Thursday, 30 August 2012

"Asylum" by Slaughterhouse ft. Eminem

"You brag about swag, and your feminine trends/
I belittle your riddles, you skittles with M&M's friends/
So I ain't tryna play with you/
This chainsaw'll crack jokes on Cain's brother bruh, 'Diss-Abel' you/

This track is fucking sick. The beat has some of that old school Slim Shady feel to it. I always get disappointed when they mention Eminem as a feature, and he just does the chorus. But whatever, sometimes it's better when he doesn't drop a sixteen. House Gang murdered this shit though. They all sound so intense with their whispering voices lol. But it's pretty much just raw lyricism and Royce's funny lines. One thing I wanna know though. Where the fuck is Joe Beezy?

"Earregular" by Tech N9ne

"I know that my style is different/
Meanwhile, I get frowns, and lips bent/
He better know, we let her go, flee, never throw glee at a hoe/
See that a pro, will make the sounds breaking down the distance/"

With only a few days until this release of Tech's newest EP, E.B.A.H., fans have been patiently waiting to hear the sound of this mysterious project. This morning I found a track from the EP, which was also previewed in a promotional video for the CD. It's called "Earregular", which is how a lot of parts in this song sound. I liked the lyrics for the chorus, but that god damn chipmunk voice in the background ruined it for me.  On the upside, the beat was really cool, and Tech killed his verses. With lots of weird flavour included in it, of course.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

"Klick Clack Bang" Live at Strange Music HQ by Ces Cru

"What am I, the heavy handed hitter here we go, I keep a couple in the clip for y'all/
we can get it poppin', thats the only option, guess I'm shootin from the fuckin' hip at y'all/
Cut you open, hoping somebody gotta Shamwow, blood about to hit the wall/
I can see it comin cousin like I'm starin back at you from inside a crystal ball"
I don't have alot to say, I'm bored and tired and we never put shit on here often enough so I'm just throwin some sick new shit up. These guys are a sick pair, fuckin killed this mini performance and it sounds like a sick song. Ces Cru man, perfect fit for the Strange crew.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Crooked I presents C.O.B. Cypher 2012

Man this is some crazy shit. I knew C.O.B took rap really seriously but this was some non stop real shit. I didn't really wanna say alot cuz stuff like this speaks for itself but there was some specific moments worth seeing since the video is long. The first sequence by the crew in blue was put together so sick with them passing back and forth between eachother. Every single one of them rips shit apart too. There was a couple emcees who I thought were weak links in the whole video but for the most part every one was beast. A couple stood out to me in particular. In the second sequence with the Microphone beat there is a white guy who looks like a total goof the whole time reppin shit in the back but at approximatley 5: 50 he jumps in and raps like a crazy mother fucker. Turns out his name is PWT. He was so into it and enthusiastic and it made him look pretty funny but he was still pretty crazy. Finally, the very last emcee, ONE-2, who appears at approximately 8: 32 fricken kills his verse and ends the whole video off sickk. Not puttin any lyrics down for this one, way too many dope parts. Check it out!

"Creed of the Greedier" by La Coka Nostra

"It's the return of the assassin, I believe in the Creed of the Greedier/
Bash in your skull with guns, I'm deceiving the media/
Look at the web of lies that I keep weaving immediate/
Breathing the weed, speeding, I ain't hittin' medians either/"

This beat is fucking sick. This track is from the recently released, "Masters of the Dark Arts". It's the 3rd track I've heard from the album so far, and it's probably the best one. Slaine and Ill Bill both had sick verses, but this Danny Boy guy doesn't really fit in. That's just my opinion though. I was also thinking the scenes in between the fucked up "storyline" of the video looked exactly like the footage from another video they just released, "Mind Your Business". It just made the video seem less original. But anyways, check it out.

"The Empire" by Iron Solomon ft.Talib Kweli

"Different backgrounds, but we came through the same struggle/
Dreamin' of fame, we wrote our names on the train tunnels/
Runnin' round the city like rats in crawlspaces/
Catchin' court cases for jackin' North Faces/"

I found this track from another blog page that I contribute posts to, FORM (which is also a very interesting page that you should check out). I've heard Iron Solomon from YouTube rap battles, but I haven't really sent my attention towards his music. I really liked the feel of the beat, which was produced by Iron Solomon, and the video contained a lot of interesting snapshots of NYC. Talib Kweli drops an alright verse as well, but my favourite part of the song is the 3rd verse, during the vintage film part of the video.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

"Mourning in America" by Brother Ali

"Now that society forgot you/
And they locked you in an obstacle course where nothing's possible/
If you slip up and they caught you/
They got boxes where they lock you, make a million dollars off you/"

Ever since I heard this guy's album, "Us", I've been a fan of his music. Brother Ali is a very talented artist with his own unique sound. I've also seen him actually freestyle, and he's insane off the top. But anyways, these are just a few reasons why I'm excited for his upcoming album, "Mourning in America and Dreaming in Colour". This track right here, "Mourning in America" is one of the few releases from the album that drops on September 18, 2012. The Jake One production is sick as usual, with a kind of evil, yet upbeat feel to it. Which goes along with all of the shit Brother Ali spits about. This is some deep shit.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

"The World is Not Enough" by Asher Roth

"But they sayin "Ash, Chill yo, this isn't the time"/
Well when is it?/
Our people been evicted from homes they grew up in, but nobody cares to listen/
Man, it's pretty sick, they try to vilify religions/
And pit us against each other, when nobody's really different/"

Whasssup readers?! Found a sick new track this morning on HipHopDX from the always lyrical, Asher Roth. The sampled beat has such a relaxing feel to it, and Roth only helped make it sound better. He covers a lot of different topics, sharing his view on the shit in the world that keep us at the bottom. Religion, crime, politics, money, drugs, and fucked up people. He talks about it all, and makes it all flow into a crazy masterpiece of rhyming perfection. I wish I could wake up to a song like this every morning. Check that shit son!

