Friday, 30 November 2012

"Knock Ya Wig" by Krizz Kaliko

"Now looky looky looky here, look here shorty got back/
She got a hump but she's a jump off, she's skinny but fat/
I score if I can get my punt off and she'd run it back/
A real one, I'd eat her lunch off and say it's a snack"
I've loved the couple songs Kaliko has released from his ep N'eh Mind but this is the first one I'm really, really feelin and gets me bumpin. I could get down with some chick to this. But not without that all too awesome Strange flava. Me and Brenton have really been noticing some progression in Kaliko's confidence with the sick rapping. I'll always love his voice but he's really starting to spit crazy bars these days. I think the one line about how he's Tech's "sidekick" and doesn't swat at flies might be aimed at Jokerr too. This video was pretty cool too just havin tons of random characters being catered around by big Krizz while he drives through backgrounds that make no sense. I really like the effects in the chorus too which are much more reminiscent of the talk box sound Roger Troutman used to use as oppose to autotune. Roger Troutman is the guy who sang the chorus to California Love by 2Pac and Dr.Dre if you didn't know and wanted to understand the effect I mean.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

"Cookie Cutter Bitches" by Snow Tha Product

"Yea I'm kinda cocky when it come to what I'm made of/
Cuz we, we ain't the same and they don't want you from the waist up/
You the cookie cutter type and they call me the baker/
And all I see is numbers, numbers, numbers like a pager/"
DWAAMMM! Awww yea fellas. Snow Tha Product is back with a hot new track asserting her dominance over all these bubble gummy cookie cutter hoes plaguing the world of hip hop in these modern times. I really love Snow haha a little too much. I find it difficult to watch her videos sometimes cuz by the end I'm quite aroused haha. but I don't mean to take away from the high quality of her music and lyrics by commenting on her sexiness. Just admiring a beautiful work of art ya know what I'm sayin. Anyways Snow kills it in this track and I'm really hoping for big things in her future so we can kick these Nicki Minajs and Kreyshawns the fuck outta here and replace them with strong women like Snow. Check it out!

Friday, 23 November 2012

"The Future" by Kid Vishis ft. Horse Shoe Gang

GOD DAMN. Man every time there's a track with Horseshoe Gang rappin', I don't even wanna say anything. It happened again. Not to leave Kid Vishis out, cuz he killed it too. Not even gonna add some rhymes below the video this time cuz there's just too much. Check it.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

"When I Die" by ILL BILL

"I left you outside the gates of heaven, they wouldn't let me in/
I waved goodbye as you stepped within/
It's like hell on earth without you near/
I named my label after you, so when I rhyme, it's sorta like you're still here/"
The Cult Leader is back! And god damn... it's been a while since I've heard something this deep and emotional from him. This track is from his upcoming album, "The Grimy Awards", and it instantly had me bobbin' my head. Throughout the song he outlines two different stories of two of his deceased relatives, reflecting on memories and paying homage. This one goes out to anybody who ever lost someone they cared about. Check it.

Monday, 19 November 2012

"My Remedy" & "Outer Lanes" by Stevie Stone

"Isolating myself in a daze/
Beautiful musical melodies flowin through my veins/
Juices is gone when I'm jottin' the things that I can say/
I'm lost in the moment, today my problems fade away"

 Both K Brenton and myself originally weren't sure about Stevie Stone in Strange Music cuz we're not the type to just get into a banging track cuz the beat thumps hard. Some of his earlier hits were kind of dissapointing us but I've kept a tab on him since he's with Strange Music and he's ended up impressing me. Tech knew what he was doing picking this guy for the team cuz there's more to him than you'd guess from some other tracks. Strange has provided him a great outlet to evolve and recently I been loving his songs like these two. Both these tracks bang loud and hard but have a great atmospheric feel and are some personl shit to him. His voice goes great with the smooth feel and both songs have an incredible chorus. Check em out!

"I'm a dominant nigga when I grab the mic and deliver/
Married to music, now my life is surrendered/
Missin' my kids, one week till I'm home/
Be home three weeks then the next I'm gone."

Sunday, 18 November 2012

People Answer: "Who is the Worst Rapper of All Time" by VLADTV

Haha this isn't a song but it's short and I thought it was sick. I'm not gonna go into super detail bout what I think of certain people cuz people can like whoever they want. Although I'm sure you could deduce my opinions by checking out the rest of the blog and seeing who we feature. I just thought it was entertaining and showed me some hope for people atleast wanting some good substance in their music. Enjoy. 

