Thursday, 28 March 2013

"For Real" by Rittz

"Taste the marmalade, in fact I'm winning, got you jelly/
Your hype is ??? and you're record isn't selling/

 Your pride got you too competitive and scared of failing/
You chillin in the club and they like Rittz is in the building/"

A week or two ago Strange Music released the Independent Powerhouse Sampler to start off their tour. Within the sampler, fans were given a few full tracks, and plenty of snippets from pretty much every upcoming Strange Music album planned for 2013. One of the full tracks, also one of my favourites, was by White Jesus himself, entitled "For Real". I think he murked it, but auto-tune kinda murked him. Either way, for the sound he was going for, he fucking killed it. Today I seen that he dropped a music video for it to provide some hype for his upcoming album, "The Life and Times of Jonny Valiant". This is gonna be a fuckin' awesome album, I can't wait. Check it!

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

"Work Everyday" by Brother Ali

"People stressin', here's the question/
How they get people drinkin' tea in a recession/
It's deception, how absurd is this/
How are so many poor people conservative?/"

One of the best 2012 albums, in my opinion, was Brother Ali's "Mourning in America, Dreaming in Colour". He touched on a few subjects that seem pretty important for the time, but he did it with flawless rhyme n rhythm. This is one of the more mellow tracks from the album which Brother Ali released a video for today. It has a cool montage of different work related scenes and presents a somewhat blue collared point of view.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

"Cure" by Papoose ft. Erykah Badu

"Now you can ignore me and try to pass it on/
You'll be a statistic, in a casket, gone/
I can be a sharp pain that you feel in ya spine/
I can be a brain tumour at the back of your mind/"

Maaaan. Fuck that last joint I posted. If you only got time to listen to one track on here, listen to this one. This is a song concept that I haven't heard yet. Papoose spits his verses personifying certain sicknesses that have no cure. I can't really relate to verse two as much, but that first verse hit me. It seems like cancer is everywhere and just occurs when least expected. The shit's everywhere and Papoose explains it in a way that makes getting checked out seem more reasonable than stupid. God damn it I like this track.

Wanna buy this album?


"6AM" by Papoose ft. Jadakiss & Jim Jones

"All the basketball tournaments was cool to watch/
Bet ya money lose a little or lose a lot/
They beat us by one point, yea them dudes was sharp/
But I'm a sore loser so I had to shoot up the park/"

Awww shit. This track's like a gathering of all of my favourite emcees from back in Grade 8. Papoose released his newest album today, "The Nacirema Dream", which I've been eager for a while to hear. All of his freestyles and radio interviews n shit formed my hype for this album. Pap is one crazy mother fucker. I like this track just because it brings back that whole feel from the D-Block, Dipset, DJ Kay Slay mixtape era. Back when listenin' to shit that didn't even relate to you defined who you were haha. Check it.

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Monday, 25 March 2013

"Juice" by CES Cru ft. Tech N9ne [Music Video]

We recently shared this track from CES Cru's upcoming album, "Constant Energy Struggles". Today the video for the song premiered on I really like this video. It has a lot of cool shots and presents a display of some other hip-hop elements. "Constant Energy Struggles" drops tomorrow and can be purchased by clicking here.

"Dope Shit" by Horse Shoe Gang

"Ok it's 187 on a undercover cop/
Bang bang, shoot em up, now I'm on another block/
Now it's 187 when I'm undercover with your baby mother
with the rubber on my motherfuckin cock/"

Every time these guys release a track I feel sorry for any up and coming artist out there. Face it. You can't test these motherfuckers. Don't worry, I gotta live with it too. I hate this beat but god damn, Horse Shoe Gang always comes up with some crazy lines just when I thought I heard everything. This track's called "Dope Shit", and is nothing less than that. Check it!

Monday, 18 March 2013

"Catfish Billy" by Yelawolf

"Back in the saddle again, throw my middle finger up to the law/
Ain't gotta rob nobody tonight, but I might do it just because/
I'm a nut, I get bored, did some pills but I want more/
Fuck this world, fuck this town, if I fuck you once, I fuck you sore/
So overall I hadn't been feeling Trunk Muzik Returns cuz the beat selection wasn't my particular preference but this one song instantly had me bumping. This is the kinda nasty stuff I was loving from Trunk Muzik 0-60 with Yelawolf just repping the crazy country life and screaming his ass off loud as he can. The effect used in the chorus is pretty grimy and the instrumental has some pretty cool, eery elements that make me feel like I'm lurking through a swamp looking for alligators to shoot haha. Check it out!

Friday, 15 March 2013

"Something Else" Deluxe Artwork + Rumoured Tracklist

Rumoured Tracklist (via

Strange Days feat. The Doors
Worldwide Choppers 2
Psycho Bitch III
Heaven And Hell
With The B.S. feat. Trae Tha Truth, Red Cafe & Big Scoob
B.I.T.C.H. feat. T-Pain
I'm Not A Saint
Fortune Force Field
Colorado feat. B.o.B., Stevie Stone, Krizz Kaliko, & Ces Cru
So Dope
Thizzles feat. Danny Brown
Meant To Happen
Untitled Track feat. Liz Suwandi & Corey Taylor

This may not be 100% accurate, but I've heard snippets for "Fortune Force Field", "So Dope", "Thizzles", "Meant to Happen", and "Dwamn", along with the track we just posted featuring T-Pain. I don't know how the fuck people find this shit, but it's making me wanna hear this fuckin album lol. To hear the snippets mentioned above, check this
Russian dude's YouTube page.

