Saturday, 21 December 2013

"Tie Breaker" by Naturally Born Strangers [Music Video]

"Arms tatted up, mad as fuck, something was said/
All I seen was young Sean getting punched in his head/
If he was smart he'd of took his little thumpin and fled/
Instead he went home and got a gun from under his bed/"

Originally posted this when it was released as just a single, but they dropped the video recently. The visuals suit the mood of the song really well and help bring the lyrics to life. Check it.

Friday, 20 December 2013

"That's That" by Herbal T [Music Video]

"It's like I was biting a prune/
Cuz I'll be droppin mad shit soon, ass sounding like a bassoon/
Herbal T, broke joke, money trifling but soon/
I'm tryna see that big cake like a wife and a groom/"
I think this guys parents had rhymes in their chromosomes. Both Herbal T and Wax are fucking beasts. I'm glad to hear a single from this guy cuz I've heard his verses on his brother Wax's mixtapes, and I've always thought he was dope. If you like rhymes, you'll like this groovy track. Check it.

"Pot of Gold" by Asher Roth

"We all got problems, don't need yours/
Keep that shit on record/
What the hell y'all be lookin at me for?/
We all just ordinary people/"

Asher Roth dropped this mellow joint the other day, "Pot of Gold". It's a typical Asher Roth song, including dope rhymes, a nice beat and some insightful lyrics for only one verse, unfortunately. Check it.

"Madiba" by Rakim (Nelson Mandela Tribute)

"Then soon a man emerged, in tune with the planet Earth/
He made a move to Johannesburg/
Under the dark sky/
He realized being free would cost him his life due to the apartheid/"
Rakim turns historical facts about Nelson Mandela into a hip-hop masterpiece. This song's sick just for it's storytelling and informative nature. For people like me, who know very little about Mr. Mandela, this is education in the form of music. Check it.

Monday, 16 December 2013

"Dead Horse (A Final Word to Hopsin, Tech N9ne, Strange Music and Funk Volume)" by The Jokerr

"Even if you don't deserve it just take it and chill, cuz people hurt you as a symptom of the pain that they feel,
And probably from somebody hurting them the way they did you, and the cycle will continue till the hatred is through,
So if you got somebody out there and you know who they are, you really cared about, who left your heart broken and scarred,
It might be time to swallow that pride and punch in a call, and put and end to that sick cycle once and for all"
Since I originally shared every one of Jokerr's diss videos to Hopsin and Tech I suppose it wouldn't be right to not share the positive conclusion to it all. Now I was first thinking it was weird Jokerr was still worrying about these guys but now that I saw this I understand. This was some pretty real stuff you don't hear in rap very often and it was nice to see Jokerr overpowering his own pride for once cuz the truth is this guy has a lot of talent and I could see him just barreling through this alone. I also thought the ending of the video was really great when a special guest shows up and you realize the black and white images aren't completely videos from some far away past. Anyways check out the video for yourself and maybe even take some time to think about some people in your own life you have beef with.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

"Crab Legs" by gaVen heVy [Music Video]

"I gaze out of my optical view/
The system is trill cuz if you get chopped then you screwed/
I move my movement cuz my movement is made
For young winners in cage, the dream is enslaved/"

Here's a music video by an up-and-coming young artist from Brooklyn, NY, gaVen heVy. This track has a nice upbeat vibe with some meaningful lyrics and a catchy lil hook. It's the single from his upcoming EP, "...Dedicated to Her" which drops on New Years Day.

"Violations" by Talib Kweli ft. Raekwon

Pocket full of coins, producers on set/
Niggas with the coupes is on next/
The losers gon step, The users gon check/
We choosin our ninjas, the jewels is on deck/"

Listening to this song was strange for me, because I'm typically not very fond of Raekwon, and Talib Kweli's always either hit or miss for me. But they were both killin it in this song so I had to share it. This is probly the most multisyllable rhymes that I've heard Raekwon spit in a verse. I'm impressed.

"The Hatred 2" by Snowgoons ft. Slaine, Madchild & Sicknature

"The hatred, it drives me, the rage is aching inside me/
I came to break in the windows and raid this vacant society/
Now the building is shaking cuz there's an ape in the lobby/
Robbin' safes and the troopies rapin' and tapin' up Barbie/"

This track's fuckin sick. Yesterday Madchild dropped a track that we weren't really feeling. So this release redeemed him of his past mistakes lol. Maybe we're too critical. Both Slaine and Madchild kill their verses in this and make me eager to hear more of their collaborations as their newly formed duo, "Super Villain". Check it!

"Overpass" by Papoose

"Contract killer who quick to put out a contract/
Put more bands on your head than that Lebron cat/
Bullets that explode in your nervous system on contact/
That whip open up from the top like a Newport pack/"

Papoose dropped this sick lil song yesterday over a familiar sample. It's a pretty simple track but Papoose calmly kills it. Check it!

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

"5 Fingers of Death Freestyle" by R-Mean

"Tell these rappers how it is/
I see a skinny jeans wearing muhfucka, I'ma snap him like a twig/
The baddest in the biz, actually the kid's/
Not a backstabber, see I'd rather stab you in the ribs/"
Never heard of this guy before, but luckily I check out most of the 5 Fingers of Death videos regardless of who it is. This guy had a lot of sick lines and his rhymes were pretty good too. Check it.

Monday, 9 December 2013

"No Writer's Block, I Like To Rap" by Dizzy Wright

"23, with a daughter goin' on three/
I think like, in eighteen years what will she be?/
Since day one I've been official/
But if I don't use my voice to benefit my baby girl, then this ain't beneficial/"
Don't hate. If you had 300,000 likes on Facebook, you'd title your track how Dizzy Wright did. Dizzy dropped this track in celebration of the social networking accolade. It's gotta sick beat and Dizzy kept a good mixture of wise lyrics, flow and rhymes in there. Check it!