Boost mobile Presents: Be Heard Sessions feat. Crooked I

I think it's cool when artists make videos like this. Inspiration to people around the world trying to reach the same goal that their role models have reached. This video kind of reminds me of Vinnie Paz's "Power Of Music" clip. If you're a Crooked I fan, his story will interest you. If you're a fan of crazy rhymes, his freestyle at the end will BLOW YO MIND. Haha in other words, enjoy!

Friday, 16 November 2012

"Toothbrush" by Wax

"I come home and you're on my couch/
Go back to your momma's house/
I just wanted to relax and unwind on it/
You laid out smokin' weed, drinkin' wine on it/"

Over the past year, one artist that has gained my respect, is the internet-based emcee, Wax. This guy's really clever when it comes to forming ideas to make new songs with. He's got some of the most unique ideas for songs that i've ever heard, and this song right here adds another to the list. This one's called "Toothbrush" starts off with him realizing there's an extra toothbrush in his bathroom. It proceeds to lead into a girl he's fuckin' who just invites herself to live with him, without his say. I think this is the same chick from his "Rosana" video. And to be honest... I'm not sick of seeing her one bit. Check it lol.

"Don't Wanna Be" by Jon Connor ft. Lia Mack

"Reality shows got girls thinking actin' ratchet is cute/
When in fact this bitch is an actress, the actual fool is you/
And we always wanna argue, fussin', fightin' and cuss/
'Fore we point the finger at them, lets point one at us/"
This is fuckin' sick. The Flint, Michigan native is always making that real, straightforward music. I love how in his music he can choose beats to perfectly match the idea he wants to get across, and flow it without any flaws. The video for this track was sick too, and Lia Mack has a beautiful, soothing voice. I think Crooked I would agree that this fits the criteria of the music he was talkin bout in the "Adorn Freestyle" posted below this one. Enjoy!

"Adorn Freestyle" by Crooked I


 "I feel like in this new shit, we never hear/
That true shit, we getting further from it every year/
I play Pac's album and I shed a tear/
That's why I hope my words reach Heaven's ear/"

If you follow this blog at all, you know we're huge Crooked I fans. Tracks like this one are the reason I like him. He can be the craziest lyricist when it comes to hard tracks, but he's also good at rhymin' about real shit. I've never heard the song that this beats from, and it's kinda weird. But I could dig this freestyle just for what he's talkin bout. Looks like I'm not the only one that wishes real music was the norm. Check it.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

"Permanent Enemy" (Hopsin Annihilation) by The Jokerr

"Just put the facts together, he ain't a rapper, he's the world's biggest blackest Marshall Mathers swagger jacker ever/
It's fuckin sad but clever/
Every single thing he does Eminem did ten years in the past and better/" 

LMAO YES YES, this was awesome. I'm a huge fan of Jokerr and he really pulled a sick move this time. Don't get me wrong I love Hopsin too and this whole back and forth shit is entertaining as hell when I love both artists. After Jokerr's last diss to Funk Volume leaving you feeling all fuzzy inside he came hard as fuck on Hopsin with 110 bars and a kick ass chorus. The chorus made the w hole 110 bars feel like a real catchy song too instead of just relentless bars comin at you. I was so glad Jokerr brought his heavy dark energy into this song cuz I swear some people get the wrong idea when they see his other sides. The video was pretty funny too with the whole cooking show set up and Jokerrs funny as hell rapping the chorus in the hat. Anyways, I don't wanna ramble on bout their shit too much cuz Jokerr lets you into some pretty personal stuff between him and Hopsin and revealing things about them and I don't wanna judge the situation just check out the song and enjoy it!

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

"Problem Solver" by Vinnie Paz ft. Scarface

"The knife work nice all day, 'Cenz will carve ya/
And I stay on point like a pencil sharpener/
Matter fact I'm on point like Tibetan archers/
Move weight, legislate like extended caucus/"
Haha aww yea so I heard another song on Vinnie's new album that I really liked. Vinnie's unstoppable from the start of this song till the end. Crazy bars. The chorus is catchy too and bangs sick. I'm loving that Vinnie brought the fire in some of these songs. So much multisyllable rhymes with sick metaphors that allude to all kinds of things in different areas of knowledge. Check it out!

"Wolves Amongst the Sheep" by Vinnie Paz ft. Kool G Rap

"I'm dying before I trust you, the iron inside the duffle/
You on Rikers Island I could get homicidal to touch you/
I'm inside, I'm viral, I'm the Messiah's idol above you/
I'm the pride of Cairo, I'm genocidal and I will cut you/" 
Holy fuck so my buddy bought Vinnie Paz's new cd and showed me a couple of the songs and a lot of the ones he showed me are really sick. Vinnie's really, really on point with the sick lyrics. I haven't heard all the songs on the album but ones like these stand out. This song has such a dope beat with such a well done chorus by Block McCloud. Makes me wanna go locing and killin people living by the assasin's creed lmao. Kool G Rap is pretty sick in it but Vinnie kills it in the second verse and I was just all around impressed. Check it out!

