Tuesday, 8 May 2012

"Wacflose Intolerant" & "My Hometown" by Burnz N Hell

"Fine dining, eatin' like a millionaire/
Fine china, hit em' with the silverware/
Take your favourite rapper with a side of garlic bread/
No table manners, piggin' out, Charlotte's web/"

So again I really don't know a ton about any of these guys but I do know they're sick and they're from Thunder Bay. I saw the video below years back and thought the guy was so sick for reppin' Canada the way he did. Since then I haven't paid attention to anything connected with him until I heard this song today. These guys are sick in this first song and merk talking about shitty rappers. Hope you're hungry though. The second video is the first song I ever heard from the one guy and I included it cuz its some real Canadian shit. Check it out!

"Just across the bridge we got a reservation/
Our hobbies are hockey and gettin' wasted/
Off of malted hops, till we can barely walk/
And I don't know Terry Fox but I can show you where he stopped/"

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