Friday, 16 November 2012

"Toothbrush" by Wax

"I come home and you're on my couch/
Go back to your momma's house/
I just wanted to relax and unwind on it/
You laid out smokin' weed, drinkin' wine on it/"

Over the past year, one artist that has gained my respect, is the internet-based emcee, Wax. This guy's really clever when it comes to forming ideas to make new songs with. He's got some of the most unique ideas for songs that i've ever heard, and this song right here adds another to the list. This one's called "Toothbrush" starts off with him realizing there's an extra toothbrush in his bathroom. It proceeds to lead into a girl he's fuckin' who just invites herself to live with him, without his say. I think this is the same chick from his "Rosana" video. And to be honest... I'm not sick of seeing her one bit. Check it lol.

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