Friday, 3 August 2012

Epic Video Game Raps by Dan Bull

"In the name of the Nords, I pray to the Lords, you all get a taste of the blade of my sword/
I'm taking on hordes of enemies, I face them with hoards of weaponry/
They're draining my force so chemistry, comes into play with retorts and recipes/
Alchemixing like a DJ, restoration, restore my energy!"

"A bird of prey, with Terminator's murder rate, I'm serving plates/
Of pain up like a perverse buffet, take you to the Pearly Gates/
I'll impersonate a passerby, you wouldn't bat an eye/
Until your circulations pacified, so practiced I couldn't count the crimes I've perpetrated"

So this post may be a little bit out of the ordinary but we're about talent here at Eternal Cadence and this guy definitely has some. I myself enjoy video games and anyone else out there who is a gamer as well as a hip hop head should love this shit. This guy Dan Bull is a beast at lyrics and breaks down some of my favourite games like a seasoned rapper. Even the beats are crazy and originally made from music from the games. The Skyrim beat is particularly epic. This might not be some shit you'd bump on your Ipod but seeing how sick this guy is I figure if he gets enough support maybe one day he'll quit rappin about video games and maybe just start chasing the hip hop dream. Until then, these videos are hilarious if you know the games and he's sick at flowing and lyrics. Check em out!

"Swimming Pools (Drank)" by Kendrick Lamar

"Now I done grew around some people livin' their life in bottles/
Grand daddy had the golden flask, backstroke everyday in Chicago/
Some people like the way it feels, some people wanna kill their sorrows/
Some people wanna fit in with the popular, that was my problem/"

Usually I'm not too quick to click on a link to a new track by Kendrick Lamar. But for some reason I checked this one, and it's actually a pretty sick song. Kendrick raps through a few verses, describing the pros and cons of a constant need for alcohol. My favourite part is the very beginning of the first verse. The beat gave a cool mood to the track and helped get the message across a little more clear. I think the videos a lil weird but it's got some sick scenes in it. I apologize for hosting the clean version, but thanks to VEVO, that's the only version I can share. Open ya Earz!

"Illusions For The King" by The Jokerr

"Sing me another song, Cinderella's gone and she's not coming back so long let her go on, she's gone/
Bring me another day then send ME ALONG MY MERRY WAY, illusions for the king, don't work on me at all"

So our blog is entitled "our recommended choice of hip-hop" and this song doesn't exactly fit that description but I thought it was really sick. I wouldn't have posted it either if Jokerr wasn't such a hip-hop beast. If you like this at all and don't know him yet, and are a complete hip hop head check out the other songs we've posted by him cuz he's a lyrical mastermind and can chop like a lunatic. Such tracks as Ever Before, Bite Marks, and even a diss to Tech N9ne can be found on here by this guy. I thought this song was awesome, Jokerr's got some great singing talent. It may not be flawless but he has a great range of vocals. The song tells a creepy story and he pours a lot of emotion into certain lines. The video was awesome too, the quick time costume changes look bad ass and even though this was probably low budget he did an amazing job. This guy makes me so jealous. Check it out.

"Darker Shades" by Mayday

"We let these biters bite, gonna get up and I'll take the stage/
I've got no face to save, no bridge to pave, I'm nothing but a paper slave/
But I play this ancient game, like I never had a piece or somethin'/
So I'm keepin' all my speakers bumpin' for the ones who wakin' up, and keep us plugged in/"

Mayday is back in the booth again, after a lot of hard work on their latest hit album, "Take Me To Your Leader". Their next project is an EP entitled "Thrift Store Halos", and I cannot fucking wait for it to come out. Especially after I heard this track that was released yesterday. As expected from Mayday, the unique beat has a fuckin' cool vibe to it, and both rappers spit some ill lyrics. And for once, their music video was decent as well. This would be a sick song to start up a night out in the city. Anyways, as Snoop Lion would say... Chizzeck this shizzle!

"Til Death" by Snow tha Product

"God damn, you stupid for cheating on this/
Especially for doin' it with that stupid ass bitch/
Mom said you was no good and you've proven that quick/
And you're really, really dumb for thinkin' you're that slick/"

Man. If there's any definition of a "bad bitch".. it's Snow tha Product. The more I see/hear from her, the more I fall in love lmao. This track's not as crazy lyrical as what I'm used to hearing from her, but it's still really dope. The video is pretty cool, and as usual, Snow brings that crazy choppin' flow with a story that I bet many women can relate to. I like how the chorus sounds too, and the beat is fuckin evil lol. But anyways, check it for yourself!