Thursday, 23 August 2012

"Klick Clack Bang" Live at Strange Music HQ by Ces Cru

"What am I, the heavy handed hitter here we go, I keep a couple in the clip for y'all/
we can get it poppin', thats the only option, guess I'm shootin from the fuckin' hip at y'all/
Cut you open, hoping somebody gotta Shamwow, blood about to hit the wall/
I can see it comin cousin like I'm starin back at you from inside a crystal ball"
I don't have alot to say, I'm bored and tired and we never put shit on here often enough so I'm just throwin some sick new shit up. These guys are a sick pair, fuckin killed this mini performance and it sounds like a sick song. Ces Cru man, perfect fit for the Strange crew.

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