Sunday, 29 April 2012

"Common Knowledge" by Asher Roth

"It's elementary, yeah I heard it in assembly/
Principal was tellin' me I better go ahead and read/
Never be a better me, better off, better me/
Not really a bettor, but I'm bettin' that I better be/"

I've always thought Asher Roth has earned a strange and under rated place in hip hop. Almost everyone knows who the guy is but I never find people who actually been bumpin' his shit. I always thought his hit "I Love College" was fun and catchy but since then I've heard a lot of songs by Asher which are on a way higher level of lyricism. He's also got his heart in the right place for hip-hop which a lot of rappers lack. If you wanna see what I mean and don't know many of his songs I'd recommend checking out "The Lounge" or "G.R.I.N.D" to see how real he really is. Check it out!

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