Monday, 12 November 2012

"Hurricane Sandy Relief" (Freestyle) by Redman

Nat King Cole, unforgettable, even my Mama don't call me Reginald/
Fuck y'all up like a brownie edible, set it off like Kane the way I let it roll/
Breathe sativa, animals on the tap I'm the zookeeper/
Opposite of diva, my bullets hit the whole body, my nina just signed your prenupt/
Lmao so this song is kind of weird but it's sick. The title Hurricane Sandy Relief makes you kinda think its gonna be somethin real deep bout helpin people and shit but Redman decided to just jump in on this funny but cool beat and kill it with rhymes and punches. He does talk about the hurricane at points but most of it is just sick rapping. He actually kills it with the the flow in this. I listened to alot of Red & Meth in highschool and I knew Redman for a slower pace with rhymes that really pop out. But Dwamn he just takes it up a notch like it's nothing. Check it out.  

Friday, 9 November 2012

"Goodbye" by Slaughterhouse

"Hard turn from memorable to cynical, picturing clothes for what would've been identical/
Similar outfits, similar names, my deceased kids ultrasound in a frame/
So I'm deprived of my chance to be a better dad, staring at my twins that I never had/
I shed a tear looking up in the sky, even though y'all just got here... goodbye/"
So this song was easily my favourite one from Slaughterhouse's recent album and I'm glad they took time to make a good video for it. This song is one of those ones Slaughterhouse occasionally makes where even though they are all hardcore G's you just wanna give em a hug. There's some really sad stories told in this song but even on a technical level the lyrics are hot and the beat is perfect. Enjoy!

Thursday, 8 November 2012

"Alone" by Tech N9ne ft. Krizz Kaliko

"I can't wait for the meet and greets, making fans/
That's why I be hella happy, huggin, and shaking hands/
When I perform, I want everybody to know/
I stretch the show cuz when it's over, everybody go/"

With the recent release of Tech N9ne's latest EP, "Boiling Point", fans have been hit with 7 more dope tracks from the Strange frontman. Out of all the tracks to make a music video to, he chose the deepest one. The black and white visual within an abandoned area compliments the song very well. This song reminds me of "Hello Walls" by Krizz Kaliko, just for its deep, mellow sound. Check it.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

"Cross Trainers" by Pac Div ft. Kendrick Lamar & Blu

"Sean on the cuts, Swift D on the drum kits/
Standing on your table with a bottle and a drunk bitch/
Fallin all over, spillin drinks, tryna tongue kiss/
Money over hoes, so you know I ain't the one, miss/"

Aight. So I don't really follow anybody in this track. I've seen one or two videos by Pac Div, heard a few tracks by Blu, and I'm not really a fan of Kendrick Lamar. But this song was pretty sick. I think they all killed it, even Kendrick. I just checked it randomly and it turned out to be a pretty cool track. Check it.

"Keep Pushing" by Saigon ft. Chamillionaire

"Remember the originator, boy do I hate a/
Fuckin' perpetrator, hate a record label slave trader/
My story's the recipe of a grown man/
Had to go put my destiny in my own hands/"

Sai giddy is back in the buildin' suckas! And he brought Chamillionaire along, and totally misused an opportunity to collaborate with him. Half of the reason I checked this song was to hear Cham, but he just does background vocals in the chorus. Quite the piss off, but it's all good. This song turned out to be pretty sick anyways. The smooth beat makes the chorus sound real nice, and as always, Saigon brought the fire to this record. This track is from Saigon's second studio album, "Bread and Circuses", which released yesterday. Check it.

