Tuesday, 26 November 2013

"Too Much Information" by Caskey

"Times of evolution evolve to times of revolution/
I'm hear in a time full of mass confusion, saying my goodbyes at the last reunion/
I don't wanna be the one to pass the blueprint, I say lay waste to the institutions/
Give a little taste of what angst of youth is, and truth is... truth is/
We been putting up with too much for too long, every time somebody say they good I say "Boy what is you on?"
Alright so this is another one of my favourite songs off The Transient Classics and turns out it has a video too. Caskey is seriously a real intelligent dude and I'm sharing the message he's sharing with you because we need to stop seeing this as just a message that will always be around. People are upset with this system almost everywhere in the world and we need to start making more of our realizations into action. Earth is reaching a critical period where we are going to be fighting for resources and there's a very small group of people who have been planning for this for a long time. Will you be ready to know how to adapt to a new way of life that hasn't been anything like the past? Be aware.

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