Friday, 3 August 2012

"Til Death" by Snow tha Product

"God damn, you stupid for cheating on this/
Especially for doin' it with that stupid ass bitch/
Mom said you was no good and you've proven that quick/
And you're really, really dumb for thinkin' you're that slick/"

Man. If there's any definition of a "bad bitch".. it's Snow tha Product. The more I see/hear from her, the more I fall in love lmao. This track's not as crazy lyrical as what I'm used to hearing from her, but it's still really dope. The video is pretty cool, and as usual, Snow brings that crazy choppin' flow with a story that I bet many women can relate to. I like how the chorus sounds too, and the beat is fuckin evil lol. But anyways, check it for yourself!

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  1. Snow is wakeing everyone up right now