Friday, 3 August 2012

"Darker Shades" by Mayday

"We let these biters bite, gonna get up and I'll take the stage/
I've got no face to save, no bridge to pave, I'm nothing but a paper slave/
But I play this ancient game, like I never had a piece or somethin'/
So I'm keepin' all my speakers bumpin' for the ones who wakin' up, and keep us plugged in/"

Mayday is back in the booth again, after a lot of hard work on their latest hit album, "Take Me To Your Leader". Their next project is an EP entitled "Thrift Store Halos", and I cannot fucking wait for it to come out. Especially after I heard this track that was released yesterday. As expected from Mayday, the unique beat has a fuckin' cool vibe to it, and both rappers spit some ill lyrics. And for once, their music video was decent as well. This would be a sick song to start up a night out in the city. Anyways, as Snoop Lion would say... Chizzeck this shizzle!

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