"Listen" by Jon Connor ft. SRH & Maffew Ragazino

"Trapped in a shell, feel like I'm trapped in this Hell/
Convict is back in his cell, bitin' my nails/
On the road to riches, but I feel like the Devil is hot on my trail/"
Ever since Jon Connor announced his official deal with Aftermath, I've been eager to hear what's next to come from the Flint, Michigan emcee. Today I found this track by him which keeps that classic Jon Connor vibe, but the beat sorta amps it up a little more than usual. Never heard of those Maffew Ragazino or SRH dudes, but they were iight. Check it!

"Best Mistake" by Saigon ft. G. Martin

"Though she probly feeling lower than the Everglades/
Though her life probly seen a lot of better days/
Gotta admit, the way she look into that little face/
She knew I was the best mistake she ever made/"

Saigon just dropped a new track outta the blue. It's a little sappy, and these are the kinda Saigon songs that I end up avoiding from his albums. Regardless of it sounding like a radio song, it's still a cool idea that I haven't heard before. The Yardfather's still on point with the rhymes as well. Check it.

"Trillmatic" by A$AP Mob ft. A$AP Nast & Method Man [Music Video]

I don't follow these A$AP Mob dudes at all. But I found this track by A$AP Nast which also includes a dirty Method Man verse. This track definitely has that old school NY sound to it. Not bad at all.... Check it!

"Cuz I'm Famous" by Travis Barker & Scoop Deville ft. Paul Wall, Hopsin, & Yelawolf


"Making a fortune, watching the whores come/
Fuck 'em raw then make 'em get abortions/
Here's a line of cocaine, you should snort some/
I'm the new rapper brainwashing your son/"

The music team over at Famous Stars and Straps have finally collaborated to make some dope music. This Travis Barker x Scoop Deville produced beat features Paul Wall, Hopsin and Yelawolf, all of which are sponsored by FSAS. Thus, the title of the song. Check it.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

"Honorable" by Cormega ft. Raekwon

"Beef and money don't mix, invest in peace/
I pay dues in the street, respect is my receipt/
Truth'll set you free, except with police/
Be aware when you sleep, you could rest in peace/"

Here's a track featuring two NY hip-hop veterans. It's sick to hear these two collab and the beat they chose has a nice swing to it. Check itttt.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

"Too Much Information" by Caskey

"Times of evolution evolve to times of revolution/
I'm hear in a time full of mass confusion, saying my goodbyes at the last reunion/
I don't wanna be the one to pass the blueprint, I say lay waste to the institutions/
Give a little taste of what angst of youth is, and truth is... truth is/
We been putting up with too much for too long, every time somebody say they good I say "Boy what is you on?"
Alright so this is another one of my favourite songs off The Transient Classics and turns out it has a video too. Caskey is seriously a real intelligent dude and I'm sharing the message he's sharing with you because we need to stop seeing this as just a message that will always be around. People are upset with this system almost everywhere in the world and we need to start making more of our realizations into action. Earth is reaching a critical period where we are going to be fighting for resources and there's a very small group of people who have been planning for this for a long time. Will you be ready to know how to adapt to a new way of life that hasn't been anything like the past? Be aware.

"Bad4Ya" by Caskey

"Let the television develop my vision, this one hell of a prison that I am standing inside/
Capitalism capitalizing on my condition, every time these ads circulates I'm making decisions/
And being taught what to choose, being taught to consume, fear is all they ever promote inside of the news/
and I'm confused with they motives, diffuse with the bogus, the locusts inside the field ain't necessary to grow it/"
I been really liking Caksey in the last little while, he's right where I am right now, totally disillusioned with our system and not knowing where the fuck I'm going. If you're feeling the same I would highly suggest you check out The Transient Classics. This guy is like the most intellectual and non-materialistic dude signed to YMCMB and I'm loving that he's kind of remaining under the radar and undermining what I would argue are the pretty ignorant messages YMCMB usually puts out.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Knock Madness [Album Stream] by Hopsin

The wait is finally over. Yesterday a bunch of people who had pre-ordered this album received it in the mail. Which means I've been hunting for a high quality leak ever since. And I finally found it. There's a lot of new vibes that I'm not used to hearing from Hopsin, which at first makes this album sound a little weird, but it's also refreshing. I think this album's pretty dope. I'ma give you the link but if you like this album, support the artist and purchase it!

CLICK HERE to listen to Knock Madness.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

"The Shady Dynasty Freestyle" by Crooked I

"I do predict it, rap is too restricted/
Even if I go wood, I'll still get green, my rap is eucalyptic/
I say what the fuck I mean/
When the beat bump, I get proactive, but I never go commercial for the cream/"

Crooked I never fucking stops.

"See the World" by Asher Roth & Chuck Inglish

"This is where the grass is real greener if you mean it/
Conceited is deceiving, the passion is what I'm seeing/
Believe it if you wanna, but really it's if you need it/
I thought he said he taught him, no talkin better, just be it.. beat it/"

Asher Roth posted this to Facebook today, and I thought it was dope. Not a fan of that Chuck Inglish dude, but Asher killed it. I really liked the beat too. I think this is just a lone single for right now. Check it.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

"Rip Your Heart Out" by Hopsin ft. Tech N9ne

"(Fatality) Bitches I am rap, every verse is fire/
I lay my shit down like fertilizer/
A murderous word supplier, murking you is my first desire/
If you got a problem with me you can suck on my dick till it squirts saliva"
OHHHH SHITTTT. I was not expecting this but it's awesome. At first I thought the beat was a little weird for Hopsin but after I heard him bringing that flow I took back my doubts. Obviously Tech comes in and kills it with his own flow but I gotta give my preference to Hopsin this time. He was just bringing a lot of intensity with sick lyrics. Check it out!