"B.I.T.C.H." by Tech N9ne ft. T-Pain

"My people missin' me like Diana Ross/
No this ain't MMG, but I am a boss/
Although I'm wicked see, I'm fly and I floss/
So why am I lost, Like my jam was off?/"

Tech's gettin better at making his lettered titles make sense. This new preview from his upcoming album, "Something Else", is called B.I.T.C.H. which stands for "Breaking In To Coloured Houses". I think this song's pretty sick, has a cool beat and Tech rips it how you'd expect him to. The album cover shown in this YouTube link is new to me, kinda weird, kinda cool. It looks like a further elaboration on the EBAH idea. But anyways check this gem featuring Mr. Antares Autotune himself!

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

"Get Up, Stand Up" by Public Enemy ft. Brother Ali

"How much compromise is tied to that fame?/
 How many more times we gotta hear that lame line, "I'm inspiring em."
To do what? Roll better weed and get higher than em?/
Feed the needy, greedy ass buyer in em? Be the same damn dog with the finer women?"
This is pretty damn G. I'm loving the old school, don't give a damn vibe coming from this track. Public Enemy still bringing the revolution and having Brother Ali come in to take the lyrics up a notch was sick. All in all I just shared this for the raw feeling it had that used to be a lot more prevalent in hip hop. Ya know, guys just rapping right at you about the problems they see, not givin a FUCK if the girls can dance to it and if the guys can get their swag on. GET UP, STAND UP!

Friday, 8 March 2013

"What's Wrong" by Rakim [Prod. by Marco Polo]

"The greedy keep draining the Earth for jewels and fuel/
Keep searching till you crack the Earth in two/
Never personal, it's always business/
The same reason they knocked down the World Trade Centres/"

I found this track from, and apparently this song was supposed to be on Rakim's album "The Seventh Seal". But due to sample clearing issues, it's gonna be on an upcoming Marco Polo mixtape. I think the album is fine as it is without this track, but I still like this song. Over a sick sampled production by Marco Polo, Rakim spits some insight on how money is viewed in the world we now live in. I can definitely dig this joint. Check it.

"When Worlds Collide" by CES Cru

"But what's been happenin', now they askin' me what got into me/
Galvonize the lives of whoever's in my proximity/
Lock stock artillery, cock it, aim at the industry/
Paint a picture of pain and pleasure inside a symphony/"

Alright. Now I'm really excited for "Constant Energy Struggles". First Lotus, and now this. These guy's are making their way up to the top of my favourites. This beat is nuts, and they spazzed over it. This just solidifies the fact, once again, that Strange Music is a mob of elite emcees. The video's also cool. But I'mma shut up so I can listen to this again. Enjoy!

"Inception" by Swollen Members

"Barbed wire fences to guard my senses/
A dark mind's vengeance, my art might cleanse it/
You don't want it with three minds, haunted/
Little bad wolf wearing a bonnet, slightly daunted/"

Here's another music video release from Swollen Members upcoming album, "Beautiful Death Machine". As always, the video is a little different, but entertaining nonetheless. This song doesn't hit as hard as the last one they put out, but it's still pretty cool. I'm not a fan of Prevail either. I only check these Swollen Members tracks to hear Madchild. With only 11 more days till the release of the album, I woulda figured they'd make a video for a harder track, but oh well. Check it.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

"Light Blue" by Lupe Fiasco

"In my hot rod with my vans on, and my ???/
And my hair long and my circle tight and my square's strong/
I'm in great shape with no shake weights/
And no weight shakes, and tell ya momma this cake's great/"

This song just sounds really cool. Lupe's flow along with the distorted beat just gives off a cool vibe. Lately I feel like Lupe rambles a little bit and I'm not sure what he's trying to say. Seems like he's adapted to the new school and that's just his style. Maybe I'm just too used to "Food & Liquor" and "The Cool". Anyways, if you're a Lupe fan, you should enjoy this joint.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

"Worst Nightmare" by Demigodz

"Ride with extendos/
Got mistaken for throwing gang signs, flickin' boogers out my window/
Let em fly your way, make your flight hydroplane/
Into an Everglade marsh that'll hide yo plane/"

Man before I even comment on the emcees on this shit... DJ Premier absolutely killlled this beat. I fuckin love this instrumental. But on top of that, these dudes murked it. I always thought the Demigodz were just Apathy, Celph Titled and Ryu. But looking over the tracklist of the recently released "KILLmatic" album, it seems that the group also consists of Esoteric, Blacastan and Motive. Not really familiar with them at all, but they fit in pretty good. If you would like to purchase this album, CLICK HERE.