Monday, 30 April 2012

"D.O.A." by Brotha Lynch Hung

"I don't know I just spit that shit like I do coke/
I do hope you get this shit quick cuz Spidey's broke/
I do choke I got shit that rip that Chinese dope/
I do loc I got crip shit in me like tiny loc/"

One of the best things about Strange Music is their diverse collection of artists who all are pretty dope. As we’ve featured many of their sickest artists before I might as well grow the family. So Brotha Lynch Hung is an OG in the rap game and Strange has really made his music more banging since he joined the team. But his genre is definitely horror-core. So if you don’t wanna have to hear about murdering people and devouring their insides, even the occasional raping, then Brotha Lynch probably isn’t for you. I don’t always love every Lynch song cuz sometimes I honestly feel he can seem a little off beat but I heard this one recently and it’s awesome. The beats intense and Lynch tears this one apart. Check it out!

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