Friday, 8 November 2013

"The Crumbs of the Crumbs" by Red Martina

"Batten down the hatches, shiver me timbers/
I find liberties on symphonies, riveting mixtures/
And emcees with snickety greed, rips em indeed/
Leave 'em stricken like tall peeps with rickety knees/"

Found this today because Vinnie Paz shared it on Facebook. Red Martina is a downtempo/hip-hop group from Philly which consists of Noesis, Hayley Cass, Ish Quintero and former Jedi Mind Tricks producer, Stoupe. I'm a huge fan of the work Stoupe's done with Jedi Mind Tricks so I checked this track out, and it's pretty sick. I like the production and the artists rapping over the beat aren't bad at all. Check it.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Backroom Freestyle by Slaughterhouse & Eminem [Video]

This shit is siiiick. Makes me wonder why the hell Slaughterhouse wasn't featured on the MMLP2. Even Big Tigger coulda had a verse on there haha. Dope shit.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

What's My Name: Episode 45

So I found this series online, and apparently I'm a little late because this one's the 45th episode. It's presented by, and they got this dude going around spittin' lyrics to people to see if they know the name of the song. This one's the latest one and it's specifically Eminem songs, but most of the other videos feature multiple artists. Check it.

Verse Unheard ft. Shad [Video]

"I'm not Magic, Showtime, LA, more northern, sorta Portland, I trail blaze/
Watch me get out these bars, jail break/
They say my rhymes is like that railway to freedom/
Cuz Canada's where the underground leads 'em/"

After just releasing "Flying Colours", it seems Shad still hasn't said enough. This is a dope acapella freestyle with a bunch of clever lines. Shad's definitely at the top of his game. Check it.

Thursday, 31 October 2013

"Good Night" by Wax [Music Video]

"I'm the baddest of the bad, raddest of the rad/
I'm the worst nightmare that your dad has ever had/
Cuz your mom don't miss him, she low key diss him/
Cuz he taste my balls every time she kiss him/"
This video is awesome. Wax released this video today featuring a "live performance", but it ends up having some other shit goin' on in it too. As usual, he kills it and those drums sound sick.

"Serial Killers Vol. 1" by Xzibit, B-Real & Demrick [Mixtape Stream]

Happy Halloween! If you can't already feel the eery mood in the air, Xzibit, B-Real & Demrick are here to supply it. The collaboration of the 3 emcees forms the group Serial Killers, and this self-titled project is their first. It features some joints produced by ILL BILL, C-Lance, Green Lantern, Statik Selektah, and features verses from Jon Connor, Hopsin, Kurupt & a couple others. Check it.

"The Underworld" by Reel Wolf ft. Apathy, Bizarre, Celph Titled, PMD & Sean Strange (of The Goondox), ILL Bill, King Gordy, Reef the Lost Cauze, SID (of metal band Slipknot), Slaine, Swifty Mcvay, Tech N9ne & Vinnie Paz

"It's kill or be killed, so watch out for the villain, he's ill/
I'm slinging raps, swinging bats like I'm in little league still/
Sniffin cocaine off a coin with Kennedy's grill/
Cough from a joint, but I'm crushin' my enemy's will/"

Can't say I'm a fan of every verse in this track. But a lot of it is pretty dope. I'm pretty sure Reel Wolf is a video production group who does work for a lot of the people in this video. They released this video which presents a bunch of dope underground artists. Somethin' worth checkin' if you like raw underground hip hop.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Rap Is Outta Control Freestyle by Ransom

"This money's makin me devilish, you can tell that I live this/
Since money's the root of evil, I went through hell to get it/
I swear it smells exquisite/
Revenge is served cold because my cell was frigid, got no mail and visits/"

The other night on Twitter, Vinnie Paz had a Q&A with his fans to celebrate his latest release. One of the fans asked him if there's any artists he'd like to work with, and he named Ransom. If you listen to this freestyle, you begin to understand why. They both have the talent to compile multi-syllable rhymes and they both like to vividly paint you a chaotic picture through their lyrics. Ransom's definitely underrated cuz he's got bars for days. Check it.

"Public School" by Tech N9ne

"A lot of truancy cuz they couldn't influence me/
to fluently spew it, but you couldn't do it congruently/
So I learned culture, rock music, rockin while I rock out that coca/,
Pac on my poster!"

Here's a new cut from Tech's upcoming Therapy EP. This one's gotta blend of heavy metal music, rap lyrics and Krizz Kaliko. This is way different from Tech's usual work, but the music still sounds good. I'm not sure if those lyrics are one hundred percent but I think I did a pretty good job. Check it.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

"Remixxes" by Redman [Mixtape Stream]

Redman dropped this mixtape today entitled "Remixxes". It features a bunch of remixes over beats by artists such as Eminem, Busta Rhymes, Kanye West, Game, Dead Prez, and a few more. Check it!

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

"Omerta" by The Godfathers (Kool G Rap x Necro)

"Tucked chromy in the tuxedo, tussle lonely/
Like fuck any tough Tony, plus his homies/
Thug hobby, clown you, Bobby Brown, tenderoni/
Leave ya mom's head in ya bed, we don't touch ponies/"

Here's a new track from Kool G Rap and Necro, who are now The Godfathers. They're collaborating to release an album on November 19 entitled "Once Upon A Crime". I don't really like Necro's verses, but the beat's sick and he probably produced it. Kool G Rap's verses were sick too so I decided to post it anyway. Check it.

