Friday, 18 May 2012

"Heart Less" by 40 Glocc

"For sure as I breathe, For sure as I speak/
Let my tongue be my sword till the death of me/
On my grandmother, R.I.P/
In my lifetime, crooked cops and backstabbers, all I see/"

At first, I really didn't know why I even clicked on the link to this track. I'm not really a fan of 40 Glocc at all, simply because he's a shitty rapper. But this track kinda hit me a different way cuz I truly feel like the dude was spittin' from the heart. It's not lyrical at all which isn't our style at Eternal Cadence. I respect this song just for the truth within it though. He talks about the struggles of his life including bitches, jail and the dishonesty of others. The chorus is kinda annoying in my opinion and once again, autotune was misused. But all in all, these kinda tracks are what hip-hop's all about. Open ya Earz!

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