Tuesday, 26 November 2013

"Bad4Ya" by Caskey

"Let the television develop my vision, this one hell of a prison that I am standing inside/
Capitalism capitalizing on my condition, every time these ads circulates I'm making decisions/
And being taught what to choose, being taught to consume, fear is all they ever promote inside of the news/
and I'm confused with they motives, diffuse with the bogus, the locusts inside the field ain't necessary to grow it/"
I been really liking Caksey in the last little while, he's right where I am right now, totally disillusioned with our system and not knowing where the fuck I'm going. If you're feeling the same I would highly suggest you check out The Transient Classics. This guy is like the most intellectual and non-materialistic dude signed to YMCMB and I'm loving that he's kind of remaining under the radar and undermining what I would argue are the pretty ignorant messages YMCMB usually puts out.

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