"Sam Peckinpah" by RA the Rugged Man ft. Vinnie Paz & Sadat X [Music Video]

"Designed frequency, I'm a holy divine lyrical deity/
Even atheists and heathens and non-believers believe in me/
The punk ass devil was born soft, I'll piledrive him like Paul Orndorff/
Steal his pitchfork and rip his horns off, I'm the born force/"

RA the Rugged Man just released the video for one of my favourite tracks from Legends Never Die, "Sam Peckinpah". Vinnie and Sadat X had to bring their talent and their suits for this shit as they try to re-create a setting of the past. Check it.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

"Not for Nothing" by Koncept [Music Video]

"Now re-route it, speed through it a flat fare/
Imagine just alone what has changed in the past year/
Could look but I'll never see the heart that I find in you/
This food never tastes like the plate in my dining room/"

Here's some more new shit from Koncept. This track's fucking sick. The video, the beat and the verses are all done really well. Sounds like some venting being done over the Numonics produced beat. This joint's from Koncept's new "Live On" EP which was released yesterday. Check it.

"Is Happiness Just A Word?" by Vinnie Paz ft. Yes Alexander [Music Video]

"I'm watching life as a spectator/
I can't help myself even thought I possess data/
It's not a part of my spirit to wanna test nature/
You think you know what I'm feeling cousin, then let's wager/"

Boxcutter Pazie has feelings too. This song's deep. I really like when Vinnie makes deep songs like this one. He's good at choosing beats and finding a proper singer for the chorus. Not sure if I personally like this Yes Alexander bitch's voice, but it does suit the beat well. Either way this song's pretty sick, and schools you on the symptoms of a disorder that you may not be familiar with. This is from Vinnie Paz's upcoming Carry on Tradition EP which drops exactly one week from today.

"Hop is Back" by Hopsin [Music Video]

"Don't think you raw just cuz you got success/
I'll uppercut you're ass so many times you'll look like you was nodding yes/
I'm the only child that my mom regrets, probly best/
That you don't buy my album, save your money yo, do not invest/"

It's finally here. An official music video to boost the hype before Hopsin releases Knock Madness on November 26. The video quality's pretty sick for this, and you can tell a lot of effort went into it. I dunno if I like the chorus, it sounds too much like that Funk Volume 2013 track, but whatever. He takes shots at some popular artists as well and impersonated one of em pretty good. Classic Hopsin. Check it.

Friday, 18 October 2013

"Wings" by Koncept ft. J57

"If you see a bag of weed on the floor what the fuck you gon do?
(Pick it up, Pick it up)
And if you don't know the answer to that question muhfucka what the fuck I'm gon do?
(Fuck you up, fuck you up)"

New Koncept track dropped a few days ago featuring J57. As always these guys picked a dope beat to both murder. Not sure if this is from a project or not but its definitely worth a listen!

"Against All Odds" by Crooked I

"You can hear my lifes pain in the way I spit/
Think I give a fuck if a DJ play my shit?/
Or like my shit, put it in the club, hype my shit/
I write my shit, real niggas recite my shit/"

Crooked I just dropped this track, following up after he murdered his verse for the BET Cyphers. This one's gotta smooth west coast sounding beat, and Crooked kills it as usual, check it.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

"Tie Breaker" by Naturally Born Strangers [Rich Kidd, Adam Bomb & Tona]

"Painting of her idol on her bedroom wall/
Got her thinkin' bout her nephew Paul/
His health problems, a scholarship to college she could get through ball/
But coach says she's just too small/"

Awww yeah. Some dope Canadian shit right here. Rich Kidd, Tona & Adam Bomb are three emcees from Toronto who've joined forces to create "Naturally Born Strangers". They're collaborating to make a self-titled project which will be released on October 30. Not sure if this is from the project, but I thought the Rich Kidd production was sick, and the verses had some cool storytelling going on. Adam Bomb is such a good writer. Check it.

"Feels Good" by Wax [Music Video]

"I know talented musicians on the ground floor/
Lookin up at me like 'what the fuck you feeling down for?'/
How come compared to smiling you always frown more/
Pussy I'm at UPS workin, wearing these brown shorts/"

The title of this song describes what it's like to listen to. It's got an uplifting beat and Wax kills it as usual. The catchy hook makes the song complete, and after murking that BET cypher, this video is perfect to re-establish why he was there in the first place. Sick track, check it.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher ft. Slaughterhouse

Here's another crazy cypher from the BET Hip Hop Awards. These guys are always on point and they didn't slow down for this performance at all. Check it.

BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher ft. Jon Connor, Rittz, Wax, Rapsody & Emis Killa

I didn't watch the BET Hip Hop Awards because I checked all of the nominees for all of the categories and decided it probably wouldn't interest me. But some of these cyphers are dope. This is just one that I liked, but you can click here if you'd like to check out the other ones. I thought Wax, Rittz and Jon Connor killed this shit. Check it.

"The Danger" by Stu Bangas & Esoteric ft. Celph Titled, Vinnie Paz & Apathy [Music Video]

"Cut out the racket, you're ratchet, I'll beat you ragged/
I'm a rabid dungeon dragon that's drooling battery acid/
I'm ravenous, Ap is savage, my raps are the most blasphemous/
Black magic, or Black Sabbath singing bible passages/"

This beat is a fuckin grimy one. I really like the main sample, and they added a really powerful Breaking Bad sample which fits extremely well with the beat. They all had some sick verse to lay over it as well, and Vinnie added a dope chorus. This is the first track from Esoteric & Stu Bangas' November 26 release, "Machete Mode".

