Rakim is a hip-hop legend, and this is one of the songs by him that make me remember why. "Won't Be Long" is a song from his 2009 album, The Seventh Seal. He elaborates on the struggle of being successful as a musician and the determination you must have to reach the goals you set. Personally, the lyrics of this song inspire me to keep working on my music and make me realize that it isn't time wasted when I'm doing what I enjoy. Even the most successful of people face struggles along the way. Anyways, give this one a listen!

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