Thursday, 16 August 2012

"The Empire" by Iron Solomon ft.Talib Kweli

"Different backgrounds, but we came through the same struggle/
Dreamin' of fame, we wrote our names on the train tunnels/
Runnin' round the city like rats in crawlspaces/
Catchin' court cases for jackin' North Faces/"

I found this track from another blog page that I contribute posts to, FORM (which is also a very interesting page that you should check out). I've heard Iron Solomon from YouTube rap battles, but I haven't really sent my attention towards his music. I really liked the feel of the beat, which was produced by Iron Solomon, and the video contained a lot of interesting snapshots of NYC. Talib Kweli drops an alright verse as well, but my favourite part of the song is the 3rd verse, during the vintage film part of the video.

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