Monday, 14 October 2013

"Rap God" by Eminem

"So you be Thor, and I'll be Odin, you rodent, I'm omnipotent/
Let off the nine, reloadin' immediately with these bombs I'm totin'/
And I should not be woken, I'm the walking dead, but I'm just a talking head, a zombie floatin'/
But I got ya Mom deepthroatin!/"

Alright so this track makes things interesting after the two previous MMLP2 releases. I didn't like Berzerk, and Survival was alright but I wasn't feelin' the beat. After a few listens, I think this new Rap God track is better than both. There's still a few weird parts, but man... Eminem's delivery in this shit is dope. A lot of sick rhymes in there, and it sounds more like what Eminem's music should sound like in 2013. But yea, the title of this song speaks for itself. Check it.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

"Hollywood" by Game ft. Scarface

"Guns in both hands, fiends smoking' rock outta Coke cans/
Seduced by that white girl, Marylin Monroe-mance/
You see the city right, you got some weed and a molly? good/
Now take your bitch ass to Hollywood/"

Game dropped a new project outta nowhere, entitled "OKE". This is a bonus track from the project which features Scarface. I like the mellow beat, and they both had some sick verses. Check it.

"Legends Never Die" by Xzibit & B Real ft. Ea$y Money

"I do it for the one's who supported the dream/
And livin' every second of their lives as a part of my team/
It took the heart of a lion, the crown of a king, the ring of a don/
To keep the reign alive when you sing em a song/"

Another track by the Serial Killers, minus that Demrick dude. This one's gotta mellow radio sound to it. It seems kinda off but I don't mind it at all. The Serial Killers self titled project releases on Halloween. Check it.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

"Some Things Never Change" by Chamillionaire

"Them broke dreams, them hoop dreams are just hope dreams/
That's the way that I look at y'all when y'all talk to me like y'all know things/
Weaklings like dope fiends, that'll lie and tell ya they'll go clean/
Don't really look like they eatin' great but they tellin' y'all that that's protein/"

Chamillionaire dropped another track today, and it's dope as hell. This is such a smooth song but he keeps it intense through his verses. Songs like this are what make me a Chamillionaire fan. Check it.

"Hiccup" by Tech N9ne [Link to Stream]

1. "The Ghost (Therapy Skit One)"
2. "Public School (featuring Krizz Kaliko)"
3. "Head Now (featuring Bernz & Wrekonize)"
4. "Hiccup"
5. "Therapy Skit Two"
6. "Shame on Me (featuring Caroline Dupuy Heerwagen)"
7. "Jacob Wells Message (skit)"
8. "When Demons Come (featuring Tyler Lyon)"
9. "Therapy Skit Three"
10. "I.L.L."
11. "Stop the Sailor"

Remember, remember, the 5th of November. This November's gonna be sick. Releases from Eminem, Hopsin and Tech N9ne. This Tech project's probably gonna stand out, just for what it is. "Therapy" is a full rock/rap EP produced by Ross Robinson, who's worked with the likes of Korn, Slipknot and Limp Bizkit. It might be weird, but it'll be interesting to hear regardless. I don't have a way to stream this "Hiccup" track, but I have the link. It's the first song revealed from the upcoming EP, and is featured on Rolling Stone.

Click Here To Listen To "Hiccup" by Tech N9ne

"We Turned Out Alright" by Dizzy Wright ft. Wyclef Jean [Music Video]

"One method, I wake and bake before breakfast/
So hectic, the media be so reckless/

Try to bring the peace and leave the drama where you left it/
Say you keep it real, then why stress it?/"

Some new visuals from a Golden Age track, featuring and produced by Wyclef Jean. It's gotta cool vibe to it and the verses were pretty sick. Check out Dizzy Wright's latest mixtape, "The Golden Age".

"Heart Attack" by Kool G Rap & Necro (The Godfathers) [Music Video]

"KGR, Necro, we comin through this bitch/
Come flyin through the strip like you the shit/
Get lost like a plane out of tower range that flew through Bermuda mist/
Walk around in the ghetto, metal heavy as ??? is/"

Another new alliance in hip hop is the collaboration of Kool G Rap & Necro. This is the first track I've heard from them as The Godfathers, and it's not bad. Necro seems to be working with his influences lately. The last video I seen by him was a track he did with DMC. The Godfathers have an album coming out on November 19 which is entitled "Once Upon A Crime".

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

"1996" by Ransom [Music Video]

"You know the script, was freezing when it was cold as shit/
Winter time, stayed with a runny nose cuz my coat was ripped/
And niggas noticed it, said I was poor as hell/
That's what I rap with such vision, cuz I got more to tell/"

Ransom just released this video for a track from his recently released project with Statik Selektah, "The Proposal". Check the album out on iTunes.

"Thank God" by Krizz Kaliko [Music Video]

"Seem like we saving the rap from the pay per plays in the back/
When the paper stays in the sack/
You hear what they play on the airwaves, Strange'll say that it's wack/
Till we save Earth from that/"

This shit's sick lol. Krizz Kaliko's smooth singing allows him to keep his music really diverse. So every time he drops a record, I'm never sure what to expect. Same shit happened with this song, and he was killin his rapping parts. This song's from his recently released album, "Son of Sam". Check it.

"Serial Killers" by Xzibit, Demrick & B Real [Music Video]

"Never had gratitude, young and jaded/
And I guess that's why my M.O. was drunk and faded/
The way I got here is so complicated/
From way back in the day I felt obligated/"

Xzibit, Demrick & B-Real have combined forces to form the trio, "Serial Killers". This is the track/video to launch the group to the public, and give you a preview of the upcoming mixtape which drops on Halloween. The mixtape will be available for free download at

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

"Keep The Change" by Caskey [Music Video]

"What's a man without some principles to stand by?/
A good girl beat a bad bitch by a landslide/
They'll never know about your life doin' 3 minute songs/
So when you gotta tell 'em leave you alone they'll take it wrong/"

New video from my favourite YMCMB artist, the outcast from the rest of em, but probably the most insightful. Caskey strolls through the city, venting in these new visuals for Track 12 from his latest mixtape, "The Transient Classics". One of the better cuts from the mixtape, in my opinion. Check it.