"All We Know" by Rittz ft. Jihad

  "God hear me out I appreciate you, I don't wanna seem like I been ungrateful/
I'm lucky that I'm livin' I ain't been no angel, but ever since grade school shit has been painful/
I don't know my purpose or it's explanation, how am I to live up to your expectations, I'm addicted to meth, to say that I'm depressed is an understatement/
Estimation, need some medication or atleast some love, my boyfriends cheating and he beats me up/
Got a best friend but she strung out to, when I talk to her she says join the club/
And I don't wanna die but I'm losing my will to live, please God forgive, in th name of Jesus I pray Amen/
Then she hits the again chile again cuz that's all she knows/"

The poofy haired prodigy is back at it again. This song is probably one of the most meaningful on Rittz' White Jesus Revival album. He has great songs discussing his own personal issues but this song translates more to the world around him and the struggles of others as well. I was a little surprised about how the video unfolded but after watching a few times I saw there was more going on than I thought. If you pay attention the child in the video draws a picture he puts on his fridge. At the very end when the woman is being placed in the ambulance there is a scene of the child but then there is a scene of Rittz looking pretty depressed. Then you'll notice Rittz is looking at the same drawing the kid drew but it's all crumpled, wrinkled and folded as if it's very old now. Seconds later Rittz is nowhere to be found in the scene. I can't be positive but I believe the video might be a real representation of something Rittz went through as a kid. Great song and video, check it out.

Monday, 5 November 2012

TeamBackPack Funk Volume Cypher 3 by Funk Volume

"See I no longer have a life, just a nasty apetite/
Search up on the graphic sites, lookin up hermaphrodites/
Filthy when I grab the mic, look at all this madness I/
Bring to these other emcees yea it's a tragic sight/"
So I don't necessarily follow the activities of most of Funk Volume but I always keep up on what Hopsin is doing. I won't say anything negative about Funk Volume but SwizZz, Dizzy and Benton aren't my particular taste but they all do a pretty sick job of killin it in this. I'm glad to hear Hopsin still bringin the fire since the only things we've heard since RAW is Hop Madness and Ill Mind of Hopsin 5 both of which are on this blog. But hearing his consistency in each product gives me hope for Knock Madness if he ever finishes that shit.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

"Monster" by Iron Solomon ft. Saigon & Emilio Rojas

"This is cause for celebration for the Monster generation/
Who've been calm and sittin' patient for a proper education/
Or an honest explanation bout the trials and tribulations/
People dyin' in our nation, seeing lies on every station/"

If I hadn't known of Iron Solomon from rap battles online, I probably would never check his music out. But I'm thankful as hell that I discovered him, because he's a fucking beast who deserves a lot more recognition. When I seen that this track featured another two underdogs that I enjoy listening to, I had to check it out. My favourite part is Iron Solomon's verse. He kills it. I don't really have much more to say lol, just listen to this shit!

"Scriptures" by Jon Connor

"Aww nigga don't trip, that mean be cautious/
The flow is sick, cuz I get nauseous, when I hear all this garbage/
I'm scarin' niggas in the office/
People countin' down cuz my shit comin', hold me down cuz my shit bumpin'/
In the street, can't shut me up cuz my mouth ain't for no dick suckin'/"

Amidst the outbreak of thousands of mediocre new-school rappers, very few catch my attention. I'm very picky and it's usually either dope or wack with me, no in betweens. One artist that has managed to catch my attention is Jon Connor. This dude has crazy flow and seems to have flawless breath control. I feel like he keeps a good balance between his street attitude, and his ability to make his music relateable. This track reflects the more "cocky rapper" side of him. I think this track and the video are both sick. This is from his mixtape, "While You Were Sleeping" which can be found here.

"It Ain't Over" by Shad

"Nowadays it seems like love is fast, to come and go doesn't last/
Little bundles of joy cost big bundles of cash/
And it's hard to buy in the city, I'm always flyin', I'm busy/
Do I need something real? I kinda get by with midi?/"

Last week we had Classified's new single, this week we have Shad's new single. Fuckin' sick two weeks to represent Canadian hip-hop haha. This track is from his 5-track EP, "Melancholy and the Infinite Shadness", which can be downloaded here. As usual, Shad makes his words seem to naturally flow onto the beat, made with soulful samples. The video was kinda cool, and pretty decent for just filming inside a bedroom. One thing that both Shad and I know is that women are always more fun to have around when they bring chips. Word is bond.

"Everything's Corrupt" by Ice Cube

"Everything's a scam, beat the next man, it's capitalism/
They'll just build a new prison/
For you slick ass niggas that's trying to beat the system/
Put you on the front line if you ain't re-enlisting/"

The cube of ice is back, just in time for winter. And just in time for the US Election, he's decided to release a song talkin' bout how corrupt politicians are. It's all about timing. I was kinda surprised when I seen a new release from Ice Cube, and to make it even better, he's speaking real shit. There's nothing crazy about his rhymes or flow as usual, it's what you'd expect from him. But the beat hyped up every idea he was presenting. I liked the idea of the video too, flashing random viral internet clips, and ending it off with that unfortunate YouTube screen that we've all grown to despise. I'm glad the Don Mega's keepin' it real.