Friday, 11 September 2015

Just Blaze - "Rhythm Roulette" Live From The Sprite Corner

Just Blaze steps into The Sprite Corner and takes a stab at the Rhythm Roulette challenge. This is one of my favourite producers and he did what he usually does lol. Check it!

Friday, 4 September 2015

Exile - "Rhythm Roulette" Live From The Sprite Corner

Sprite invaded Mass Appeal's Rhythm Roulette and invited people who had money. This shit's still pretty dope tho.. Check it!

Scott Jackson ft. Alexandria 90's R&B Beatbox/Singing mix

Canadian beatboxer Scott Jackson and singer Alexandria team up to revisit some hot tracks from the 90's. This is some raw talent.. Check it!

Hopsin - Fort Collins ft. Dizzy Wright (Official Video)

Man, my options for pussy are unrealistic
There's bitches who'd give up a lung for this dick
My music be leaving 'em sprung and twisted
The average nigga would have fun with this shit

Hopsin released a video yesterday for another one of his Pound Syndrome tracks. Fort Collins revisits both Hopsin and Dizzy Wright's memory of one of their 2014 concerts. Check it!