"Cheers From the Crowd" by Joell Ortiz [Music Video]

"That's over, God shined his light, every rhyme I write's/
For my homies behind the wall that's forced to fly a kite/
For my homies not here at all up in the sky with Nikes/
Steppin' through heaven, reppin' they checkin' my thoughts when I cry at night/"

Another Shady army release for y'all. This time it's from Mr. Yaowa. I'm digging this joint, it's got the perfect beat to compliment what Joell was tryna say in the track. Now all I'm waiting on is this BET Slaughterhouse cypher. Check it.

"Survival" by Eminem ft. Liz Rodriguez [Music Video]

"Plus I can just walk up to a mic and just bust/
So, door's open if you'd like to discuss/
Top 5 in this muhfucka and if I don't make the cut/
What, like I give a fuck, I'ma light this bitch up like I'm driving a truck through the side of a pump/"

Not really a fan of this beat. But I prefer Eminem's lyrics in this track over that Berzerk track that everyone's raving about. Combining a gritty backdrop with scenes from the upcoming Call of Duty: Ghosts, Eminem dropped some visuals for the single. Check it.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

"Time Travel" by Dead Prez ft. Busta Rhymes, Black Thought, Bun B & Tr!x

"Boy don't mess with us like Texas/
Y'all jokers, Mike Epps'/
Pack a toaster just like breakfast/
Y'all talk dirty, I write reckless/"

This is a sick collab. Everybody sounds so clear and refined on this track. I'm loving Black Thought's part cuz it's not too often you hear him murk a beat like this. The chorus is kinda weak but the rest makes up for it. Check it.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Live From The Streets: Mr Green ft. Matisyahu, Benefit & Kyon Williams

Here's another addition to Mr Green's unique "Live from the Streets" series. I think this one's really dope. I haven't heard anything from Benefit in a looong ass time. But he spits some really dope verses over the beat made by Mr Green and Kyon Williams. Check it!

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

"The Star Room" by Mac Miller [Music Video]

"As time's a waistin', I'm freebasin' with freemasons/
My girl's switching the locks, the keys keep changing/
Dreamin' of places, my own personal creations/
If there's a party in heaven, I plan to leave wasted/"

Man, Mac Miller's sicker than ever. From what I've heard of his recent shit, he's bringing a new sound to the game. It's a lil off, and it's damn weird, but I like it. It definitely sounds like some drug induced inspiration, which I can dig fo sho. This video re-visits the same room from the last video I remember him dropping, this time it's darker and distorted. Not sure what that means, but it's a dope release regardless. Check it!

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

"Don't Call Me" by Rakim & DMX

"I idolize my father, he taught me to survive the horror/
cuz times is harder, the skies is darker/
look through the eyes of a snake, see inside the monster, to rise need to divide and conquer/
if it's all about money I don't respect your power, that's weak/
they deprive and devour, they cowards you ask me/"
Awww yeaa. I thought this was such a sick conglomeration of a lot of elements. You got Rakim bringing his legendary lyrical skills and wisdom, DMX bringing his raw energy, and a woman with a hot voice bringing in the hook. I wish it said her name so I wouldn't have to call her "woman." Anyways, the beat was crazy too bringing in that guitar solo. DMX looked a little goofy screaming and grabbing his head during it but it was still epic. I really liked the all around feel of the video too, with close ups on the guitar and just showin em in the studio. Some real hip-hop shit. Check it out.

Friday, 27 September 2013

"Lost Beats Volume 1" by Memorecks

Here's a cool video of Toronto producer, Memorecks, breaking it down on the MPC 1000. It's 11 minutes and features several beats, performed live. Check it out!

Thursday, 26 September 2013

"Rock The Bells Cypher" ft. G-Mo Skee, Demrick, Thurz & Cashis

TeamBackPack just dropped this new cypher featuring four very talented emcees rippin' the mic at Rock the Bells. Check it.

"Chainsaw" by Madchild ft. Slaine [Music Video]

"Break into a fit, little Incredible Hulk/
My lyrics' bullets riddle you with metal assault/
Listen up bitch, I can spit a mouthful/
Turn it up until my voice is blaring through your household/"

Ye yea. Madchild dropped some new visuals for this track from Lawnmower Man featuring Slaine. He put a bit more effort into this video than usual, and this one has a little plot to it before it gets started. I still haven't heard this album, but this track is raw. Check it.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Government Whistleblower Exposes MK Ultra Pt. 1 & 2 ["Who Killed Hip Hop" by Prince EA]

Alright, so I'm a little confused with this one myself. About a week ago, I seen this first video of this Robert Connors guy, claiming to have inside information about the government's secret plan to fuck with black people's minds by tainting mainstream hip hop music. Watch the videos now and I'll continue below.

So yeah. We now see that this whole situation has been used to market Prince Ea's latest single which is based on the same idea. I thought it was pretty dope and he chose a clever way to gain a reaction from people. So now I'm just wondering about Robert Connors. He seemed pretty serious bout his shit. Was this all some fictional work to push a new Prince Ea single? I'd feel bad for him if he's actually serious and wants to release some top secret info. Haha we'll have to wait and see.

"Don't Shoot" by Chamillionaire

"The other day, I heard my mother say she had a dream that the president would take us to a world war/
I heard somebody else say, 'when it does happen, then hopefully they'll put it up on WorldStar'/
Murdah, Zimmerman hopped in his car then he swerved off/
Murdah, crazy how the world will hit you with a curve ball/"

Fuck yeah. Chamillionaire dropped this gem today, givin' the fans something to think about. Keepin' the flow and rhymes on point, he spits his analysis of the state of current situations. Not sure if this is from a project or not, but if it is I'll eventually end up posting more info. Check it.

