Wednesday, 7 November 2012

"Keep Pushing" by Saigon ft. Chamillionaire

"Remember the originator, boy do I hate a/
Fuckin' perpetrator, hate a record label slave trader/
My story's the recipe of a grown man/
Had to go put my destiny in my own hands/"

Sai giddy is back in the buildin' suckas! And he brought Chamillionaire along, and totally misused an opportunity to collaborate with him. Half of the reason I checked this song was to hear Cham, but he just does background vocals in the chorus. Quite the piss off, but it's all good. This song turned out to be pretty sick anyways. The smooth beat makes the chorus sound real nice, and as always, Saigon brought the fire to this record. This track is from Saigon's second studio album, "Bread and Circuses", which released yesterday. Check it.

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