Thursday, 28 March 2013

"For Real" by Rittz

"Taste the marmalade, in fact I'm winning, got you jelly/
Your hype is ??? and you're record isn't selling/

 Your pride got you too competitive and scared of failing/
You chillin in the club and they like Rittz is in the building/"

A week or two ago Strange Music released the Independent Powerhouse Sampler to start off their tour. Within the sampler, fans were given a few full tracks, and plenty of snippets from pretty much every upcoming Strange Music album planned for 2013. One of the full tracks, also one of my favourites, was by White Jesus himself, entitled "For Real". I think he murked it, but auto-tune kinda murked him. Either way, for the sound he was going for, he fucking killed it. Today I seen that he dropped a music video for it to provide some hype for his upcoming album, "The Life and Times of Jonny Valiant". This is gonna be a fuckin' awesome album, I can't wait. Check it!

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