"Seven Chakras" by CES Cru [Music Video]

"What's beautiful, what's good to you/
What's worth the process it puts you through/
Can't shake the pain on the day to day,
It all fades away when I look at you/"

I'm a lil disappointed in how this video turned out, but that's because this is one of my favourites from "Constant Energy Struggles". I felt like a video for this song coulda used a theme or an idea. Maybe there is one and I just can't figure it out, who knows. I think the lighting of the colours they used were all associated with the seven chakras, but I coulda thought of that. Lol maybe I'm hatin' cuz my expectations, as a fan, were too high. Dope song regardless. Check it.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

"Audio Barricade" by Prozak

"Sometimes I really think I'm losin it, I don't really know what I would do without the therapy of music/
Therapeutic, no substitute it, can't erase the pain but sure helps subdue it/
Helps me to get through, dismiss my issues, gives me a lift to a place that's less blue/
Sort of like a force field that protects you, audio barricade I suggest you..."
I thought this song and video were really cool after I just returned to school cuz I definitely know about turning about that audio barricade. No matter what's going on in your life, I know throwing on them headphones can be a life saver. We gotta take the power of sound more seriously. Just like Prozak says at the end "Turn it up, watch it all just fade away."

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

"Rage" by Young Buck

"Best friend's obituary on the dashboard/
I see his face in the glass as I fast forward/
Not in my kids life so I ask, Lord/
Stop me from makin' these people empty out this cash drawer/"

New track released from Young Buck. Not sure what project this is from, if it's from one at all. Just postin' it cuz I haven't heard a track from Buck in a while, and it's actually a sick one. Check it.

"God Bless" by Vinnie Paz

"I will kill a motherfucker, that is plainly sad/
And that's the 13th chapter to engage the dead/
The most confidential part of what the Vader said/
It's a Vietnam song, Vinnie, take his head/"

So I just found out Vinnie Paz is gonna be droppin' an eight track EP on October 29th. The EP's called "Carry on Tradition" and features songs with Jarren Benton, G-Mo Skee, Slaine, Blacastan and more. Here's the first release from the EP. BOXCUTTER PAZIEEE!

Friday, 6 September 2013

"Don't Piss Me Off" by Mac Lethal ft. Chamillionaire

"Like Mike Tyson, I beat it up until she couldn't walk/
And told her if she isn't tryna fornicate she shouldn't talk/
I never spoil her/
I just tell her all the Breaking Bad spoilers/"

Found this today. Thought it was an odd collaboration but it turned out to be an alright song. They both kill it, speaking down on fake mainstream rappers. Check it.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

"First Chain" by Papoose [Big Sean Diss]

"I figured out why you so skinny, then I got over it/
Pusha must be sellin' the crack, and you smokin' it/
Anorexic describe the way that you spit/
On your album cover it look like you takin' a shit/"

So Papoose just dropped this diss track to Big Sean over his own beat. I'm not sure what lead up to this, and I didn't hear bout any beef between them. Kinda caught me off guard lol. Here's the track anyway.

"Left In the Deck" by Brother Ali [Album Stream]

Brother Ali just dropped this project, "Left In the Deck", for the fans to stream for free. The only catch is you gotta listen to it cassette style haha. I was not expecting this project, didn't know anything of it until today actually. But I can't wait to listen through it because I know Brother Ali's a beast. Check this shit!

Side A
Dial Tone
Grandma And Them
Digital Age
Never Stoppin'
Not A Day Goes By

Side B
Well Okay
Phantom Of The Opera
Rapper Thing
Devil's Arms

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

"The Dangerous Three" by RA The Rugged Man ft. Brother Ali & Masta Ace [Music Video]

"I'm straight raw, cocaine, natural/
You that flesh eating veterinarian drug used to de-worm cattle/
The same way Big flipped mics, I'mma show you how I run things/
I'm the Don, Corleone, Cornelius, Trump, King/"

Some new visuals for this "Legends Never Die" collaboration dropped today. RA brings Brother Ali and Masta Ace back to the time of tommy guns and fly suits. Looks like they probly had a lot of fun filming this shit. Check it.

"Time" by Loaded Lux

"Whole 'nother different arrangement/
So much for people with hope for the system changing/
Shorties in the stories of glory and livin' dangerous/
Ain't nothin' bout it, colorful flowers and pretty paintings/"

ANOTHER new mixtape that just dropped is "You Gon Get This Work" by Loaded Lux. Now I really don't know much bout this guy, but I've seen some of his battles n shit on YouTube. So I seen that he'd dropped this mixtape and this song stuck out to me. The beat's nice and mellow and his lyrics flow smooth over it. This dude has some nice storytelling abilities haha check it.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

KOTD World Domination 4 Recap Pt. 1

This video's cool just to see a little bit of what goes on behind a KOTD event. I honestly didn't think they had as much effort put into these events as they do, so this was interesting for me to watch. Check it.

"Definition" by Malik B (Produced by Mr. Green)

"I'm from an age of relevance, based on benevolence/
Laced with intelligence, grace like an elephant/
Cooler than a pelican, I still remain elegant/
?????? ya block never sell again/"

Malik B of the legendary Roots crew has teamed up with Jersey producer Mr. Green for this single entitled "Definition". It's got a simple boom-bap beat to it, some simple scratching in the chorus, and some raw vocals from Malik B.

"Your Honor" by Fat Joe ft. Action Bronson

"CO's slide me cell phones, speak Italian/
With my capo, Jesus medallion's extravagant/
Sittin' in the Porsche like I'm Tony M/
Niggas try to X me out, shoot me off the podium/"

Another mixtape that's released recently is Fat Joe's "Darkside III". I haven't had the chance to listen through this one yet, but I just heard this one featuring Action Bronson, and it's pretty dope. DJ Premier on the beat which makes it even better. Chiggy check!

