Thursday, 30 August 2012

"Asylum" by Slaughterhouse ft. Eminem

"You brag about swag, and your feminine trends/
I belittle your riddles, you skittles with M&M's friends/
So I ain't tryna play with you/
This chainsaw'll crack jokes on Cain's brother bruh, 'Diss-Abel' you/

This track is fucking sick. The beat has some of that old school Slim Shady feel to it. I always get disappointed when they mention Eminem as a feature, and he just does the chorus. But whatever, sometimes it's better when he doesn't drop a sixteen. House Gang murdered this shit though. They all sound so intense with their whispering voices lol. But it's pretty much just raw lyricism and Royce's funny lines. One thing I wanna know though. Where the fuck is Joe Beezy?

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