Tuesday, 1 May 2012

"Kill Shit" (Full Song) by Krizz Kaliko ft. Twista & Tech N9ne

"Sick em, the lip will get to flippin, you be the victim, and I'mma pick em off, hits em with the quick and I'll knock the vision off of niggas/ no livin givin the iggin' on the rigorous, look at dis', will somebody look at dis', I be killin' it!"

So we originally posted the little preview video of this song that Kaliko teased us with. So the full song was dropped today and I thought it was way too hard to not put on here. Since we'd already heard Kaliko I was hyped for Twista and especially Tech. I was extremely pleased with how hard Tech came on this one. I been thinkin his verses recently had been a little weird in a few songs. But he's choppin' in this one like you're at a lumberjack convention. I picked out the first few lines right when Tech comes in bustin' but if you think something is wrong, c'mon, I tried, and I think I got pretty damn close if not perfect. Check it out! Our 100th post, over 1000 views. We're killin' shit!

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