"World Peace" by Dizzy Wright [Music Video]

"Agree to disagree/
Judge me cuz I'd rather have them legalize a plant than feed the people nicotine/
Sell the devil's juice and they gon' support it by any means/
On they TV screens, nigga please/
I represent world peace/"

Recently shared this song, and Dizzy Wright ended up droppin' some visuals for it the other day. This is one of my favourites from "The Golden Age". The video gave life to the feel-good vibe of the song. Check it.

"Seen Some Things" by Caskey ft. Rittz

"So sick of feeling disconnected/
Every day I wake up pissed, feeling misdirected/
You ever been lost like you didn't know the reason you was still here/
And you getting flashbacks in the wheelchair/"

I originally checked this track out to hear Rittz' verse, but I was feelin' Caskey's parts as well. I ended up checkin' his "Transient Classics" mixtape, and a few songs aren't really the kind of rap music I'm into, but there's a few songs I like. Regardless of it all, he's got some dope lyrics and his flow's nice. I'm just not a fan of some of the clubbish beats which kinda ruin certain songs for me. But you can click here to download the mixtape to listen for yourself since my opinion doesn't mean shit lol.

"September 3, 2013" by Promise NYC

"Niggas think they Suge or Puff, but they really Sugar Puffs/
Poppin' mollys, now they think they Pac in Cali/
Mockin' the style of Makaveli, lock me in a cage with a crocodile/
I'll come out smilin' like Miley/"

Here's another crazy freestyle by PromiseNYC which is once again, named after the date. And still has more replay value than 90% of the bullshit out there. This guy's fuckin' crazy, and if he's not planning on keepin' his drops consistent, he's spoiling his fans right now haha. This one's over a Busta Rhymes beat if I'm not mistaken. Check it.

"Drug Shit" by Action Bronson

"Get my nuts out your mouth, let me breathe for a minute please/
Your life is cheap like a hooker in the Phillipines/
About to be a huge star and I'm still in Queens/
You on the shelf like a figurine/"

New Action Bronson shit. Don't really follow this guy much, but I thought this song was dope. I like the beat and Bronson kills it lyrically while still maintaining his sense of humour. Check it.

Monday, 2 September 2013

"September 2, 2013" by PromiseNYC

"How can an angel survive in this world of monsters/
If God's real, when I die it's gonna be awkward/
Sayin' prayers to somebody who ain't playin' fair/
You really think God's protecting you? Why you still scared?/"

I think this might be the first PromiseNYC post on this page, and it's long overdue. PromiseNYC has been around for quite a while, and randomly pops up outta nowhere with new dope music. His style is one of a kind. In the future, this track's probably the only thing I'll remember of September 2, 2013.

Friday, 30 August 2013

"Love 2 Dislike Me" by Tech N9ne ft. Liz Suwandi & Tyler Lyon

"I'm mad as hell, Cuz I wanna be back when we had it well/
All this static's problematic like grabbin' a rabbit's tail/
And it's nightly, too much messin' with my psyche/
Had enough hugs but you fight me, so you must love 2 dislike me/"

It's been a while, but I'm back. After some difficulties with my Internet Service Provider, I'm back on the internet. Look out web nerds. I got some raw shit for ya. Here's some visuals for another "Something Else" track. I feel like Tech's gettin' a lil too comfy in that mask of his, but that's just another great thing about being independent. Freedom to wear whatever the fuck you want! By the way, is that Slaine pretending he's Tyler Lyon?

Friday, 23 August 2013

"Scars" by Krizz Kaliko ft. Tech N9ne

"Sick and tired of being sick and tired/
Life ain't always a party, but we gotta do it cuz it's required/
And it cuts like a knife, and I gotta get the beast outta my life/
And it sucks when the suffering's steadily buffering/"

Another Strange addition. Krizz Kaliko just dropped this video to a song from his upcoming album, "Son of Sam", which drops on Tuesday. I think this song sounds sick, and I'm glad Tech didn't get too carried away with it. Check it.

North Philly Freestyle by Slaughter Rico [Live from the Streets]

"Can't afford to be a day late, or a dollar short/
No more family, court let's commonwealth take me for child support/
Little tot was taught to think the wisest thoughts/
I said a prayer over my father's corpse, cuz every day I pray for God's remorse/"

Slaughter Rico is unlike any other. I first heard of this guy from my cousin who showed me his "5 Dolla Nigga" video. I thought he was dope as fuck, but he rarely drops new content. This video's brought to you by producer Mr. Green, and is a unique addition to his "Live from the Streets" series. It's sick to see Slaughter Rico spittin' some new shit, and putting his emotion into it. His deranged, eye-flickering emotion..

Backroom Freestyle @ 106 & Park by Rittz

"Reppin for the underground until I'm in the graveyard/
They've been rooting for me on the TV screen/
White, got soul like a BB King, a rockstar, like I'm B Springsteen/
You wanna battle? Ring the bell homie, ding ding ding/"

White Jesus was recently featured on BET's 106 & Park to spit some heat in The Backroom. I didn't really like the beat, but as always, Rittz spittz some crazy shit. They should feature this guy on TV more often.

Friday, 16 August 2013

"World Peace" by Dizzy Wright

"Man we all started from the bottom, started with a problem/
Before I was ever crawlin', I was born into my miseries/
Came out with my hidden talents, now the rest is history/
Ridin', but if you ain't providin', that don't mean shit to me/"

Dizzy Wright has a new mixtape coming up on the 19th of August, entitled "The Golden Age". He released this track from the upcoming project today and I was feelin' it. Look out for The Golden Age at